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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

This one is a show that I refused to touch no matter what was the case when I first started watching anime like a weeb back in March. I knew of its existence. I knew what effect it had on others and how terrible it is for the heart so I stayed away from it for a while because I hate catching feels (or do I love it? I don’t quite know). But eventually I ran out of shows to watch so I decided to watch it. Probably the product of the hype I had for it and the predictability of these types of shows combined really lessened the dramatic effect for me. So yes, I did not cry when watching this show like so many others did, at least not in the moments that most others did. But the most this show ever produced was a line of tears and a couple sniffles; nothing like the horrible man-crying that came with watching Anohana (the show’s specific details are fuzzy for me, so I will not be making a review for that one since I don’t want to go through all that again). It’s still got its moments that make me want to cry and it certainly got me at one point in the show, but dramatic details aside I still liked this anime for what it was worth, when it’s not frustrating at least. Let’s begin.

Story: 8/10
You’ve seen this one before. A very talented person with a passion for something gets a traumatic experience associated with the thing and it makes them hate that thing until someone makes them find a love for it. In this case, the very talented person is Kousei Arima; the thing, a piano; the person that makes him love the piano again, Kaori Miyazono. I loved every bit of this story… almost… grievances with a certain character leaked into my opinion of this story by quite a bit. Kousei Arima was a child prodigy, basically abused by his mother to play the piano to the best of what the score offered. See, his mother was inflicted with a disease and she became sick, but that didn’t stop her from making sure that Kousei wasn’t anything but perfect. Kousei fooled himself into believing that he could save his mother by playing the piano perfectly. That false-sense of hope was shattered when she died anyway…and after a not-so friendly final talk with her son. The tortured Kousei is then so shattered by the passing of his mother that he can’t even hear the notes that he plays on the piano anymore. He opts to not play the piano professionally anymore and this becomes the norm for him for about 8 years until Kaori comes into his life. Kaori was a violinist, who instead of following the score, added her own flair to the music she played, making her a fan-favorite at competitions, but not go over well with the judges. They “team up” (I put that in quotes because it’s hard to say that given many circumstances), Kaori making it her mission to get Kousei out of the hole he was in, and Kousei going along with it because Kaori said so. I find this really weird because Kousei is literally tortured by the piano because it reminds him of his abusive mother and the way Kaori goes about trying to get Kousei to get play the piano is abusive in itself, hidden behind how it’s supposed to be comedic abuse (maybe Kousei is a masochist?) I think you’ve guessed it by that last sentence, my problem with this show is Kaori, and let me tell you why. P.S: There’s a love square(?) More love triangle, but you’ll see what I mean.

Characters: 7/10
I’ll just go out and say it, I didn’t like Kaori’s character. I know she’s supposed to be an inspiration for Kousei to pick up the piano again, but the way she goes about it is just supposed to be terribly wrong, but since it’s anime it all goes right. Her logic frustrated me on so many levels in the last episode, I’ll include a spoiler talk at the very end of this review, depending on where I post this and I’ll explain why I’m so frustrated with her character and how she’s written in that particular part of the story. Nothing to take away from Kousei though, I felt like I could draw inspiration from him and how he dealt with things even without Kaori. Too bad though, because Kaori’s character and personality is what dips this score so low. You could draw that up as a summary for both characters, but I won’t half-ass this

Kousei Arima: The child-prodigy who’s regarded with infamy because of how robotic he seemed to be. Almost literally whipped into shape by his mother when he was young, Kousei learned to play piano based on the score to perfection and he’d always come out on top in competitions. This all changed when his mother died. After a recital goes wrong, Kousei decides to drop the piano and he actually gains a personality because of it, at least, he develops a much better personality than the young robot that he was. Now add this personality to his piano playing skills that he’d get from Kaori and you’d get someone that I’d certainly want to hang out with and listen to in my spare time. He’s the lovable, naïve, socially-ignorant type of person who is trying his best to socialize after coming out of his robotic shell and he gets a heck of a lot more inspirational after parts of the story.

