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Unibomber aka Alvarado aka Java the hut lmmfao haha I crack my self up
You bitches r fucked real class u dumb ass hoes, lafyfuck li love the intellgence and maturity u show...bitches with classs lmao u all fucking wish u had class cuz if u had class this shit wouldnt be on ur site. .... You are all fake,,,,,, why dont all u hoes grow the fuck up amd shut the fuck up play the game,,...... You bitches need to back off our girls n stop picking off our clan u loosers..... Leave my girl alone u dumb bitches with clymidia. .....
Yo alright u fuckin hoe. Fuckin ur the one commenting on this shit why don't u grow up and be the "mature" one and stop then eh? And y'all are starting shit so stfu and leave if ur so mature and leave?
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i think u wanna stay out of it.cuz u r a fuckin newbie and u have nothing to do with it. and by lookin at ur profile pic,ur a lot more unhealthy than me lol
luck u need to stop liein u said u hope my kids die now thats wrong i may have called ur son retarded but never that he dies so whatever... and u did too bossy. ya can go straight to hell for all i care but pinky right leave the kids out of this shit ya started. tell that little girl to mind her own she dont know shit about anything. period im done. fuck u luck,fuck u bossy,and fuck u too little girl. pinky i know its tough for u but i will always have luv for you but its sad to sad u got crazy bitches in yo clan. we ladies r family not just friends the one thing ya dont have. peace
K now shut up and stop commenting. Every be mature and leave.