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So recently Ned, aka CastleSiege, has been spreading a lot of bs on the forums lately, so I think it’s high time I disproved all of it.
Who is Ned?

Ned, aka CastleSiege, is a player who leads the group known as “Haxor Alliance,” that constantly uses hacks on alts in Castle Siege. Occasionally we call them Cracker Alliance, because not only do they use hacks on alts, they also constantly shit post and spam “|\|IGGERS” and “KILL ALL NIGGIERS” in chat.


They claim that the reason they do this is because Castle Siege is “imbalanced” and undead win too much, and that they will stop if Castle Siege is “balanced.”

However, I don’t believe either of these statements are true. Let’s look at the facts.

1. Before the CS update came out, Ned posted this meme to talk about how CS was “imbalanced.”


2. In the CS update, defense received massive buffs. I daresay that they were overbuffed. But in the end, Ned continued complaining on the forums about defense being underpowered and continued using hacks.

3. When Ned uses hacks in castle siege, he always goes undead and kills defenders and the king. If he really cared about defenders being “underpowered,” he’d go defense and kill undead, but he doesn’t.

In fact, when I went defense along with some other good players, he immediately started flying around and killing defenders. (Yet he ironically claims that defenders can’t win and he’s the reason for it kek).

So why do they use hacks? I believe they do it simply for their own amusement. It’s fun for them to fly around with kill aura, ruin other people’s times, and trigger them with racist slurs.

I’ve confronted him about his use of hacks on alts multiple times, both on the forums and in-game. I’ve also compiled evidence against him and put it into a thread in case anyone wants to look at it:


Yet when he is confronted about it, he resorts to an ad hominem attack of calling me a “forger” in a desperate effort to dismiss my argument. He has so far never provided any evidence to contradict the claim that he uses hacks on alts, and I don’t believe he ever will.

He also bases his claim that I am a “forger” on the fact that I got network banned by Mineplex,


but TheAulë , CtrlAltWhale [τ] , and Nrrillinthas all got net banned for the same thing I did. They also got unbanned when they provided proof of their innocence, but hey, I guess because they all got net banned that they’re dirty forgers right????
Main Point: Is CS imbalanced?

So now let’s go on to his main point: that CS is imbalanced and defense need buffs. Is it really? Let’s look at the facts.

Before the API was privated, Ned’s stats showed that he had only played 104 games and had 5 defender wins,


so I’m not really sure how he can claim he knows the game so well and knows what it needs done when he has little to no experience in it.

But I’m not just going to base my argument on his stats; I’m going to look at the facts.

Ned claims that defense lose a lot, and it should be a 50/50 wins for defense and undead. But I think we should take a look at why the defense loses most of the games. To investigate this claim, let’s take a more detailed look at Castle Siege.
Player Types

Castle Siege has 2 types of players: New players (around 50-80% of a lobby most of the time) and “CS regulars” (around 20-50% of the lobby most of the time). Most of the time, the team that the CS regulars go on wins the game because they are more skilled than the new players. And the CS regulars overall prefer undead. Why do they prefer undead?

Because undead is much more fun. It’s much faster-paced, and defense for the most part is rather boring and consists of bow-spamming and camping.

Ned also claims that the only way to win as defense is to have “10 pros” on the team. Otherwise you will lose.


But in doing so he contradicts his claim that Castle Siege is imbalanced, because he acknowledges that the reason defense wins is because they have better players on their team.

I still don’t see how he thinks this is an issue. You have a better team, you win. It’s as simple as that. If you’re really concerned that defense is losing too much, then what you should be doing is trying to make defense more fun so that people actually go defense, but you don’t. Instead you use hacks on undead, which causes most “pros” to switch to undead because they don’t want to fight someone who flies around with kill aura.

I will be giving some examples here to help explain further.
Example 1

A few months ago, I was playing Castle Siege, and I went defense. Then Nolanz99 (who is also in the Haxor Alliance) joined on an alt and flew to our king.


However, we somehow managed to kill him despite him having regen, and on his return flight he got GWENed.


As you can see, King Sparklez had only 2 HP left, and Nolan killed a lot of good defenders, including myself. Yet at the end we still beat the undead team.

Example 2: Ned’s Flying

So 3 days ago I was playing Castle Siege, and my friends and I decided to go defense. I figured that Ned would be happy, since he likes defense winning, but instead he chose to fly to us with kill aura and kill us all.


In the end, I was rather laggy and crashed, but when I came back, I was informed that undead won at the last second.


That’s not exactly what you would expect if the game was so unbalanced that defense can’t ever win is it? He then recycles the same old argument: “Defense only almost won because they had 10 pros!!1!!!1!!”


Yes, obviously, defense almost won because they had a better team. We would have won had you not interfered with your hacks you idiot. Don’t see how you can say us “undead win farmers” are ruining the game yet you mess up defense’s chances of winning.
Final Notes

Ned, you are an idiot. I didn’t know anyone could be as stupid as you until I went on twitter.

It’s also pretty low that you hide behind a screen and spam “KILL ALL NIGGIERS” in chat. And then on top of that you made fun of Hailey’s depression. That’s just pathetic.


Kinda sad to see you degenerate from the fun-loving chill ex-staff member I used to text to the kid that uses hacks on alts and spams racial slurs.

I really liked hanging out with you too. You were a nice kid, and it was fun playing CS with you.
Mineplex Staff

You all net ban for tons of reason, including uploading videos of hacking on alts, uploading videos of yourself hacking after 2 weeks (xTyler).