Kaori Miyazono: The character who I felt could have been written better. She was kind of a tsundere who was a lot more tsun than dere and it bothered the crap out of me after some revelations. I felt like in every episode that she’s present, she’s there to make a jab or abuse Kousei in some way and it got on my nerves. I guess since this isn’t intended to mainly be a romance, which I would think it’d be after hearing about it multiple times from many people and getting my mind ready for some feels to be felt after confessions are made, but none of that happened and I wouldn’t expect it with this kind of character. I’ll just go ahead and say she was an asshole from the start and I REALLY wouldn’t want to lean on her for trying to help me get over my PTSD with the piano.

Animation: 10/10
Probably my favorite slice of life animation style aside from Toradora. Everything was brilliantly done from the mouths (yes the mouths) of the characters to the environments that surrounded them. It helped you get a feel of what it was like to be in Kousei’s head and that combined with the sound really made the show enjoyable for me no matter how I looked at it. You know the show is special when you watch it for how the characters’ fingers and hands move on their instrument and listening to the sound. It does this so much better than Nodame Cantabile (do not watch that if you’re not a huge fan of classical music) and there’s not many moments where there’s a freeze frame while the characters are playing their music. Everything was smooth, from the character’s expressions to their movements and it never really broke any immersion for me. This is to slice of life as Attack on Titan is to the shounen anime, I really loved it.

Sound: 10/10
THE BEST FREAKING THING IN ALL OF EXISTENCE HOLY CRAP WHAT CAN I SAY. The OST can and will drive some tears out of your eyes along with the animation. Since music is the main focus of this show, it’s a no-brainer that the sound should be freaking excellent. The music blends excellently with the animation, and when a song hits a certain note, it can drive your emotions (I certainly got towards the latter part of the show). You can also notice in the recitals when something is supposed to sound good to the ears and when something is off (something that I felt Nodame Cantabile also failed to do for people that didn’t listen to classical music). No matter how I could put it, I’d say that Your Lie in April has both the best soundtrack and sounds in a show and it helped carry the load along with the animation.

Enjoyment: 9/10
No matter how much I didn’t like Kaori, she didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the show by a significant margin. It got me hooked and it was really inspiring to watch in some points (at one point I wanted to play the piano… that feeling is gone). If there’s one thing I can say about Kousei, it’s that he’s inspiring. And inspiring is literally the one thing I take away from this anime. Aside from the frustration I felt with Kaori, this anime was a really good one. Don’t expect to cry though.

Overall: 8.5/10 (Sound and Animation carry less weight than what actually matters to the plot)

SPOILERS TALK ABOUT WHY KAORI SUCKS: So it’s revealed in the last episode that Kaori passed away during one of Kousei’s recitals. She gives him a letter explaining everything to him and how much she loved him (name of the show comes from this letter as she “lied” about liking his friend). She then explains that she decided to take more risks and be more flamboyant because she didn’t have much time to give for the world. This is my problem. If she was to take more risks, why toy with Kousei like that? I mean throughout the entire show, homeboy was crushing on her like there was no tomorrow, but she never gave way. If she’s to take more risks, why not get to know Kousei better and confess to him in person instead of in a letter he’d read posthumously. If Kousei was anywhere near sensitive like he was when he was little, that stuff would fuck him up irreparably, worse than when his mother died. Her logic astounded me and that is why I really disliked her. Saying she got more daring, but never able to confess to Kousei AFTER MANY MONTHS OF HANGING OUT TOGETHER AND MORE WEEKS IN THE HOSPITAL AFTER HE FINDS OUT ABOUT HER CONDITION LIKE WTF.
This is extremely long, i am now scared
Oh joy, I like when people write excessively long paragraphs to trigger ConCon. What a joy to have met somebody who shares the same interest of triggering the easily triggerable.

