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Shared publicly - Nov 6, 18

"Death...gave me perspective. Vision that I was blind to."
- Former Emperor Serecar of Paric
October 2018
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"I was Jakov Vergence. Your first leader. I am here to tell you that your life is a lie."

- Memory Stone of First Lord Jakov to the current High Lord of Fancieria
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"Fancieria stands united, as always, against the pretend threats that you, outsiders, make up." - the High Lord's response to Jafral's pleas to a Council of Powers

"Sytas remains interested in our independence, which you seek to only erode." - the Archmage's response to Jafral's pleas to a Council of Powers

"We have already been sacked once by you. Not again." - Queen Isenha's response to Jafral's pleas to a Council of Powers

"The Voice shall arrive within the year, he is a busy man." - The Holy Vakneren Church's response to Jafral's pleas to a Council of Powers

"We shall come." - the Sultan of Prei Trium's response to Jafral's pleas to a Council of Powers
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"Carry high in thy heart the Light of Light for He has invested the Spark within his Voice to carry the torch against the Dark. Let the Voice guide and steer in all aspects. He cannot act in fault for of his investiture of favor from the Light of Light He the Voice will aid the Light of Light in the shattering strife against the Wall of His Will. For none can stand opposed to the immortal reign of Him."

- The Sacramentom, Part One of the Tomes
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"I...tried. You have doomed us all with your action. Abyss...will come."

- Emperor Serecar on his deathbed
Lord Vergence

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"Here, penned by the Great Prophet and the Only Prophet rest the words handed down by She of Oneness, who is known by the Six Names of the People. They shall guide you through the times of light and through the dark. Follow them. Hold them tight. For the Words of Her cannot be disregarded or cast away."

- Opening lines of the Book of Names [translated], the Trian holy book
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"My dear, we're both broken. The only question that remains is who gets fixed first."

- Kel Desser to Naera-eal-Jasenha
And also how they broke
I'd say because of their upbringings and how that has shaped their beliefs. Kel has trust problems among other things while Naera hates most men and probably has something similar to PTSD. it's complicated LOL
September 2018
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"I will not live for you. I'm going to live for myself."
- Naera-eal-Jasenha

@ chm2309 who suggested I post quotes!
I didn't even know you could like @ peeps on here. I thought my page was derped and refreshed to fix, then realised... *insert actually visually appealing tearful wincing emoji here*
Didn't know either until I accidentally did it!
Meh man!
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I stand with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.
Question mark
Look up the current SCOTUS hearings if you haven't already, I believe her.
August 2018
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You will be missed, Stefán Karl Stefánsson. Thank you for your work.
We Are Number One Remix but by The Living Tombstone (Lazytown)
July 2018
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Have some non-canon fun with a story about a blood whore!

