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"My Kingdom collapsed, the land barren, and the people gone. I have endured and eventually, I shall strive. I will bring life to the withered, water to the thirsty, and settlers to the oasis. We. Shall. Prevail."

- Unknown, presumed to be from one of the Dead Continents
Also, first post of 2018. :)
I hate this emoji clipping tbh
December 2017

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Last Goddess....I hope.....(its not my fault Order can't fall under any existing deities).

I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Shafel, the Grand Justicar (among other titles), twin sister to Qynus, the Elder, and Aetas, the Discord. May she bring plague against the well and suffering to the malevolent.

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"The High Court Rebellion"

It is a commonly held belief, by Fancierians and foreigners alike, that Fancieria cannot fall to outside forces. It must be taken down from the inside to raise the gates for invaders. The task is regarded as nigh impossible due to the setup and location of the main Fancierian city. This belief makes the betrayal of House Skulan so much more daring, unbelievable, and unforgivable.
For the longest time, Skulan warriors remained the staunchest allies of the Royal House Vergence and held the dual loyalty to the High Lord and to the throne. House Skulan remained a vital force that kept the internal peace, through the task forces and security provided. However, that trust and loyalty was turned aside for promises of leadership and power. Centuries of loyalty were overturned by a greedy Lady of the House and an equally corrupt membership. This horrific betrayal nearly sparked the end of a sovereign Fancieria, to fully examine the event deemed as the “High Court Rebellion” we must travel back to the causes, a full eighteen years ago when the now deceased, High Lord Xander, was crowned and assumed full state control.
Heir Xander took the throne at age 28, when his father, High Lord William finally succumbed to a chronic condition that affected his breathing. It was known for some time that William’s condition was weakening and consultation with his memory stone affirms the knowledge that even he knew he would expire soon. This left Xander to inherit the entirety of Fancieria with his Consort, Lady Catherine Rels of Ethua, a second daughter of the High House Rels (At this point, Fancieria had opened themselves to limited foreign contact. It was one of the few brilliant moves that William had arranged, giving Xander’s hand away to a foreigner.)
During the casual turmoil associated with a new monarch commanding control, Lady of the House, Lady Lyx offered her services to High Lord Xander, with the intent to join his privy council. It’s assumed that this offer was extended to further political standings and to quash power struggles that Lady Lyx was combatting at the time. This not being clear, High Lord Xander gladly accepted because Lady Lyx was considered a respectable and clear minded noble with sensible views.
Along with her accepted offer, Lord Commander Cedric von None, and Lord of the House Declan vun Calfore, also ascended to the High Council. Suitable evidence has been brought to light, showing the manipulation of Lady Lyx while on the High Council. It’s believed that her influence tainted many of the High Lord’s decisions, while making her a clear leader on the Council, balanced only by the Lord Commander who had little time for such games as the Jafral Empire had chosen this season to harass the aboveland citadels.
Looking back on such events, the timing provides a clear conclusion that belies any hope of a coincidence that Lyx’s power conveniently rose when Jafral attacked. Correspondence found hidden away in desk drawers after Lyx’s exile supports this theory quite concisely.
Her growing power only matched by her unwavering ambition, it’s believed that after many years of being on the Council, that she now desired a higher position, which, the only obtainable higher position would be Consort of the High Lord. Around this time, now 14 years ago, Consort Catherine fell grievously ill and eventually perished due to assumed complications of the heart. In a rare moment of clear headedness, Xander sent off his son to be trained in the Fancierian Guard while he was forced into another marriage. The fact that very few words were sent to High House Rels, regarding their deceased daughter, severely damaged relations with Ethua that are just now being repaired.
Communication with the memory stone of Xander drives the suspected point home, theirs was a loveless marriage in which his power was whittled away as he became a puppet. During this time, his drug addiction was made public knowledge when palace servants leaked it. This undermined the trust placed in the High Lord and by extent, Fancieria.
In effect, Xander was powerless, but not mindless. Further discourse with the memory stone have shown that near the end of his reign, he managed to nearly stifle his addiction and enjoyed a more lucid state, more often. Lady Lyx, now fearing this possible threat, had to speed up her timeline and geared her House for war.
Sending the Guard into a weakened state and recalling the Lord Commander to an emergency High Council meeting, Lyx struck. Quickly moving against the Council, she slew all the members, including the High Lord with the assistance of the Skulan guards who patrolled the halls. Jafral was also let in through one of the citadel gates, in which they were barely beat off by the combined efforts of the adopted daughter of the Lord Commander, his unspoken heir, and the Heir Kayden von Vergence.
This nearly resulted in the annihilation of the Guard but the threat was successfully contained and the pair rushed into the Council chambers, to find Lyx lurking over the dead corpses. Battling their way in, they managed to halt and arrest her, drawing upon Vergence troops and a few Guard squads.
The foreseeable threat that was Lady of the House Lyx, was over. Acting swiftly, she and other traitors to the throne were summarily exiled into the dark caverns, an unmapped portion of Fancieria. One of the greatest fears of a Fancierian is to be forgotten. They follow the actions of the past with an almost religious fervor, treasuring all knowledge as it will guide them into the future. So their names were stricken from all records. The name of Lyx abolished and Skulan disbanded. Loyal survivors were taken into the other Houses as their ignorance was not to be blamed.
Following these disastrous events, the newly crowned Kayden faced tremendous challenge as he fought to rekindle the trust that was shaken in the throne and to rebuild the Fancierian Guard that was so utterly depleted in the near overthrow of the Fancierian City-State.
Hardly three years later, this event dubbed the “High Court Rebellion” still minorly influences actions but has largely been overcome due to the termity and dedication of High Lord Kayden and Lord Commander Aryn. The now six Houses of Fancieria move forward in united plans to create a stable and thriving Fancieria, while opening up the workings of their Houses to the High Lord as to promote clear and honest relations.
In the end, Lady Lyx serves as a open reminder to remain firm and unwavering, to dedicate oneself to the defense of an ideal. A reminder to try harder when attempting to defeat a Fancierian.