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Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

I’ve seen quite a couple shows of this style now. Needless to say, each and every one of them is unique even though they follow the same kind of world concept. This world concept that I’m talking about (for the lack of a better name) is the Spirit World concept. You know those shows where there’s the regular fun-loving humans, but behind the scenes there’s evil spirits feeding off of our malice and it’s up to special people to take these spirits out, right? Beyond the Boundary is the same thing. No matter how many times I’ve seen this concept though, there’s always a chance to catch me off-guard and make my time watching the show pleasurable. Time to dig into the juicy stuff.

Story: 8/10
The story behind Beyond the Boundary is a highlight of the adventures of Mirai Kiriyama and Akihito Kanbara in the attempt to see whose life sucks more. They both meet in a really bizarre fashion that’ll leave you scratching your head, but you’ll begin to understand it as the story unfolds. The pacing is okay for a show with only 12 episodes (and a movie, I suggest you watch that too) and there wasn’t an episode where I was left bored or lacking the feeling of wanting to watch the next episode. However, I felt like some things were either left up to fate or resolved in a really dumb manner and I, as a nascent story-writer, really don’t like things not having reason behind them. Of course, if you’ve watched the anime and you’re just reading this review for the heck of it, you know I’m taking about the ending when I’m talking about this. The ending was a forced “happy” ending that really left a pit in my stomach. What I thought they would have done would have made a far better impact on me than the ending they settled with. Also, what didn’t help this ending is that 0 logic or reasoning could be made into how the heck it could be possible. The world’s physics aren’t clearly set in the first episode and it just thrusts you into the story expecting you to pick up on it. I don’t like that kind of stuff. I know there was a prequel movie that sets everything up for the anime, but as someone who didn’t watch it when I started this journey nor do I have plans of watching it, it took me for more of a trip than it should have as I tried to piece together how the world works while the story is happening at the same time. I mean, take a look at Noragami. They set up the first episode nicely by introducing part of the cast while also explaining what the heck Yato does and how things are done in the world (note: Noragami is about 12 episodes as well). Don’t get me wrong though, once you get passed that little stumble of dreamshades and spirit hunters, you’ll be hooked into the story for sure.

Characters: 8/10
It hurts to score it like this because I thought the two main characters were great, and the supporting cast was also really good. They were always present in the story and their interaction with the main characters always had me laughing, especially the interactions between Hiro’omi and Akihito (I ship them more than Mirai and Akihito). The story also focused a lot on referring to the backstory of the main characters rather than telling us why they are who they are straight-up (the movie fixes this problem). However, I thought it was a “woe is me” fest between Mirai and Akihito as they tried to prove to each other how much of an outcast they are and it sucked that they got to know each other better as they explained how their life sucked worse than the other person. Other than those small details that I disliked, I thought the characters were pretty good. Let’s talk about the main characters.

Akihito Kanbara: The immortal half-shade. If plot armor were to make a physical manifestation, then literally being written as “immortal” would work. Being the offspring of a human and a dreamshade, Akihito possesses the power of a shade if his shade half is awakened. He’s usually in his human form though, but his shade-half is badass nonetheless. This power haunts him, he doesn’t ever want to hurt the people around him when his shade half awakens and always feels guilty when he hurts anyone in the process. Because of his immortality, no one can do anything about it (like kill him) and they just have to keep an eye on him so that if he does change, they’re there to stop him from causing widespread damage. There’s not much to him, he claims to not want to get involved with anything serious, but he literally got involved with everything. Also, he has a glasses fetish.

Mirai Kiriyama: The descendant of the clan of cursed blood. She’s quirky, she’s shy, and she’s a “bespectacled beauty” in the words of Akihito. There’s not much to her that I can say lest I spoil the plot because she’s a huge mystery until the show reveals her intentions at the end of it all. She also has a knack for saying “how unpleasant” which I sometimes catch myself saying in Japanese when I experience something I don’t like.