And you can ip ban someone for using 2 alts on the same clans server.

So why is it so hard to net ban and ip ban these kids?
Note From Me For My Friends

I’m done with Castle Siege and will not be returning until Haxor Alliance is either net banned and ip banned, or its members grow some brain cells and get a life, although the possibility of either happening before Mineplex’s PC server shuts down is quite low.

I’m also done arguing with Haxor Alliance. They’re never going to change, so all the arguments are ultimately pointless. They can keep ruining CS for all I care.
We will never give up.

Stay on MP or not CS will never die.
Well at least the HA got what they wanted. CS is dead now.
Still started today haha
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Nice work again Trump!

Let's get this trade war going!
Trump places big tariffs on metal imports


President Donald Trump has said he will sign off on steep tariffs on steel and aluminium imports next week, hitting producers like China. Flanked by US metals executives at the White House, he said a 25% tariff would be placed on steel products, and a 10%

I know you've been critical of Republicans in the past, are you being genuine or sarcastic?
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lmao yes!
You like? xD
yeah haha

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Biggest problem of with the update and the solution
Sign the Petition


Mineplex LLC. : Reclassify Draw My Thing as a hardcore game

not to be rude or disrespectful or anything but the community of DMT should just be happy their favorite game actually exists out in the open still, the "casual" rating of draw my thing should not be the first thing mineplex players are worried about rn

tbh i thought this was a joke but apparently its getting signatures so if any of those ppl are serious this is all i have to say XD
It's a meme lol. Some people sign meme petitions.
i just feel like its gotten too many likes for them all to be joking xd
I support!

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The second one because memes. Duh

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Nice rant on memeplex coming soonTM
am excited to see
Friday or Saturday
oofrip {inactive on MP}

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My acc 999p99 isn't steve. My old acc Esceri that won't unlink is so rip :/
you have it better than me. Fall__ won't unlink and someone else now has the name and is using all sorts of skins I don't want to be associated with

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TFW you hunt lions and become the hunted
Suspected poacher mauled to death, eaten by pack of lions in South Africa


CLOSE A suspected poacher in South Africa was mauled to death and almost completely eaten by a pack of lions, according to multiple media reports. The remains were found over the weekend in the bush at a private game park just outside the famed Kruger Nat


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I like how loc liked this lmao

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Prophet's posts are golden.
This is absurd and unfair


I have waited MORE THAN A DAY to get my GWEN (Issue) checked. My complaint is still unanswered. I CANNOT believe I am waiting SO LONG just to get something reviewed. I am ESPECIALLY MAD because my ban WAS FALSE. I know I am posting this in the wrong secti

prophet annoys me with his arrogance tbh
Yeah same here. It's usually pretty funny but when your anti cheat is faulty and pseudo-bans people, and the go to guy to get your problem solved is the worst communicator on the planet...

His constant edgy posts in such an important position makes me want a different person.
He thinks Gwen's perfect when studies have literally proven that it has a higher failure rate than success rate. Yet somehow if you tell him that it's false he will almost always use passive-aggressive arrogance to defend it. The edge, arrogance, horrible communication, lack of critical thinking skills, and overall rudeness makes me wonder how Mineplex thinks their staff team isn't corrupted. Jarvis bans with no evidence and threatens to sue, SuperJenBot forum bans when you bring it up, Wanderer forges evidence, Prophet thinks the anticheat is fine and will act like a dick if you tell him otherwise... it's just a general mess.
Prophet is a he ?
1. SuperJenBot is no longer staff 2. Where is the evidence for Wanderer "forges evidence". If you don't have evidence to back up your claims, it's better not to comment it. Don't spread rumours when there's no proof behind those claims
1) I wonder why. 2) I'll message you with the full story on that if you're interested. All the evidence was on my old computer but you seem too ignorant to admit that there could be something wrong, anyway.

"Don't spread rumours when there's no proof behind those claims" Oh but literally everyone who's known me for at least a year knows about everything I just mentioned, and multiple cases. I have evidence. Personal experience is the most powerful source of evidence.

"If you don't have evidence to back up your claims, it's better not to comment it."
Lol, then why does Prophet literally call me autistic for saying Gwen fucked up? Bit of a double standard here, but you're close to a lot of the staff so I'm going to assume you're just trying to protect them. I don't blame you and I respect you trying to help out your friends but you're just too biased for this conversation, man.
Look, I don't like Prophet that much either. Doesn't mean you have to group him with everyone else. Sure, feel free to message me the evidence, and going back to SuperJenBot: She resigned. She's been staff here for way too long, she wanted to resign. Let her be. And yes, I'll admit I'm biased. Doesn't mean I'm a Trainee Tryhard or that I have disagreements with some of the staff. That being said, you're free to PM evidence if thats not the case.
wait Wanderer forged evidence?
"It can get a while to get to all of them"
*unbanned withing 11 minutes*.
Do people really dont see, that if ban is answered slow, its most likely fair, if its answered quickly, most likely unfair.
Tho, if you blatantly hacked, its gonna be quick
and we all know how mineplex staff is at catching hackers

after all, two of last batch's Trainees started bhopping within minutes of getting staff

after all, Ctv and Pabulous kept their jobs for years.
Few days ago, I randonly stood in lobby, got disconnected. Tried to reconnect, said I was banned. Tho, pr0ph3t wat king anough to unban me within 11 minutes
It's funny how he has to unban so many people Gwen gets... yet still legitimately believes it's perfect.

It's also funny how many people he DOESN'T unban because he thinks Gwen is perfect.