-An account composed by Calmen Fell, supplemented by the High Lord of Fancieria.
Oh my
Yea but on the brightside, the sheer amount of support he's gotten from his actions on fixing this, have enabled him to be more progressive than a usual High Lord. He's been able to open up more towards foreigners, which, imo, Fancieria NEEDS to do to survive in the modern world.

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"How can we re-introduce Star Wars?"

"Build a bigger and better Death Star."

"How can we do that?"

"Remove it's mobility, require it to absorb suns (because we have an infinite amount of those nearby), and increase it's size by a tenfold."

"So we're removing it's ability to move, removing the 15 minute charge, and making it a bigger target?"


"Also lets have it get destroyed after it's first field test! Because nothing matters anyway!!"

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I've combined the Fantasia city-state of Caliphate with the Nessapian nation of Pre Trium. Both were rich in lore that made more sense together.

As a result, they shall be known as the Sultanate of Pre Trium, ruled by his holiness, the Sultan, invested with the authority and power of the godsforged Celestial Throne which rests in the City of Closed Shadows, Caliphate.
November 2017

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RIP Kevin Spacey.
He'll always be my president.

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A Meeting of Powers

“I have already given you fire, water, metal, and life. What more do you wish? You know I require the other Relics to grant you more abilities. Unlike your pandering underlings, I am well aware of your progress. You don’t possess another.” Comes a guttural voice, sounding bored and impatient.
“Yes, yes, Architect. I dare not waste your time unless I require so. A primal girl has appeared.” Serecar says, a glimmer of excitement running through his voice. “You know how those are created.”
“Do you forget the rest of the legend? When strifes plague the world. Rivers that flow red and barren fields, shall one be born of the Eldest gods, imbued with them they shall purify and restore.” Architect says, disappointment lacing his voice. “The Gods are aware of your goals. The last one prevented your ancestor and this one shall as well.”
“But this time, she is ignorant. She can be manipulated.” Satisfaction evident in his voice as he addresses this to the mirror faced automaton that the Architect can be seen through.
“Oh?” Architect’s voice sounds hopeful and gleeful. “And how would you plan such a feat?” His gaze is fully on Serecar now, looking through an identical mirror, at the man in the golden room.
“The legends does not say which side she will take. She will be taught that I seek to purify and that the old, towering corrupt ways must topple.” He replies.
“Then I will ready the forges.” Architecture’s face breaks open in a vicious grin. “I shall like to examine the primal girl. It’s been so long since one has graced my table.”
“Yes, yes.” Serecar waves him off, suddenly weary. “Prepare for more Relics. I grow closer.”
“Mmm, payment has gone up. I desire more material. An additional ton of gracium, colsite, misera as well as five mages of each element should cover it.” His voice is smug as if he knows that Serecar cannot refuse him.
“Very well. You will embed the Relics as soon as I acquire them, then.” Serecar snarls, quickly losing his patience.
“Glad we have a deal. What a fruitful partnership.” Architect’s face with that victorious looking grin, fades from the automaton as it melts into a gold liquid and flows into a jar near the corner of the room.
Serecar turns away and unleashes a small, rage filled scream. Some of the glassware shatters under the power of it.
“Bastard thinks he can demand such things of me? He’ll get it. For now.” He straightens his collar and opens the door, to the guards stationed outside, he says, “Fetch a maid to clean the mess.”
He walks on, he has a girl to collect.

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The Divine Council of Nessapia formally banishes the last blooded sibling of Qynus and Aetas. Abyss, the First Sin. God of Vice and Anguish. May he rot in the Barred Way.