Animation: 9/10
It was trippy. The fight scenes were fluid and you weren’t confused at all, but when the characters travelled to a place removed from the real world, it got pretty trippy. I guess it helped reflect the confusion that the characters experienced as they were in this “pocket world”. It’s not 10/10 spectacular for this style of anime, as something like that would have to compare to Sousei no Onmyouji because everything was crisp. Needless to say, the animation sure held its own and the world was a spectacle to behold.

Sound: 8/10
There’s not much to say about this one. It’s present, but it doesn’t drive an effect, but rather it backs up the events that are happening silently. But when the scene and the music would match each other in feeling, it can bring a tear to your eye (which it certainly did for me).

Enjoyment: 8/10
I really enjoyed this one. Even though this concept is familiar to me, I found the story to be really entertaining and unique from the other shows I’ve watched. I watched every episode in short time and I really got sucked into it once I was able to get over the hump of grasping how the world worked. The big hit that removed from this score was the ending though. I can’t stress enough at how much the writers flubbed at sending the show off properly. I mean, I was on the verge of bawling my eyes out like I usually do when I get emotional, but once they pulled that “happy” twist, every feeling and possibility of learning something was removed. I didn’t like it. I wished they stuck through with the ending that seemed like they had planned.

Overall: 8.2/10

No ranking.

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Parasyte: Maxim
OH BOY! Never have I been so excited to get to reviewing anything until now! Let’s set the scene. I’m sure most if not every single person in the West knows of Spider-Man as well as the symbiote (black suit if you’re not too much of a fan of the comics). That’s basically what this anime is. Imagine a world where a couple thousand or so people were given the symbiote, but of course, the symbiote is a conscious being. These parasites aim to infect people’s brains to devour other people in a sort of really screwed up way to cleanse the Earth of humanity’s wrongdoings. Now, there’s something special about our main character, Shinichi Izumi. Rather than having his brain hijacked by the parasite, he only gets his right hand taken because of impeding the parasite’s route to the brain. Other than that juicy stuff, this also serves as an EXCELLENT commentary on the state of humanity’s standing in the world’s ecosphere. Let’s dig into this shall we?

Story: 10/10
A MASTERPIECE… if I do say so myself. Oh my goodness, I don’t know where to begin. Not only is there the underlying commentary of the human condition, but there’s also the mindless greatness that can come from action animes. Shinichi finds himself in a bind as he tries to settle into his life with Migi (the parasite that infected his right hand). But since when is there peace and quiet for a main character in an action anime, eh?! A quick summary that has no spoilers because spoilers are bad: think of an ultra-realistic Japanese version of Spider-Man. Of course, this needs explaining. For the fans that look closely at Spider-Man’s lore, think of the intense struggles that no other hero has gone through, but him. Now amplify those struggles by 100 times. That’s the kind of stuff that Shinichi deals with and if I do say so myself, it can get really inspiring how he deals with each event after the initial shock can be so gut-wrenching.
This show starts off quick, making sure to grab the viewer’s attention and shake them up quite a bit as if preparing them for the hardships that were to come. The set-up is amazing as you get to know each and every character inside and out by the end of the third episode. The pacing is great, the writers surely knew how to seamlessly transition each story-arc and delve into the deep and philosophical undertones that were within Parasyte without drowning out the action that was affecting the surface. This story had the Steins;Gate effect on me (only referring it that way because Steins;Gate is the first show to do this to me) where I accidentally watched the entire thing in one sitting. There is literally no flaw that I can find at all when I think about it because it’s a really nitty-gritty reality that we people live in today and a real possibility if this kind of stuff did happen.
The story focuses a lot on what it means to be a human. What makes us tick. What makes our actions different from the actions of an animal. It does this so great that even I got touched by the philosophy even though there was a gore-fest occurring right before my eyes. It makes you think about how truly innocent we are when it comes to the well-being of everything around us and the answer can either be really scary or really inspiring based on how you perceive our standing in the world. Let’s not forget the characters.

