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Bye ms. Kiwi. You were from Canada so you were really cool

But actually bye i'll miss u );

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I'd appreciate it if you guys would join this discord. It is a discord dedicated to providing free and amazing discord bots. Staff Applications are now about to be opened, and I encourage anyone viewing this to go ahead and apply (for anyone going for staff use this 😉). I am the manager but I still code the bots, so if I know you and stuff I might consider you more then other applicants. Anyways, please consider joining!

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NOTE!!! Changing giveaway end time to 4-5 days, and it's 2 keys being given away!

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Won 20$ in a giveaway and have nothing to spend it on, so I'll be doing 2 mythical key giveaways!

How do I enter? Do the following,
1. Like this post
2. Share this giveaway on your wall (code below for lazy people)
3. Add me as a friend if you have not already
4. Message tae#1421 on discord saying "Gucci Lil Hinxtae. If you don't have discord dw about it

Winner will be picked in 3 days
give me 20 bucks and I'll give you 40 ig's on sb
tae blocked me

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i've always wanted to be a staff member on mcorigins but i kept being turned down i hope this time i will make it (sorry if i spelled something incorrect i'm bad at spelling)
F3.Gravedigger =TTG=

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Thanks for the request.

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Happy birthday Hairrr
September 2018

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First of all, I would like to thank Conjure, for accepting my application and shird for promoting me to moderator. From the beginning to the end of my time on the staff team, I had a absolutely amazing time. It introduced me to new friends and much more, it really was a amazing time, and I’m sad that it is now over. And now onto why I resigned

Here are a few reasons:

- I do not think I deserve staff. At the time I was accepted, I admit I was still kind of immature and childish, and not a great person to represent mco, and my Trial Mod Trial was extended because of it. I had even lied about my age on my application, which I still feel guilty of. I claimed I was 13 when I was 12, which was a lie at the time. Currently I am 13, but at the time of me getting accepted, I was not. The reason I told everyone I was 13 was because I think I was insecure about my age, as 12 year olds were normally made fun of. I was worried to admit I wasn’t 14 due to me thinking I would get demoted, which I probably would’ve been so I just played along with it.

- My parents recently divorced and I had to move houses. Out of all my siblings I handled it the best, but it was still quite stressful with the events leading up to the move, lots of fights and arguments. It’s mostly over now but...

- School just started and I should be focusing more on school, instead of moderating mco, even though I enjoy doing it.

- I’m starting to have other interests other then moderating or minecraft in general. I am able to code discord bots in discord.js (hmu if you want one) and I’m trying to learn Java, hopefully to code spigot plugins.

I would like to thank everybody who is and was a staff member when I was, you really made my experience as staff the best it could of been. I had amazing memories with you guys, I’ll always appreciate you guys.

For future staff members, I would like to wish everyone good luck on staff, specifically Xpute and Hairr who are currently being considered.
at least you're honest about it :) It's really rare that people are trying to be honest, especially in minecraft.
We lost like the best staff member in the team. Good luck out there!