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Don't include your port here Please append a " . " at the end of the domain. For example: "east3.voice.enjin.com." "CNAME" if you entered in a domain IP These were my problems... I changed it, and it works perfectly! Thank you so much Rainy!! Thread marked as resolved.
I have a simple question: can the free mumble server that comes with your enjin site have an a-record? My IP for my mumble server is 'central2.voice.enjin.com' and I have my own domain for my enjin site, http://flan-z.com/, so I was wondering if there was a way I could set the IP for the mumble server to be ble.flan-z.com like I have with my TS3 server (ts3.flan-z.com). Thanks in advance for any help!
I have two pages: The first is located at 'http://flan-z.com/downloads' while the second is at 'http://flan-z.com/manual'. Is there any way to change the second page's URL address to 'http://flan-z.com/downloads/manual'? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!
The first option of "joining their Minecraft verification server" has NEVER worked for me or any of my 4,000 members. Just use the second option... works everytime.
Well, that's just the thing; it is in the correct layout position. It's just not in the correct z-index position. Here's the original: http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/x395/nurwin22/without_zps3a0feb72.png Here's what's happening: http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/x395/nurwin22/whats-happening_zps09fe2aa0.png Here's what I'm trying to achieve: http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/x395/nurwin22/what-i-want_zpsdad37d0f.png EDIT: I figured it out! Thank you for all your help Josh... I went ahead and marked this as resolved! <...
No need to apologize, but I appreciate the courtesy! I did not mean to sound smug in my last message, so I'm sorry if it came off that way. I am just trying to be as concise as possible lol. "the container holding your header image and enable the header title." Do you mean like so? I tried, but no dice. "I believe that red image is the container header, no?" When referring to container header do you mean 'header module', the 'top' section of the web page, or the theme headers for containers? The red image is going to be my navigatio...
Hey Josh, Thanks for the reply. It's actually a HTML module in the top section of the web page. "Which might mean that you just don't have a container header enabled on the container holding your header module." Sorry, what do you mean by that? I'm not using a header module.
My website is http://flan-z.com/ How do you change the z-index of containers and modules? I'm changing the website spacers through the theme editor, but the HTML module that is in the Top section goes below the module in the Body section. I want the Top HTML module to be on top of the Body module! Any help or assistance is greatly appreciated!
This used to happen to me... it sounds weird, but make sure you click the text in the button; not just the button itself.
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