Characters: 10/10
Probably the best story that focuses on character development than any other show. (SPOILERish thing coming up skip ahead if you’re sensitive to this kind of information). The primary focus of the story and the character development in itself is in Shinichi. The hardships he goes with as well as the process of bonding with Migi causes him to lose some of the humanity he has. This loss of humanity is very apparent as it’s what makes the difference between the parasites and humans. A lot of the characters around Shinichi notice this and try to revert him to the innocent 17 year old that he formerly was. (END OF SPOILERish things). I can draw comparisons with Spider-Man to every single character in the show and that’s what I shall do now as I list each important character.

Shinichi Izuma (Peter Parker): The main character that no one wants to be unless they manage to get his powers. Not to special of a guy to start with. He’s shy, weak, and not at all charming, but like Peter Parker, (almost) all that does a complete 180 after he gets his powers from a certain incident that shall not be spoken about because spoilers. I’m sure you read through the spoilerish section as it’s not really that bad. This incident makes him lose his humanity. There were certain points in the show where I just wanted to reach through the screen and punch the shit out of him. I’ve never experienced a show other than Gurren Lagann that would make me want to do that to the main character, and it’s quite sad how hard it is for him to get that piece of humanity back. His deterioration as the series progresses gets apparent and it takes the efforts of literally everyone he knows to rescue him from becoming a monster himself.

Migi (the symbiote): Migi is Shinichi’s right hand… literally. He failed to hijack Shinichi’s brain due to quick thinking in blocking Migi’s access by restricting his blood flow from his arm to his brain. He settles with Shinichi’s right arm as he’s unable to infect the brain now that he’s matured after a night so they become uneasy allies. Migi was the foil to Shinichi’s humanity towards the beginning of the series because the way that Migi worked was more instinctual and selfish rather than altruistic like Shinichi. Eventually, as Shinichi lost his humanity, Migi was more complimentary, but that uneasiness between each other was still there as their little agreement was to not tell anyone about Migi in exchange for Migi not doing anything out of the ordinary. This uneasy alliance was what caused the tension toward the beginning episodes and what made me want to punch Shinichi in the face a couple times towards the latter part of the series. However, there’s a plus to Migi. Migi was always there to save Shinichi and even though he was blunt and more instinctual in his approach of difficult situations, you could tell that some of that humanity was getting to him. At one point I even questioned whether Migi and Shinichi switched roles in who was more human than the other!

Satomi Maruno (Mary-Jane Watson): The woman that didn’t let Shinichi fall to insanity. His friend since freshman year, she knew the ins and outs to Shinichi until his personality did a complete 180. She’s literally the only human that managed to keep Shinichi from becoming a monster. She came off as annoying at first because she always butt her head where it didn’t belong and she always seemed to be the damsel in distress. In the end, it became apparent that she was the reason why Shinichi’s human side was still somewhat there, reminding him the values and morals of what it took to be a human. It was distressing because she, like MJ, throughout the series never knew what was actually going on with Shinichi because he promised to keep Migi a secret unless she were to be killed. Oh, and that hair-style she has…super good-looking when it’s undone. Don’t get any smart ideas, I’m not into 2D chicks.

Kana Kimishima (Gwen Stacy): Don’t get the wrong idea when I draw Kana’s comparison to Gwen. She wasn’t Shinichi’s first true love and she didn’t die by falling off a bridge due to Shinichi’s own power. None of that. BUT WHEN IS IT NEVER INTERESTING WHEN THERE’S A LOVE-TRIANGLE INVOLVED HUH? This was frustrating and excellently so. She understood Shinichi because she knew what he was and the jealousy and slight animosity toward Satomi was apparent because she knew that Satomi didn’t know what she knew. That’s where she’s similar to Gwen. She knew of Peter’s power and still wanted to be with him. When we first meet her, she doesn’t seem like the type that Shinichi would want to hang around, but she would eventually grow on him and even me in the end. My only problem with her as a character, not from a writing standpoint but from a personal standpoint, was that she didn’t care that Shinichi was losing his humanity and she even seemed to encourage it because it distressed Satomi so much.

