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They tried to block it because most people just spammed it and the command is virtually pointless anyway, if you only do it once, it will likely just get sucked up into the other chat messages and no one will see. Ellie
lol what? I am getting so many mixed feelings from your channel. Is it like a mix of other people's videos and your actual content buried at the bottom? Additionally, these are not natural channel stats: http://prntscr.com/g0i7k3 Ellie
Hi Godyr! Thank you for expressing your concern. I personally was not aware of the release of the new server until hours before. We are aware of the bugs and we are trying to fix them as soon as we can, but sometimes bugs appear when the players are there themselves and not before. The team put a lot of effort into the new update though it was rushed for a release date, not the first time this has happened. We are not planning on whitelisting as the server is still stable. If you have bugs we may not be aware of please notify a staff m...
Hi. So straight to the point. I've joined and left a lot of communities over my time here however they are still all showing up on quick view. As shown here: http://prntscr.com/fgfrss And even though I left 2/3 of the ones with admin (due to inactivity), I continue to have admin access? Yea so that's all really. It's pretty minor but I thought I'd put it out there ~Ellie
Hi WainyPlayz! Thank you for your application however here at Thanatos Prison we have high expectations for our staff, especially in grammar and your grammar level doesn't meet the minimum required. Because of this, I will be declining you. You can reapply in 5 days. Delined. ~Ellie
If you have a problem with staff then please make it in the correct forum (Staff Reports). Additionally, this isn't abusing it just inappropriate behavior from staff. If you drop me a private message I can help you out. Locking ~Ellie
Hi JoshCarpenter! Great application though your activity has dropped significantly recently. If you are still interested in the position then please reply to this thread and look to increase your activity. ~Ellie
Hi superpie111! Great application however activity has dropped significantly recently. If you are still interested in the position then reply to this thread + look at getting your activity back up. ~Ellie
OP deleted the original post. Denied ~Ellie
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