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omg man, please add me on Discord Dogester#2798 we have to catch up!!
April 2018

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Logging on for the first time in like a year or so. All the old friends have good-bye messages as their tagged posts on their walls. It's like a wasteland, a desert compared to the golden days of Minecraft and Mineplex. Makes me feel both nostalgic and incredibly sad. I will cherish the memory of those days. Thank you for everything guys, those were a really happy 2 years from 2013-2015 plus a part of 2016.
June 2017

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Welp, I'm officially home after a year of being away. Anyone still play this game?
btw found a guy that has the same name as you
TheDarkWarLord holy shit hi man, how are you? It's been ages
Pretty good. Still active on Hypixel, I actually went to the zoo today with a guy from the guild that I'm part of.
March 2017

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Well I haven't been here for quite a while. How are you guys?
January 2017

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Did they nerf Brawler on SG? Just played my first couple of games in two and a half months and for some reason my old moves don't work anymore :( It seems like the KB has been nerfed quite a lot. Anyone with knowledge on that?
Heya! :) How are you?
I'm fine thx c: How are you? Long time no see :)
Hmm. I'll look into it. Have not seen any changes posted.
December 2016

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oh my god hi
Heya ;P long time no see. Surprised that you're not an admin yet lol, you've been pretty quick in your moves !

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I'm so happy to see Elven Citadel back on the server, it was and still is my favorite.

Little known fact; the Elven Citadel that's now on the server is actually not THE original one, but a version edited by me and LAPD. I spent a couple dozen hours working on it to make it perfect gameplay-wise and aesthetically. Now it's finally on and I couldn't be happier!
Do they credit you?
No idea tbh. Probably not, since it was a modification job rather than building something completely new.
I also added some enchantment tables ;)
Ahhhh yes you did do that ;P Awesome ss always
November 2016

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I guess I'm not that rusty after all lol. Hot damn I miss this game so much. I love the new feel of Mineplex as a whole, those game specific waiting lobbies are a real nice touch!

I wish I could still be active on MP. One day I'll return to the staff team, it just feels like home to be on Mineplex for the first time in so long.

Miss you guys <3
Btw I managed to miss the "Trick or Treat" chests. Kind of a bummer.
Did you also miss the Thanksgiving chests? You could even get 1 month of PPC from it.
Yup, I've basically missed everything, I've just read about them here on Enjin.... I'm quite mad about that 😛
Trick of Treat was an amazing chest ;-; such a pity you missed it
October 2016

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Hello my friends!

I believe I haven't posted on here for a while. Nor have I been paying attention to what's happened.

People, please do bring me up to date on EVERYTHING! I've been in the wild playing IRL wargames for the last 8 weeks. Been promoted to Second Lieutenant too!

I hope people will still read this post lol
Lol, helpful as always (;
Here's your update:

Translations teams
Pocket Edition
New maps
Like three new games
We miss you
New games? How the heck have I missed those updates.. Has the SG update come out yet?

And dawww I wish I could come back :confused: I only get out of my army duty next summer
SG update hasn't come out yet, we still miss ya :p
September 2016

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Touched Minecraft for the first time after going away. Played two games of SG and won both. This is what MP should have always been like, no hackers to ruin the games. It was a great feeling to see SG games without hackers in them.

I do feel like a complete noob though, it's like my hands aren't working the way they should be anymore. Well, I won't be able to play MC again for a few months so I guess that's alright. I'm really happy about the direction MP is heading, it felt great to play.

Also, Hypixel released a straight up copy of Micro Battles but nobody's raging over that. What?
o.o true
Here's what you missed:

New anticheat
Like four new games
Less forum drama
Crap ton of new maps

That's about it. :oldthumb:
August 2016

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I'm finally breaking the media silence.

Like some/most of you know I'm currently serving my army duty. My serving place is the tank division, which is pretty fricken awesome to be honest. I could spend a lot longer here than I'll have to.

Also, gonna be educated to command one of these. Only 70 metric tonnes of cold hard steel. That's 154 000 lbs for you yanks. Drag race, anyone?

On a side note; Dctr is a Hypixel admin now? He's the only person to have been an admin on both the world's largest MC networks. Impressive, although he's spent the last 3 years playing a block game 24/7 so I don't know whether that counts as "time well spent". In my books it doesn't, but to each on their own.

Thanks for reading, You'll hear from me when I have something more to tell you.
I found find it pretty cool to learn how to drive it/how it works, but I definitely wouldn't want to have army duty like you do.
I'm not learning how to drive/control one though, I'm learning how to command it in battle. I'm the one telling the crew where to go and how and when to shoot and where to. It's pretty cool but I'm not able to drive it. Lol

Army duty is pretty cool now that I think about it. You basically spend a year learning war and battle techniques with your closest friends by your side. You need to trust them with your life since in battle practice you shoot with each other with real bullets. If something goes wrong someone dies. It seems pretty dark and grim but holy shit is it cool to have such friends in your life. :)
lithiumi :d good luck with everything!
June 2016

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This is starting to seem like a terrible amount of self pity at this point but whatever, it's not like I'm hurting anyone.