Reiko Tamura (Venom): Probably my favorite character in the series. She’s not the mastermind behind the whole parasite infection thing, but she had the bright idea of spear-heading a group of parasites to lead them on a path of least resistance to eat humans as they wished. Probably, also, the most human a parasite could ever be. She (and in some cases Migi) were the ones that drove the philosophical undertones of Parasyte and it got me thinking just about as much as it got Shinichi thinking. In a sense, I thought of her as not really a villain, more of an anti-hero. She was there to give Shinichi trouble, for sure, but she helped him grow more than any other character in the series did. She was super experimental and questioned so much what it meant to be human and why the parasites were born to begin with. These experiments, eventually led to Gotou. Her resemblance to Venom? Well, that’s quite the spoiler.

Gotou (Carnage): A literal beast among the parasites. There’s not much to him, he is a product of Reiko and he is the scariest motherfucker ever. Anytime he was around, the situation goes from whatever it was to horrifically terrible in a matter of seconds. Never have I felt dread like that when he’s around in any show I’ve seen and I’m just absolutely horrified that one of the characters I liked would end up meeting their demise (LITERALLY NO ONE IS SAFE DAMN IT AND IT’S NOT EVEN ALL GOTOU’S FAULT). He didn’t do much to the development of Shinichi, but he sure as hell was there to make sure that any good vibes were instantly removed and oh boy they were.

Animation: 8/10
Really the only weak-spot in the entire show. It’s good, but it’s not great. The animation in the fights aren’t as fluid like from SAO and it just seems like some things the characters do that look like require effort aren’t made to seem so and it’s really annoying to see someone run a 10.5 sec 100 meter sprint while making it look like the distance of a 40-yd dash with little effort taken. What I’m trying to get at is that it felt like the proportions were wrong. And those two gripes are what remove from the score. The blood and subtle gore meet my expectations (the only other anime with this much gore that I’ve watched was AOT). DID I TELL YOU THAT THE CHARACTERS LITERALLY LOOK LIKE THEY WERE INSPIRED FROM SPIDER-MAN? Look up what each character looks like if you don’t believe me, of course, Reiko doesn’t really look like Venom, but a lot of similarities can be drawn between a lot of characters and their comic-book counterparts that I paired them with.

Sound: 10/10
The only anime ever that, at the start of a certain song, can make me cry because of the events that happened with said song. Some songs on the soundtrack can make you feel things you don’t want to feel and it’s just great and terrible at the same time. The music is so powerful when parts of importance happen and it’s etched in your mind as you watch the series. This was so for me because there was one sweet-sounding song that was tainted with sadness towards the middle episodes and each time it was played from then on I couldn’t help but cry. The OP is also something I didn’t skip at all until the show was all like, fuck you here’s some drama before the OP starts, so I couldn’t stop myself from skipping it. Depending on the song playing, the soundtrack can make you feel so many emotions that it’s not even fair for us human beings that are sensitive to feels.

Enjoyment: 10/10
If I could capitalize that I would. Aside from Steins;Gate, this is probably the most enjoyable anime I’ve watched. The “Next Episode” button was surely smashed as I got through all 24 episodes in the span of 14 hours (I’m writing this review at 4 in the morning…two hours after finishing). This is also the only anime where I talked to the screen hoping the characters could hear me because it was just so distressing I could not just hold back. Only few anime can draw out loud sobs from me and this was one of them (Steins;Gate couldn’t do that). Like I said, all I look for in anime is: “the need to care for the characters, an underlying romance that may or may not blossom, but you know it's there, scenes that make you feel like you're going to die of laughter, and lastly scenes that will make you cry your head off” and if I may add to that SOME FREAKING ACTION. This anime tops Steins;Gate for me, but not by much. Then again, you can’t really compare two totally different genres, but I will anyway.

