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The issue has been fixed in regards to servers getting removed. Please re-add the server and it will remain. I tryed re-adding deleted servers but purchases linked to that removed server are gone (they are pointing to an Unknown server), so they will never execute expiry commands. Could you be able to solve that? Because if not, for example, all my purchased suscriptions will be permanent until I remove them manually ¬¬ .
Thank you for the reports, we're working on some bug fixes now. Did u read my report? Im stuck now with shop, cant do nothing until u solve that.
Enjin Forums » Enjin Official » Releases · + 1 Votes · Aug 2, 14
Nice, after create 2 bungeecord servers and linked them to server, enjin removed some minecraft servers. Before this I've got 14 minecraft servers added to enjin website, now after that error got 9... ¬¬ Now I need to re-add all missed servers and re-do all shop packages from that servers. Solve that, please. EDIT: All is now broken, all pending expiry commands to that servers who get deleted couse of the new bungee error now are broken couse they cant execute that expiry commands on an Unknown server. Tryed to re-create deleted serv...
Enjin Forums » Enjin Official » Releases · + 1 Votes · Aug 2, 14
Hi Enjin Community, Since last enjin update, didn't know why, profiles pages are marked with the same width like main page. Is possible to have my main page with the width option "Liquid (Full width)" but have the profiles pages with normal width? Previously it wasn't like now, changing theme width only affected the main page, but now it changes the main pages and profiles pages. Thanks, Regards.
I activated it, but when I introduce my key token its freeze at "Processing ..." . I leave it for 5 minuts, but still in "Processing...". What can I do? Tryed canceling and redoing again the process, but It stucks at "Processing..." after enter they token key. Help!? ^^ Thanks guys! This is a great update.
Ok, thanks Maxim. Close the thread if its possible. Regards!
I dont like to have whole server with online mode true(minecraft login have his days, and some of them make the minecraft unplayable). Now I dont will get any donation for that server...
Yes, I know that. But three days ago that kind of people were able to use the donationcraft shop, today not.
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