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"Quern has been an interesting kingdom. In terms of stability, they are second to none. Enduring for quite a respectable amount of time, they have, admittedly, fallen on harder times. They have, however made a significant comeback when they re-secured their home continent of Centerfold, allowing for the exiled bloodline of Figold to consolidate and replenish depleted physical assets. In short, they have endured and thrived."

-Calmen Fell, A Glimpse at Quern
October 2017

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Nessapia is a few months away from being two! I looked at time stamps today and it seems I first brought electronic pen to electronic paper with the creation of Jafral Empire in January 26, 2016.

Here are the original contents of the document for your viewing pleasure;
Much of the known world was once part of the Jafral empire which was ruled by Emperor Sereacar. He had 5 children (three sons and two daughters) who each oversee a different portion of the empire. Isenha his daughter was the Queen of Etheau, Thaecas his son was the High Zarde of Zestua, Thorca his daughter was the Magnate of Oclal, Sanvin his son was the President of Degren, Caald his son was the Commander of Aswon. Thaecas was the first born, Isenha and Thorca were twins born next, Caald was third, and Sanvin was last. Their mother was a women in Emperor Serecar’s harem. None of his children were raised by their mother, instead were given to nurses. The children never got along and when old enough, took over different provinces and the Emperor oversaw all of the provinces and was final say on all matters. Isenhe was calm, rational and peaceful. Thorca was shrewd, always looking for a way to benefit but never wanted to beholden herself to another. Thaecas was fiery, passionate, contained a temper, a very good strong warrior, brought many lands into the empire. Caald was very strong in his beliefs that a place should be governed by the few elite for they knew best, he was a very smart and cunning person. Sanvin believed in the people and believed that the people should pick their leader, he was quite passive but could rise to action, could make those tough choices. Fast forward many years, the Emperor was gaining in age no longer being able to lead this empire. The bickering and tensions between the different provinces started to heat up as the children pressed their beliefs onto their regions. One day the emperor suddenly passed away in his sleep, instead of banding together and keeping the empire intact, the children split. All of a sudden there were five different nations distinctly different from one another. The children knowing that conflict was in the near future formed alliances with nations close to their ideology. Now that the Jafral empire is no more and tensions rising, who will emerge on top?

Nations and a brief WIP description

Zestua: Led by High Zarde Thaecas. A heavily religious society that put emphasis on controlling and conquering other nations. The more people a warrior killed, the higher his honor and status and firm believers in “To the victor, go the spoils. The 12 Ophalas or holy warriors (Doesn’t actually mean that, just pretend) are the officials in this nation are not elected by the people but chosen by the head of the church which is also the leader; The High Zarde. The High Zarde choses from the warriors who have achieved the most honor (killing the most people/getting the most land, you get my point). The officials have almost limitless power in Zestua and are only under The High Zarde himself.

Oclal: Led by Magnate Thorca. Oclal was a nation that was controlled by many different businesses. Their first and foremost interest was remaining independent. However unlike many different societies, the businesses were a coalition whose main interest was sovereignty, their people, and looking out for themselves.

Degren: Led by President Sanvin. He believed in democracy and choice and his nation reflects it. Every major choice is made by a vote, the people elect officials to represent themselves and they form one major House which passes law and governs the land.

Aswon: Led by Commander Caald. Believing in the ability of the few over the ability of the many. Aswon is a communist nation that believes in the protection of the majority of the citizens over the few. The government has been known to have made dissenting citizens disappear. The society is extremely militaristic but is largely content to remain inside their border. Over the past few years, their focus has been internal improvement.

Etheau: Led by Queen Isenha, by far the biggest nation. She held the belief that diplomacy and peace would win out over war. While the government is an absolute monarch, the people have a large input in how things are run. Being the “peacekeeper nation” Etheau is the main reason that the realm of Nessapia has not been plunged into war. Maintaining no army at all, only holding meeting to appease the nations and keep them from raining down destruction and death upon the realm.

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Atoms aren't real.
is there a cult for this i can join
yes it's in your basement
thanks, i love my basement.

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"God created man, everything else is made in China."

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I've found my true love; Shipping.
*wink wink*

pretend there is Discord formatting.
welcome to the club

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Oh my, somehow I missed this bundle of bulletpoint facts. Moist
I shudder to think on how outdated that thread is right now...
First point I open

Qynus - Primal - The Elder - Female
The first Goddess
Wields creation itself in the form of pure energy
The strongest of all the Gods with the exception of Aetas
Currently dead and in the Palace of the Depths

Wow that's wrong.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy VOL.2 | Yondu's Arrow Killing Scene HD 1080p
Guardians Of The Galaxy VOL.2 Yondu's Arrow Killing Yondu Udonta