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Shared publicly - Wed at 1:04

Played dungeons and dragons today w/ some friends

Was pretty fun
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This tropical weather sure is nice!
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Made a vid on BTD Battles:
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Shared publicly - Feb 4, 19

Super Bowl with the "Sweet Victory" cock block... damn
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Shared publicly - Feb 1, 19

I did basically a full hour of dedicated movement practice today for melee

and my god

I feel like at times I am literally FLYING across the screen

The speed and intensity of melee is TRULY matched by very, VERY few other games I have played.
what is dedicated movement thing?
just moving around- dashdancing, foxtrots, wavedash, acting out of wavedash, shorthop wavelands, etc.
January 2019
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Shared publicly - Jan 28, 19

I hit a fucking Dair SLIDE OFF combo on Marth
SSBM is so satisfying to play
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Shared publicly - Jan 22, 19

wow... 77 notifications, and from multiple different walls... Enjin was really active today
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Shared publicly - Jan 20, 19

Donald Trump s 's slogan could be 'Make Enjin Great Again', and the acronym for it would be MEGA
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Shared publicly - Jan 18, 19

Okay... In general, I like what Ninja Kiwi has done with powers, I think it makes the game more dynamic and allows for a wider variety of towers (and upgrades) to be viable. Damage boost for instance lets Lightning Wizards counter regrow rushes, rather than making them worse.

But there are a couple tier 3 / tier 4 boosts that are actually retarded. Case in point: Tier 4 bloon speed boost. This boost increases several bloons speed by 80%. 80. That's nearly twice as fast.

I lost 3 games in a row to this boost. IT IS INSANE. Regrow Rainbows become so fast that by the time I reacted to the sound effect of the boost being hit, the rainbow bloons would already by 1/3 the way through most maps.

Not only am I not able to micro this rush on reaction, I'm not sure if its humanly POSSIBLY to micro the rush without another boost like Spikestorm (tier 4), Glue Storm (tier 4), Juggalanche (tier 3), or multiple Corrosive Glue (tier 3).

So what do I even do? If you build up defense for this rush before round 13, you fall behind by AT LEAST 1-2 farms. In the midgame, those 1-2 farms are enough for the other person to either build a massive farm lead against you, or be able to greed for a BIA early on.
Become one with the rushers.
the boost is tier 4, so I cant get it yet. By the time I can, I could get another boost to respond to it instead, and keep the MOAB boost I'm using currently.
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Shared publicly - Jan 16, 19

As of today, I am officially in the top 1,000 current BTD Battles players
When you leave Minecraft for a game where you pop balloons. >:(
lol. In fairness, I have also been playing a lot of SSB Melee. This is just an easy milestone to share and document.
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Shared publicly - Jan 14, 19

Hytale is killing Hypixel
I mean... people are calling it MC 2.0 for a reason...

And it WAS made by the same people.
Thats the joke
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Shared publicly - Jan 9, 19

This "Ellie" situation in Overwatch is HILARIOUS.

Long story short, there was an account simply called "Ellie" that rapidly rose through playing Doomfist and Hanzo to be in the top500 NA. This account was fairly new, and nobody really knew who it was. This is obviously a little suspicious, and people figured it was a smurf- no big deal.

"Ellie" would soon be signed onto an Overwatch Contenders team. This ended up raising more suspicion because unlike every other player on contenders, "Ellie" did not have a listed IRL name associated with the account.

People began questioning this, and a few days later the contenders team that took on "Ellie" announced that Ellie had resigned from the team due to 'unforseen circumstances'.

Games "Journalists" immediately jumped to make articles on this, claiming that "Ellie" had quit due to sexist remarks.

Within a few days, it was revealed that "Ellie" DID NOT EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE. "Ellie" was the smurf account of a top500 player named Punisher who had created the account as a social experiment. What that social experiment was intended to be has not been stated (to my knowledge), but I find it likely the experiment was seeing if Punisher could get onto a team more easily if teams believed the account applying was a girl.

The entire situation has COMPLETELY blown up in the face of game journalists who jumped the gun on making the story, and sites like Polygon and Rock Paper Shotgun are on frantic damage control trying to shift the blame away from themselves.

The specific comments made by games journalists makes it all the better. On Polygon, one writer made a comment that "Esports are not a meritocracy" (because of sexism and made up words for male oppressors). The first part of this statement is correct- Signing Ellie would have been good, and being a female in an Esport draws attention, even when that attention is unwanted (as in the case of Geguri :/) but the reasoning the author used for it is completely backwards.

So in all: A top500 player went on a smurf acting as a female, got signed onto a team, people said the account was likely a smurf or someone else, games journalists jumped the gun, and then got completely exposed for it.

A late Christmas gift, but an excellent one nonetheless.
Im gonna have to disagree here.

IMO the experiment did more harm than good. Mostly it further discouraged women from pursuing competitive Overwatch, especially after shit like attempted doxing and mass harassment. Sure the account was fishy, but the harassment was not warranted and the sexist nature of it certainly didnt help support female players. IMO every side in this whole shitshow acted terribly. Like punisher, the guy who did it, permanently ruined his potential career as a pro, the journalists spoke way too early, and many in the community acted like sexist twats (or just twats in general).

I found it more depressing than funny tbh. Like this isnt the first time this happens in esports and it never ends well afaik.
I would agree 100% the end result of the experiment is not benefit

Punisher had likely already ruined his chances as a pro with comments made last year.