The End

I breathe out softly as I soberly walk towards the Founder’s bridge, named after the revolutionaries who carved out this nation. My footsteps echo back at me, producing a confident sound not shared by the rest of me. Even now, with a firm mind and light thoughts, even now I lack the will to fully believe in myself.
The streets are alive around me, I’m on one of the many market streets in midday. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a merchant gesturing towards me, trying to get me to look at his jewelry, hoping to hook me in for a quick sell.
I inwardly cringe. Even just thinking about a quick sell disturbs my already restless thoughts. I may be a month out of servitude, no, enslavement, but my body and head won’t be so quick to forget. I carry those scars with me. From the dashes down my arms to the gorges in my brain. No. Just no. I can’t let myself go there. I need featherly thoughts, I need my head full of fluff so I can do this. Dwelling means the monsters win. I can’t let the monsters win.
I have to squint against the sun, the harsh light distracts me and I run into a squat, older man with graying temples.
“Ay. Watch where you’re going. This here’s too busy to dally.” He barks out, before continuing with his brisk and impatient stride.
He probably thinks me a whore. I don’t confront him though. My only physical response is to tighten my cloak even further. I’m sure I must look like a thief, a poor one, for wandering in broad day, but it’s the only way I can even feel a modicum of safety. It’s already painfully tight, I’m still too thin from being “discouraged” to eat to maintain my figure. My ribs must stick out, even through the all the layers I wear. And I wear a lot of layers. If anyone tries to take me again, they’ll have to work for it.
The bridge readily approaches me. I’ve been mindlessly working my way to it for the better part of an hour now. I keep having dissenting thoughts that stop me. The bridge looks so intimidating and unwelcoming up close. It’s not even that tall, it was made for width, to allow carts to travel to the industrial district. But the structure is imposing when so near, an eerie creaking is given off, noticeable only feet from it. Goading me to step up and step off, into the waiting maw below, to swallow me. To freeze me. But that maw is my abyss, my release from cruel machinations.
I banish the indecision. This is what I am to do. I march onto the bridge, the wooden planks shuddering under my demanding strides. As I walk, my back straightens, infused with false courage and I can see a man leaning against a support to my left. He notices my glance and I see him wink outlandishly in an exaggerated gesture.
I shoot him a cold stare that I don’t share internally and all he does is wave in response. He probably hopes he’ll see me later in bed. That won’t happen, I think, with a warm sense of satisfaction. Never again will I be subjected to that. Never. I keep up my even gait, speeding up, even. I want this to be over with. No more worries, that, that, sounds good.
I smile, a quick and fleeting thing, no more lasting smiles for me. For whatever reason, I spare a quick look over my shoulder, the man is still watching me. His look almost seems..concerned? A shame for him. He won’t meet me in bed. Not now, not ever. I flash him a chilling smile as I finally approach the metal railing. It was built with carts and carriages in mind, to prevent them from running off the bridge. Thick supports nailed into the sides of the bridge, with a thin strip running horizontal. It’s barely two feet off the ground, if that. I’m able to easily hoist myself up with little effort.
I don’t bother to stand, it’s not worth the effort. My feet dangle over the edge, kicking back and forth in the wind, my cloak billowing out behind me. The people walking across the bridge don’t seem to notice or care. They most likely assume I’m just a thrill seeker sitting here, basking in the endless blue expanse above me with a smattering of wispy clouds here and there.
“Hey!” A voice calls out behind me, I look quickly. It’s the man from before. Some do-gooder, perhaps. It doesn’t matter. He’s too far behind to stop me.
I give him a sly wave. It’s honestly unlike me. I don’t know what compelled me to be coy. But alas, I don’t have time to consider it. If I stall for too long, he’ll get me.
So I push.
Off the ledge.
Into the maw.
Down I go.
Those seconds seem to stretch out as I descend from my lofty perch and my mind turns to all that I’ve done and seen, all that I’ve been subjected to in my short life. The loving embrace of my mother, whose face I can barely remember. The sturdy hands of my father, who I’ve forgotten. The raids that stole me away, like a thief in the night. The men that took me, repeated. The knife I brought upon myself. The vials and vials and vials of precious red fluid drained from me.
Then the water hits. It’s an abrupt feeling. One moment, nothing but air, but the next there’s liquid everywhere, I can’t escape it.
And as I sink.
As I float down into the water, my mind turns desperate as I exhale the last of my air. My chest is fighting me, demanding air that I can’t deliver. This won’t be a carefree passing.
As my body turns against me, cursing me to a brutal death, just under the clear water sparkling down on me. Then I hear a muted splash ripple through the disturbed waters as a body hurdles down, next to me.
I don’t dwell on it, my vision is growing murky and I can hardly think. My eyes shutter, starting to close when I’m violently grabbed from behind. I try to fight, swirling my arms around in what I think to be a maelstrom of action but is most likely a feeble attempt. I’m being tugged upward at an angle. I don’t want to go up. I want to go down. I need to stall. I’m so close. I can feel it.
I think the body knows too. They speed up, I can feel water being pushed against my legs from them kicking.
I manage a final thought before my head breaks the surface.
My mind forces my lungs to take in air, against my better judgement. My hair plastered to my face, concealing most of my blackened vision.
“Dammit, girl. Are you trying to die?” It’s a masculine voice that I barely hear, tinged with worry and sorrow.
“Justt..tt..let...me, die.” I choke out, my teeth chattering from the cold water. I think my body’s starting to shut down. Hopefully that’ll get me. Shore is so close and he knows this.
“Nice try. That won’t happen if I can help it.”
I try to respond but my tongue goes limp and my body follows, I’m dead in the water. Barely operating. Panicked breaths going in and out as my mind frantically commands my body to keep fighting.
My clothes are heavy around me and I feel like a wet twig in the grips of a superhuman being.
“Hold on. Shore is near.” The man grits out, he’s expending a lot of energy too. I hope I don’t kill him from my actions. Maybe that would be for the best though. He’s probably hoping to fuck me. Get me indebted to him.
Then we hit the shore, I didn’t see it as I was turned away in his arms and I could catch a quick glimpse of ice blue eyes meeting my half-closed ones in a worried look. He practically pushes me into the rough sand of the beach. It hurts but I can hardly feel it I’m so cold.
He lightly slaps my wet cheek. It sounds funny. Like a plop. It makes me giggle a little. I probably sound hysterical. I try to turn my cheek away from him but I lack the strength.
“Stay with me. Don’t close the eyes. Don’t give in. Fight it.” He practically hisses those words out at me. So aggressive. He seems like a dominant sort. Wonder what he’ll do with my body when I leave it.
I manage a weak smile, it’s more like a grimace and he flinches, “Just leave me. It’s all I want.” I force out from my clammy lips and my vision finally fades completely.
“Just go.”
The sight goes as I see his eyes widen and he shouts out, “Victor, over here!”
I wonder who that is.
Oh well. I shrug inside. It doesn’t matter.
Oh, uh, language warning. I forgot that Naera likes to cuss, a lot.
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Because I had to.

(Credit to Twirl & original artist)
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Fancieria just got so much better:

High Lord Kayden myl l'Vergence vol Dumont fi Fancieria is a single name including titles.
June 2018
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I had a wonderful birthday a couple days ago, saw Ocean's 8 and ate out for dinner. 10/10 recommend Ocean's 8. I also received a lot of chocolate, it will serve me WELL.
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Did you guys know that the werewolves in Twilight aren't werewolves? I did!