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How’s everyone doing so far?
not great, sb lag is making me depressed

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Can’t forget about AnimePvP_
Wow thank you for remembering
haha sorry.. I had too many to remember and apparently you was the one to be forgotten until I looked..

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Ok.. tae젊은 CamdenFighter16 Smileyhannie Hairrr mcmine66 congrats on the promotions..
that's umm.. brief
what's with all the dots?....

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On my way to 700 posts on forums.. can I do it?
700 posts but only 57 likes 🤔
I know it’s very sad..

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only 1 year?
sit down, ive been here for 4
am I supposed to be surprised or..?
no not really it was just a weird flex

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Ugh ok here are the friend opinions.. if I don’t add you in then we’re either not friends or we don’t talk anymore..

Wexine: you’re a great friend, I can’t remember when we first met or how we first met, but I’m happy you got staff on mco.. and I hope you go for higher positions soon..

Eurphus: you’re a good person, really.. but sometimes you can get on my nerves.. I wish we could have better conversations and we were actually nice to each other.. but that never works out 😂

Alan: you’re a great friend, and was a good mcorigins staff member.. if only you didn’t resign.. I hope you eventually apply for trial mod.. and hopefully we can talk more because we barely talk now..

Tae: you’re a great friend, and always give me good advice when I asked for it.. I remember how excited you were to get Forum Mod and Trial Mod.. you was so hyped and confident.. now you’re just not even that way anymore.. but hey, it’s how you changed.

Anya: you’re a great friend already, even tho we started talking earlier.. we talked pretty much all day.. I hope we can talk more and get to know each other a little bit more.. I never did get to know you 😂

Ty: you’re a great friend.. I remember when you considered me for forum moderator once.. and then I was dumb enough to delete it.. but it was worth it.. I was really immature back then and would’ve screwed up back then.. tho I’m being considered for forum mod again, I hope I can make a difference if I ever do get accepted..

Orange: I’m only putting you in here because you’re a good person, and you like all my wall posts 😂

That concludes my friend opinions.. I’m sorry if I didn’t add you in and we’re good friends.. Part 2 coming soon

Btw these are all people from mco, nobody from any other server... yet.
IM NOT YOUR FRIEND??????????????
Sorry sir I checked the list and you wasn’t on it
what list
WHAAAAAAT wheres my name papa :>
Coming in Part 2

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4 likes for friend opinions

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Sorry I forgot about you G2me... here’s the opinion

I think you’re a great staff member, and do your job well... tho we never spoke as much, I can already tell you’re doing an amazing job, and worked hard to get where you was.. hope to see more from you 🙂

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im going to say the nw ord

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Staff opinions because everyone else doing them 😂 if I forgot about you, I’m sorry, but dm me on discord if I did: TurtleMemes#0001


Game: you’re a good owner, personally I haven’t talked to you that much... only once or twice, the first time was in the lobby when you was changing the spawn to the Easter one... second time was because I didn’t get my keys... I still never did and probably never will.. 40 Legendary keys gone

TNT: tbh the only time I’ve spoke to you was on your acting server when you made me act... but that’s only because you was telling me to do certain stuff... we never actually talked...


Josh: you’re a great admin, I’m surprised how long you’ve been apart of mco... and I hope you carry on your position as admin... you do good on the PvPkits updates 🙂

Night: we never talked anymore, we talked a bit when you was a Trial Mod and Mod, but after you got promoted to Senior, we stopped talking... tho our conversations weren’t even interesting 😂

Shird: you’re an amazing staff manager, you always know how to handle difficult situations, and know what the right decision is to make... your art is amazing and I thank you for the art you sent me even tho I lost it...

Conjure: you’re a great discord manager, you’ve made somewhat a lot of changes to the discord, and I’m glad you’re still here..

Motor: I barely know you.. good build manager.

Senior Moderators

Tae: you’re a great friend and staff member, I remember our weird conversations, especially how excited you was to get forum mod and trial mod... you’ve changed so much since then, which is fine with me... we rarely talk now, but we talked a while ago, and I miss the crazy way you was tbh 😂

Cringu: I’m pretty sure we was good friends, I can barely remember you from the past, you was friends with Dash for sure, and we talked a bit before you even got trial mod... I guess we just set aside everything and stopped talking completely 😂

Magic: I’ve barely talked to you, you’re a great staff member overall, tho idk how good you’ve done... maybe I needa pay attention to you more..


510bike: you’re a good staff member, you went from forum mod, to trial, to mod... I haven’t seen your new Mod rank in game yet... which is sad, but I’m sure you’re doing a fine job!

Trial Moderators

Hairr: you’re a good trial mod, and a great discord helper, and was a good event host - we talked a bit... I never really knew you after you got promoted to Discord Helper

Wexine: you’re a great friend and a great staff member, I wish you good luck on Mod, you truly deserved the staff position, and I hope you continue on for as long as you can, Senior Moderator at least 🙂

Tanner: we talked a lot in the past I believe... I can’t remember, I don’t really know how well you’ve done, but you was a great staff member in the past... i was at Big Lots the day you resigned 😂

Forum Moderators

Anya: you’re an amazing forum moderator, I’m glad you’re back on the team, you seem to handle the forums fine, I hope you apply for trial soon... maybe also a very good builder I believe... I’m a bit blank tonight..

Perforalia: you’re a good forum mod, I haven’t really seen you do much imo, but you know how to handle certain situations, and you’re good at building 🙂
rip G2me... I’ll add and opinion for him later

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How’s everyone’s day?

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Welp, R.I.P. Steven...

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Hey! Happy New Years! First of all, I have copied alan and cleared my wall, I’m getting rid of the old posts and posts that contained negativity or cringy posts if mine - I want to start fresh... this new year’s, I want to become a better person, involving irl and on here.. I haven’t been the brightest player, but that doesn’t stop me from changing... I hope I can make a better appearance than I did... we’ll find out 😉


i actually took it from orange but ok