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Shared publicly - Jun 11, 18


Hallowed Fantasy has just updated to the long-awaited Pixelmon Reforged version 6.3.1, adding many new features, many new Mega Evolutions and forms, and featuring many bug fixes! To join our server, you will now need Reforged version 6.3.1! Be sure to update it and GameShark if you use it so that you will be able to join the server!

Here are some download links for all of you:
Pixelmon Reforged Version 6.3.1 Download Links

Technic Launcher: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/pixelmon-reforged.1150447

Standalone Mod: http://clearload.bid/-36721OICG/1RXxn?rndad=1118806049-1528687746

GameShark (must be updated if you want to join the server!): http://pixelmonmod.com/mirror/sidemods/gameshark/5.2.0/

Installation Guide: https://goo.gl/2tFLk4
January 2018

Shared publicly - Jan 13, 18


Hallowed Fantasy has just received another massive update, switching from Pixelmon Generations to Pixelmon Reforged version 6.0.1!

With this update comes the addition of many new things to the server, including NPC ShopKeepers, an increased Shiny spawning rate, all Pixelmon up to Generation 7, and more!

You can view the changelogs for updates to the server on our website and can check out our How to Install guide for Pixelmon Reforged at this link.
December 2017

Shared publicly - Dec 4, 17 - edited

Hallowed Fantasy will be having a huge Christmas-themed Pixelmon Generations tournament, known as the 2017 Christmas Bash. This will be a level 50-capped tournament where each player uses 3 Pixelmon of their choice from a special Winter-themed Tier List to battle it out for great prizes! To make things even more interesting, each player must use a Delibird or Stantler on their team during each battle. Everyone is eligible to compete in the tournament, provided they follow the rules!

We will also be having a series of giveaways, Mystery Gifts, and other events in the lead-up to the tournament to help you grow a stronger team in time for it, all of which you can view at this link!

You can register for and view the rules, information, tier list, and prizes for the 2017 Christmas Bash at this link.

Happy Holidays!
November 2017

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Congratulations, you have received the following award:

Shared publicly - Nov 10, 17 - edited

I am very proud to announce that Hallowed Fantasy has been featured on Enjin's Featured Friday column! Thank you to all of the members of our wonderful community for helping us make it this far, and thank you to Enjin for featuring us!

See the official Featured Friday thread here!
August 2017

Shared publicly - Aug 18, 17

Hallowed Fantasy's Pixelmon server has just received a HUGE update! Over 80 new Pixelmon have been added, including the 7th generation starters, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and so much more! To accompany this update, we have also completely revamped our tier lists and released an official server resource pack with Hallowed Fantasy-exclusive textures!

You can find all the details regarding the new update here and can find a guide on how to install the newest version of Pixelmon Dark here!
July 2017

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I am now an official member of the #DiscordHypeSquad! Now that's something to be hyped about! Thanks to all of the members of the Hallowed Fantasy Discord that bought Nitro because of me! It helped me get into the squad. Now I am one step closer to that partnership.

Speaking of Discord, join the official Hallowed Fantasy Discord!

For those that are curious about what HypeSquad is, see here.
Thanks Chase!
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