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Ban Appeal for SnoStorm SnoStorm does nothing but help people on skyblock 2, and he is always respectful to others. Also he is always willing to help and find ways to help others, so its sad to see that someone has acted like this toward him. Please, I kindly request that you unban him.
About 20-30 minutes ago I was on my island underneath it, trying to get some of the dirt to expand it out. I was afk for a couple of minutes and came back and was at the hub. I went back to skyblock2 and was on my island but it wouldn't let me break any of my blocks or place them. I am able to open my chests and get things out but that's it. i open the /is menu and it tells me that i do not own any islands, and I am not added to any islands, when I was added to my daughters island (rosebud4155) and our friend hobos900. Before my island was work...
MySterIon2222222 /msged me to join his friends server (i dont know him or his friend)
everyone is still bickering and fighting about this issue. i keep trying to get them to stop but the kids wont stop. it was found out that not only did the joshhero1 person /sethome there but so did the_dance_man, and he had a player by the ign thebest123123123 do /jump to get in there and had the others tpa but thebest123123123 also set a warp in there
My IGN : ShayleeKoren IGN of persons being reported: the_dance_man, Joshhero1, RohanMuir Server and Location: Skyblock 2 @ CAD_Captains Island Time of report current time is 3pm but it happened 11:30am the_dance_man, joshhero1,and RoanMuir were stealing iron out of the iron gen as it came out before it got to the hoppers. they were not supposed to be on that island for any reason and do not have permissions there. I was there cause i was building a lake for CAD_Captain, so i had permission to be at the island. Also they t...
Your welcome hun, I knew how bad you wanted a rank. Thats what friends are for.
Your welcome hun, I knew how bad you wanted a rank. Thats what friends are for. This got posted 2x sorry about that
I am ShayleeKoren I am reporting XxDragarxX We were on Factions 1, It was about 10:40pm on Friday June 27th 2014 As soon as i logged on and spawned at my factions base GoldenDragons XxDragarxX said "i see you." i didn't reply right away cause i searched every place in my base completely. no one was there. i said who are you, and how do you see me cause your not in my base. he then began to describe what i was holding in my hand and what was on my toons cloths. i asked him if he was using x-ray he said no. i said then how do u see me wh...
i am ShayleeKoren here to report LoaFrz22 and MightyFluffy Playing SkyBlock2 issue was in chat and my island date 4/26/2014, time was about 4pm-10:30pm LoaFrz22 stayed on my island uninvited for about 4hrs asking continuously to be added an i told him no, so he refused to leave my island and started advertising for people to tpa to him and started tpa'ing multiple persons to my island with out my permission, as i continually asked him to please leave and to leave me alone. I told him that this island is for my daughter and I and not fo...
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