I am the devil
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You're the reason I don't fear death.
I apologize to anyone who tries to talk to me. I stopped talking to mostly everyone.
December 2018

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Life update to those who care:
I have a job
Getting car soon
Moving out soon
Almost done with my first semester
Have a 4.0 GPA
have friends “shocking am I right tho?”
Maybe boyfriend?!? “Likely not cause he has commitment issues lmAO”
Almost Christmas
I’m old and tired
Alex is adorable tho
Don’t miss this place at all
Nate is still my only true love “jokes he’s my bro tho”
and most importantly

4.0? wow!
October 2018

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Hai, hope your doin ok ;w;
Milos A Christmas Tree

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I hope ur doin well faith :)
F3.Gravedigger =TTG=

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Dropped by to say hi.
Been awhile.
Hope you and your animals are doing good.
Will try to help you and them out soon.
Just to let you know that I sent something for you and your pets.
Hope to do some more in the future.
September 2018

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hope you're doing well faitH

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Hoi o/

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Just gunna put this outhere since Le End thinks hes always correct about everything and knows everything.

You didn't have to make a post about me saying how shitty I am since you don't even know what happened in the relationship or what went down. The reason why Hyperion made those posts was because he didn't wan't you in our buisness and he didn't want you to get involved. You never had to get involved in our own problems and you didn't have to make the post that, was infact, completely wrong btw. I had my reasons to breakup with him and the fact that you're acting like you know everything about everything i do is kinda hilarious. Stop being obsessed with what I do. But no you live off of peoples past mistakes. You're such a shitty person for doing this to Hyperion expesually since hes going through a hard time. Just shows how much of a shitty friend you can be honestly. And dont you remmeber you unfriended him for quiet some time?? the fact that him unfriending you offends and hurts your feelings is kinda bullshit. You always play the victem when shit happens and never admit your mistakes or apololgize. What happeneed last night was your fault and you should take the blame for it. If you were mature enough you would realize what you did was wrong but you're not.

I could honestly care less if the drama was about me but it changed to Chris. and he never desurves this shit expesually from you. You're such a disgusting person.

Get a life Austin. Its honestly worth it.
Ty for standing up for him (Chris) and calling this person (not Chris) out, I knew something was up but wth is with this guy (not chris) he sounds like a jerk. If you need help with this I'm here to help but I don't wanna dig into your personal life so its all good if you don't want help. But MAN what a guy, sorry to the two of you.
neither I nor Haley(Le End) has even heard of you another words you know nothing about who she's talking about
Don't assume things. I know more than you think
bitch, I'm her irl ex best-friend. you can't say you know shit about anyone on the internet. you're just some random that wishes to suck up to faith. i don't disagree that she's a fucking cunt but judging by how neither of you got her gender/name right you don't truly know anything. she's a fucking troll on here, nothing more than that. so no her internet personality isn't her true personality ya brainless twat. if you're going to stick up for someone at least don't come out looking like a fucking moron... sheesh.
I'm sorry? I just know some of my friends are struggling rn and I want to stick up for them. I was unaware this made me look like a moron, if any of this offends you that was not my intention. I really don't want to start an argument on someone else's wall so I wont comment anymore. I really don't want to start anything and you're right. I don't know anyone on enjin irl and I definitely don't know the whole story so I shouldn't poke my nose in it.
no i called you a moron cuz you poked your nose into something you don't know about. faith knows more than you about her(at least her personality) as apparently she was a victim of her wanton trolling on the internet
ok on point except immortal brought people into it by making a post that was obviously about you and i know Le End (ex best friend) in real life so her name isn't Austin. how tf you got that who knows
Ohh lmao well to me hes a guy cause we dated "Out of pitty apparently" and he told me his name was Austin Omodt and even showed me his facebook and many selfies. I guess hes just a lying catfish then lmao. but also we would call with cameras on and i even saw him which makes me further believe he is a man lmao

Also le end was the first to make a post about this situation but ig immortal making depressing posts on his wall before it triggered the situation lmao
catfish?? i bet ya that she was trolling you the whole time. she probably had her bf at the time help her. her name is Haley Anderson just so you know. don't bother with her cuz she's probably been trying to piss you both off
yeah... i think you kind of wasted time writing about her, one cuz she's trolling and two she literally has 3-4 people on her friends list while you have hundreds

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August 2018

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dont hurt my mother
July 2018

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y u no want to video call when I want to o o f crippling depression sets in


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doGGO be doing a mOP
Too funny! Mop dog...
June 2018

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I love you so much <3

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If you're reading this love, then I miss you sooo damn much
i love you moreeeee

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Just to clarify I’m going to beat everyone’s ass in this competition