Apparently my games have been played. Minecraft runtime acts like it knows what's going to happen and decided to let me out of my misery by not allowing me to update it, meaning that the game won't even start, let alone work. I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled it a number of times, and still nothing works.

So, this is my goodbye message for now, at least game-wise. I'll probably be checking Enjin every once in a while so that I don't miss anything important, so you'll still get a hold of me if you want to say hi or something :p

It's been a great two years here on Mineplex, and you guys are great. This is my first big break for a loooong time and I can't wait for what's happening in the future.

Oh, and I got a message saying I got into a university today. So, yay, I guess for those of you who care and who know how hard it is to get in one.

oml this is ridiculously self pitiful
Even though we didn't really know each other, good luck in university and the future! (:
Good luck, will miss you! Have fun <3
and come back

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I'm going to be quite mad if they decide to make a brawl out of SG and I can't be there. SG with Champs kits or diamond armor or something we've not seen yet would be too epic. But, let me guess, if and when that happens I won't have access to the whole game.
I'm just hoping the SG brawl won't be between the weekend of july 8th and july 15th because i will be going on a cruise then :d
<3 it was an UHC sg c: pretty good one tbh!

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I'm really sad that I have to spend the last days I have with this game on Hypixel because Mineplex is so full of hackers. Because of them I'll focus on Quakecraft, since I've been getting better at it again (I was a pro back when it was a big game). Call me when they get the anti cheat in check, before that happens I will not touch the whole server unless I have a friend to play and destroy the hackers with.

If anything drastic doesn't happen, my minecraft will go on a 6-12 month hiatus a week from now. The hackers have ruined a beautiful game completely and now that I think about I won't probably even miss the whole thing.

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The world has clearly decided to try and make me lose my mind this week and it's not even over yet.

1; the little minecraft-avatar using kids WHO KNOW NOTHING OF POLITICS debating about Brexit and how good it is for the UK. If you're twelve, chances are your "own" opinion is 90% based off of your parents' opinion about such things, and if your parents are for Brexit their opinion is also 90% based off of statements that are 90% false. Fear mongering and making all immigrants the reason for your shitty economical state is NOT valid politics, it's populism. And populism usually appeals to, you guessed it right, people who know NOTHING of politics.

2; have you people, who are cheering for leaving the EU, actually EVER left your own country? Because you seem to have NO idea at all about how easy the EU makes switching countries. If the EU wouldn't exist, it would be the same paper shitstorm you have to deal with every time you try to gain access to the US for example. It's ridiculous when you come from the EU and are used to having to deal with only your passport, and having no borders in between countries. I've traveled the world more than any person my age probably should have, and I can safely say that the arrangement the EU has granted us Europeans is by far the best I've seen anywhere. Now I can no longer book ex-tempore trips to the UK without having to worry about it. It's truly sad, because it's a beautiful bunch of islands.

3; I was an exchange student in the EU for one semester, and I would've had to plan for the adventure for years if it wasn't for the EU and its beautiful laws that make it possible to just pack your passport and leave. Do the Brexit-fans have any idea on what their decision will do to the European exchange programs? Nothing good I presume.

I could go on forever on this subject and how shitty the Brits' decision is for the whole area of the globe, but I won't because this is not the day I want to lose my mind on. /rant over, again

I just need to say one more thing; if leaving the EU becomes a trend, will my Australian buddies adopt me? Your lovely country is far enough away from this madness.
We will have to see how everything turns out, I am very depressed that we have left the European Union, and this is my opinion:
-Without the EU, watching the Euros will be very expensive.
-Tax from things outside the UK will rise to a great degree.
-We might have Borris Johnson as our president.
-Many foods such as "Magic buttons" and even "Nandos" (Maybe) will be banned in the UK, as they claim to only be used within the European Union.
-We have actually lost 20% of currency power/value.
-We have less allies now, as UK gives a lot of money and funds to Spain, Greece Etc. So, we are more vulnerable.
-Holidays to European Union Countries will be much more expensive.(So get cosy for spending more holiday time in the UK).

Though you are a MOD, Lithiumi, I actually agree with you.
Hopefully, people realise what mistake they have made, and the EU allows us to enter back, but this can only happen if huge problems occur and will take a lot of time.
I planned a holiday a few months ago and now we dead
I haven't been a mod for like 6-7 months lol, but yeah. We all hope things work out for the better. Seems likely that the UK ceases to exist soon enough if Scotland decides to get their independence. We'll see.