Overall: 9.6/10

1. Parasyte: Maxim (9.6/10)
2. Steins;Gate (9.3/10)
3. Gurren Lagann (8.9/10)
June 2016

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So I've come up with a new system of reviewing things and decided to test it out on this anime. Enjoy~


Story: 8/10

I’ll tell you this, the story is, for a fact, unique in my eyes. The plot centers around a future Japan where the concept of dirty jokes is outlawed. This is enforced through the use of necklace-looking things called PMs which will detect everything you say and anything that is considered dirty will basically send you to a labor camp. Our main character, Tanukichi Okuma enters a prestigious campus that boasts the purest students to be present in Japan and is recruited by the terrorist Blue Snow (a student at this school) to educate the students in the process of “combining” and to wreak havoc among campus. Eventually, their goal is to break apart the laws that hold the censoring in place and make Japan a normal place again.

My only real problem with the story is that it bounces all over the place and it doesn’t settle down at all once it’s established and it can and will get a bit tiring at some points or just flat-out too scary to watch because you don’t want to be walked in on. This show is based on ecchi comedy, but one certain episode will be borderline hentai no matter how you look at it (I don’t know if this is because I watched the uncensored version). Other than that, I find it super enjoyable and a fun ride through and through.

Characters: 7/10
I give this a 7 rating because Shimoneta focuses on the adventures and attempts to break the censorship laws more than the character development. You get that here and there, but overall the characters show no hint of development. The reason why the score is this high to begin with is because of how hilarious the characters are even though they don’t develop as the story progresses. I shall list the 3 noteworthy characters now:

Tanukichi Okuma- Our main character and the only character that shows any true development. He comes from a middle school that ranks poorly in etiquette and is essentially the go-to guy for explanations on things such as “combining”. He’s the receiver of all the dirty jokes and borderline hentai stuff and it makes you wonder why the hell it just HAS to be him that gets to be so lucky.

Ayame Kajou- Otherwise known as Blue Snow. She’s the one that propels the plot and forces Tanukichi on all the weird adventures such as digging up a bunch of playboy magazines to hand out to the school or dress up as the persona of Blue Snow to explain the concept of “combining” to the unsuspecting high-schoolers at an eye exam. She has no underhanded motivation to break the censorship laws other than to tell dirty jokes and puns without being punished. Something that she always does with Tanukichi because of an app on her cell phone that blocks the transmissions of a PM for 3 minutes of the day.

Anna Nishikimoniya- My personal favorite of all characters on the show. She is Tanukichi’s love interest. She has possibly the most surprising character-twist ever and it’s so freaking funny. Almost every single scene with her after her character does a complete 180 is filled with comedy and I can’t help, but pause the video because I can’t stop laughing at the things she does. She, unfortunately, is also the reason why this show is super borderline on the whole hentai thing because of one certain episode, but everything else is super ecchi and hilarious. I feel like Anna drives the crude comedy of the show and every scene with her is either really ecchi (stuff you don’t want to be walked in on) or really funny (stuff you don’t mind being walked in on).

Animation: 10/10
All I can say is I absolutely love the animation. Even if you watch the uncensored version there are parts of the show that would warrant it to no longer be considered an anime so they make sure the parts that need to be censored no matter what are censored. They don’t simply blur out what’s going on though, they put a little circle over the dirty thing and draw an innocent picture of what’s actually happening. Take, for example, two flies “combining”; they don’t actually show the action, but they (I’m laughing as I type this) make like little drawings of the flies that don’t match up with the animation of the rest of the show and it basically shows one fly with his fist up in the air and his body up against the body of another fly and they’re vibrating intensely. Every time those flies were brought up I always had a nice little chuckle. The animation of the rest of the show is what to expect from the usual anime, I like this style because every time I think of anime I think of this style of animation (nothing like Nodame Cantabile where the face isn’t as kawaii as these faces).
Sound: 6/10
The only real thing that I could give the sound a plus on is the opening sequence and the closing sequence. They give me a feel of a 90s kids super hero show and it’s just an OP that I cannot skip for the life of me. The rest, however is not memorable whatsoever. Thinking back on it I don’t recall anything where the music really stood out to make a point. I know there were points, but the music was really shoved in the background and it was the generic “happy scene, happy music; sexy scene, sexy music” etc.