While I agree harassment, doxing, etc. isnt good- the amount of people actually doing it is a very, very small proportion, and even then a lot of the people getting up in arms about this were most likely ticked that an account that was likely a smurf was getting the spot than a girl

Community is already full of twats tbh, I dont think anything has happened there other than a new outlet for them to do something for 2 weeks has been created
The amount of women at a level where they even could pursue playing OW at a pro level is already basically nonexistent, and I dont think this specifically would be a catalyst for most female pros who have or would be able to make it to that point in the first place
I dont think its about the current semi professionals or highly ranked ladder players. They are already used to the cesspool that is ranked and OW so I dont think thats the problem. The problem is that maybe, women who were previously inclined to climb and try to make it, now wont. Due to seeing how the community reacted. But then again, the OW community overall has a pretty shitty case of sexism across the board so maybe nothing changes at all.

I just dont want the case where a female player grinds and becomes skilled enough to play professionally, only to be brushed off as an "Ellie V2" or something like that. Geguri got accused of cheating, to the extent that some players wagered their careers (and lost) on the case. I really wish shit like that didnt need to happen. Like no one is accusing JJonak of aimbotting.

One last thing I wanna clarify is that not all suspicion was out of sexism, infact I think most just were suspicious because of it being a smurf. But I still stand with my belief that there wouldnt have been this kind of outrage had the player been male.
Geguri being accused of cheating was normal, and people have definitely accused JJonak and other top male players of hacks.

I doubt someone would be brushed off as Ellie v2. There were a lot of things that made the entire situation possible, and I find it highly, HIGHLY unlikely that those could ever be replicated. I could see Ellie v2 becoming a meme, but I dont see organizations denying female players because of that.

The reaction would have been similar if they were male. The difference is a male player might not have gotten signed and would not have drawn as much media attention.
Yeah random bnet users or shit may have accused JJonak of aimbotting but not to the extent of the Geguri case tho, where 2 pros legit quit because of their wager.

And while I agree that the circumstances were highly specific to the point where it is unlikely that it will be replicated entirely. It did discourage women from pursuing esports as I see it, if a woman wants go invest time and effort into the game, and then sees the absolute shitstorm that is the OW community, it would discourage them. Sure the community is shitty towards men as well but not to the same extent in my experience.

I dont think the reaction would as severe if they were male, but thats just my speculation, built upon how Ive seen the community react, as we cannot 100% know how it would have gone down.
Geguri was also because of other factors. The game was in its infancy, and nobody was really a 'known' pro. Geguri had just had that performance on ladder, and people also were not sure to what extent hacking was possible in Overwatch.

I agree females being turned off from gaming is a good thing, but I disagree with the idea that they already have to deal with more crap. Sure, you get the occasional asshat who makes sexist comments, but at the same time I have heard from a number of female gamers that they have found male players try to help them out more than they would if they were also male, and people go out of their way to make them welcome. I think a lot of it might come down to individual experiences and a bit of luck, but I dont think anyone can objectively say if females have to deal with more crap.
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Shared publicly - Jan 8, 19

Seeing people literally self-parody them self will never not be entertaining.

There is someone on the MP forums who was complaining in the SSM section about how the 'new kits' ruin the game.... They then listed Creeper and Wolf, which were added by 2014.

They then said they had been playing for 4 years, so since 2014 or 2015... After Creeper / Wolf were added.

After that they just kept making comments that completely expose them. It just keeps going.

This is almost as good as Ellie and games "journalists" XD
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Shared publicly - Jan 7, 19

In For Honor I've been playing Peacekeeper, and after I hit players with a guardbreak, a common habit a lot of people have is to immediately hit a button afterwards, whether thats a charge, side heavy, etc. The players who have this tendency will do it both if I land a triple stab or if they counter guard break.

Thing is Peacekeeper is fast enough that it just means I get to land a free top light. Every. Single. Time.

I feel like I am improving very rapidly at this game, even compared to other games I have gotten very good at
Did you start playing this game after they released dedicated servers?
I played for a short while early after the game was released, but I wasnt having much fun with the game for a variety of reasons- whether it was unblockable infinites, shugoki being stupid, the servers being dumb, etc.
So yes, but I quit pretty quickly
Yeah I heard the play experience was awful because Ubisoft was too cheap to pay for servers at launch. Then that supposedly changed when they got dedicated servers, so I wanted to hear from someone who played it before/after if it was better now.
Oh its wayyyyy better, its not even comparable to now
Their servers still arent flawless and I have had the game crash a few times which is frustrating, but it is way more playable than ever before, and it seems like Ubisoft has planned changed that are actually good

Its a simple enough game to learn and enjoy I would recommend it
Eh I'm probably not going to play it because I wasn't looking for new games, but I just wanted to know about the servers, because it went from them cheaping out and having no servers to having proper servers.
Yeah dont. Im starting to have regrets about picking it up again, and Im seeing long qeue times and crash issues that are very frustrating.
Oh boy, Ranked is even worse. Experienced 10 minute qeue times twice now, and have gotten paired against bots multiple times today in ranked.

Balance issues are still definitely there, and improving at the game has quickly reached the point where closing gaps in my defense and becoming more mechanically consistent at blocking and stopping guardbreaks is more important than learning combos, optimizing punishes, etc. Certain characters are incredibly frustrating to play against, or have mechanics that just feel unfair.
I don’t even know what you’re talking about but I agree with you.
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Shared publicly - Jan 6, 19

There is a livestream on Youtube called "When will I hit lava? Digging straight down forever!" and its just a loop of mining stone LMAO

Its been going for an hour, and no sight of any dirt ores etc.

If you point this out, the owner or chat mods mute you in the broadcast.