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For the past 2 years (not an exaggeration) I have been working on a project called AssimilationMC, why has it taken so long? Because I have been the only person programming it and I've rewritten everything multiple times, however I have finally decided it is time for a release of some sort.

TL;DR Read below.

AssimilationMC is an upcoming UHC Network which we hope to feature many variations of UHC and the ability to create your own server at any rank*. We are currently looking to release in early August and are in search of some Moderators and Beta testers.
Regardless of if you are looking to be a moderator or whatnot, I would appreciate it a lot if y'all could check it out https://discord.gg/bhyDjPJ for more information, even if you are just there to read.

Thanks a lot,
Ellie, Lead everything at AssimilationMC


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Contrary to popular belief, I am not dutch.

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Release date set to the 3. August, honestly makes me a bit sick.

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On the subject of achievements, we got 28 votes on the giraffe campaign, if you didn't vote [ref deleted post] i don't need your negativity in my life however you can still redeem yourself by going to https://feedback.discordapp.com/forums/326712-discord-dream-land/suggestions/34733953-giraffe-emoji-campaign
:((( rip giraffe
jfc ellie
what is that meant to mean punk
nvm just worked it out
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FAQ for my good buddies out there,

What do you do [for McOrigins] I work on a per-request basis, after recently finishing my exams I hope to contribute more however it is all based on what I am requested to do. (not laziness pls)

Why do you do nothing [on MCOrigins] See above.

Can you fix ... Unless it is to do with messaging, prison repairing, boosters, or something else that I have made, no.

What language do you write plugins in? Java

How are you? Average answer is pretty okay.

[stop being mean to me] I know messages can be hard to convey emotion, but if you feel I'm insulting/insulted you , I probably didn't mean it and I'm sorry for causing your emotions harm. (i hope this doesn't happen often <3 )

Making these makes me feel very pompous (new word hype) but I feel like I wanna redefine my presence here but the other side of me just wants to go and hide away from this community in contrary to what I like to do: talk. I just do not feel as connected with MCOrigins as I did back in my 2016 golden ages. (wtf)

I hope you continue to have a good day and remember to drink water.

tired regards,

inb4 post deleted in less than 3 days because I will look back at this and be like this is not what I want on my wall, but it's currently 02:22 so i don't really care tbh, only up because I was waiting for my hair to dry - which it now has - so I will proceed to sleep, byee

weee, actually rlly hungry right now.
lol barely remember even making this post and wasn't even 12 hours ago
1) Doesn't mention Kotlin (or Coatlin as you would say)
2) Doesn't mention Go
3) No promotion for Minevelop
4) No Spigot plugin promotion either

Overall I'd say it's a solid 4.20/5 wallpost
Sorry let me improve:

I love Koaeltin however it makes the jar overweight, GO is good, Minevelop is a dead meme, you can buy my new premium hub plugin on mcmarket now for only $4,99 called HubInOne. give me money plezese