Enjoyment: 9/10
This is by far my favorite comedy ever. The sense of humor of others differ and I don’t expect people to have the same crude humor that I do, but I enjoyed myself a lot watching the adventures of Tanukichi and Ayame. The one and only downside is the kind of “watching HBO with your parents when suddenly SEX SCENE” discomfort. All in all, I suggest that if you’re into dirty jokes, you’ll dig this anime.

Overall: 8/10

Ranking among comedies:
1. Noragami
2. Oregairu
3. Shimoneta

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So, since I have no use of this wall for status updates like I used to, it will become my weeb playground to review animes as I see fit. I do movie reviews on the side, but I feel like anime deserves its spot here. Because I've only ever really done movie reviews, my style of reviewing may come off as a bit weird for a show (especially an anime), but I'll make sure that it evolves into something that actually fits the genre.

First up, Steins;Gate:

Character development
Comedy (inception-style)

Doesn't try and explain concept of time-travel (understandably so)
Really freaking slow at the start
Confusing if you don't pause to understand some concepts

Summary of pros and cons:

Let's start with the pros. All that I look for in an anime is: the need to care for the characters, an underlying romance that may or may not blossom, but you know it's there, scenes that make you feel like you're going to die of laughter, and lastly scenes that will make you cry your head off (I live to feel). This anime brings all these concepts to the table just as the way that Gurren Lagann did, but it was eloquently done in a (kind of) slice of life style. What really makes it depart from the slice of life kind of shows is the time-travel. I was a huge fan of Doctor Who before the death of the Eleventh Doctor and I just stopped watching it after Season 7 was over, but oh my lordy the adventures he experienced while time-traveling were breath-taking. I love what they did with this version of it though, nothing too major like exploring the universe, but the need to save the world is there. It even draws references to real-life time travel conspiracies of the likes of John Titor and other excellent stories that explained time-travel. Sadly, this concept also brings on most of the cons.

The concept of the time-travel is a huge thing that takes time to wrap your head around. There are multiple different theories from the likes of the grandfather paradox, to the fact that each separate timeline diverges from each other when a choice is made (follows this kind of concept, but it kinda explains it quickly in one of the episodes). Since they were trying to set up the way time divergence and time travel works in the early episodes it was either really slow or really confusing to follow and I found myself at times rewinding the video to try and catch the concepts they're talking about. The concept of time travel involves a lot of math from very expert mathematicians and it was actually explained in one of the episodes (you don't know how long I spent watching that episode to get what the hell was going on). Other than that though, this anime passes with flying colors.

Why should you watch it?:

It's the greatest anime that's why. It's mostly rated number 2 behind Gintama on the all-time greatest animes of all time (still haven't seen Gintama quite yet). Steins;Gate is without a doubt my favorite anime because it combines everything that I love about anime in such a wonderful way that I couldn't stop pressing "Next Episode" until it was finally over. The ending was wonderful too and I really enjoyed the experience of watching it. Trust me, it's great.

Rating: 9/10 (truthfully...I would rate it 10/10 if it weren't for the first 3 episodes)

Ranking among other animes I've seen:

1. Steins;Gate
2. Gurren Lagann
3. Toradora!

P.S: If there's any scene in a show that describes itself perfectly, this one would fit Steins;Gate

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Ear candy for someone who loves playing League
Falconshield - This Is War 5(This Is Wardles) *MEGACOLLAB*
(I main Amumu and his verse is the greatest thing ever)
Omg that was amazing :d
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You're a fag

-Written by Quil himself
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If you thing quil is not a pokemon say Hai

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doot doot daryl dixon
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Posting this to satisfy my mind knowing this type of song exists
Contact Redux (feat. Meredith Hagan)

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When the naive Quil was born.
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