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August 2018

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staff opinions/special mentions/final long post

heres the long post that i said i would make (in case you’re wondering, im not gonna become one of those toxic ex-staff members who criticize the server and try to expose people in an attempt to get some attention; i have nothing to expose)
when one of my friends from games old server called me on skype and told me to join mco to play factions i never imagined that i’d become a server manager here. I had my ups and downs during my time as staff and i’ve definitely made some stupid decisions here and there. thanks to you all for the good memories and fun times over the past 3 years, i wont be completely gone and i plan to come by once in a while

Special thanks to these people:
game: everyone is quick to judge that you do nothing, but as someone who talked with you every day for almost the past year, i can safely say that you do a lot more than what people think. I can’t really blame you for getting bored and tired of minecraft after playing for so many years, you can only last so long. You’re extremely busy in real life between work and everything and how you managed to still do so much is beyond me. I’ll miss our five hour calls talking about politics and the economy; still hope to talk to you here and there and play pubg when you’re not busy, best of luck in the future <3

josh: one of the best people i’ve met here. You’re an extremely talented developer and deserve a lot more credit for what you’ve done for mco. I remember in 2015 when you added me on skype and let me on factions before the reset for my suggestions i got so excited (sad i know). I remember telling you about how i wanted to be the factions manager one day so i could finally allow people to open chests in other territory (and you laughed at me but this ended up happening so eat it) i still talk to you a lot, i know you’re extremely busy irl between school and work, good luck <3

bloxxie: you were one of the people that i first talked to when i joined back in 2015, i remember us trapping people in warzone on factions and the big pvp fights that we would have, lot of good memories. I still talk to you pretty much every day so

pepper: probably the funniest and most down to earth person i’ve met on here. I could talk to you about pretty much anything, good luck in the future <3 hope to still talk to you

Chaos: another great guy, i still talk to you a little and play some games here and there, you weren’t admin for very long but i’ll always remember our calls until 5am playing pvpkits and banning hackers <3

Conjure: i remember you would always beat me in boxing and i would get really mad and think that you cheated but i was wrong, really good mod and staff manager, i still talk to you a fair amount and we play some games together, stay in touch (:
staff opinions:

Gameplayerhd: already did you above

Explodingtnt: most people think that you don’t really care about mco , but you do a fair amount of work behind the scenes with financials and stuff and i know you’re busy with youtube and irl stuff so i can’t really say much, other than that i talked to you a few times and you’re a chill guy. I also understand that you’ve been playing minecraft for such a long time and cant really be bothered with it that much anymore which is completely understandable, good luck in the future with youtube and everything (:

Frep: lol loser why am i still on the staff list

Night: crazy how i went from unbanning you to promoting you to staff then to srmod and then to admin in only a few months. You’re really dedicated and motivated and have plenty of potential, good luck with college, keep in touch

Shird: you’ve always impressed me with being one of the youngest members on the staff team yet you always managed to stay mature no matter what the situation, which is something not everybody can do. Great tmod/mod/srmod and an even better staff manager, and a really talented artist, glad that i promoted you & good luck in the future (:

Pepper: u resigned too why r u still on here did u above

xEline: i never really talked to you a lot, but you’re a really talented dev and it’s a shame that there isn't much for you to do here. Good luck in the future (:

magic: really good mod, funny and chill to play factions with, good luck in the future, just a psa that he does not abuse on factions

Duffy: idiot, seriously though you’re not a bad mod you just make really dumb decisions sometimes. I was pretty harsh on you sometimes but i guess it worked cause you’re not as stupid now. I don't regret promoting you, gl & keep it up (:

Dashsupercraft: you’ve been mod for a really long time, you have always been really active and mature, ask game about a sr mod review, it’d probably go pretty well (: good luck in the future

Slyze: really good pvper and youtuber, chill guy and good mod, you’re still pretty active even though you’ve been staff so many times and for so long, good at screensharing and your ss tool is pretty cool from what i can see, good luck in the future (:

meowmir: good and active mod, you mess around a lot but also know when you have to be serious, good luck in the future (:

Superoid: good mod, pvper, and screensharer. I think you work on sly’s tool too which is pretty cool, good luck in the future (:

Cyberbullie: i never really talked to you a lot but from what i could see you were always really active handling reports, appeals, punishing players, etc. keep it up, good luck (:

Graceisedgy: i never really talked to you a lot, but i know you’re australian which is good, i see you posting on the forums alot and interacting with players which is a +, keep it up & gl (:

Tae: didnt talk to you a lot but i pretty much always saw you online, really mature and professional with players, i’m sure mod is coming soon (: keep it up & gl

Turtle: same as grace, didnt really talk to you a lot but you’re australian and have experience with is good, gl (: promo coming soon im sure

William1915: incredibly active and chill, good at pvp and good with hackers and all that, keep it up, promo soon (:

Cringu: didnt talk a lot but i saw you online alot, good with handling helpops and reports, keep it up (: gl

Kiwi921: good and experienced, active and professional when dealing with players, keep it up and gl (:

G2me: experienced and professional, keep it up, gl (:

Oliver: amazing how long you’ve been f-mod, i would’ve resigned a long time ago. I had spoke to game about forum manager but idk if anything will happen since it isnt really needed, keep it up (: gl

510bike: you’ve been staff a few times so you know what you’re doing, you’re active and there isnt really much more you could ask for, keep it up (: gl

Worthi: i’m sure you’ve changed, i wasnt staff that long with you so i dont know much but you were a good promo from what i’ve seen so far, keep it up, gl (:

Hunter1_1: same as worthi, you werent staff long enough for me to get to see you much, but looks like your promo was well deserved, good luck (:

there are a handful of people who i cant stand but im not going to write about them and give them any attention

Sorry if theres any typos or if i forgot anybody, i made this quickly.

Again thank you all for all the memories, good luck everyone <3

pce out <3

lol if u read that all
wait ur bday is in december wadduheck
Frep now you are no longer admin and I’m not FUCKING THREATENED RO BE BANNED i wanna tell you that you are the WORST STRICTEST FUCKING STAFF I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED honestly, righting a giant chunk of text already makes you tying to draw attention. I didn’t even ban evade and got banned for no reason, it was a mistake and all you say is: pROof? Do u have proof I was ban evading? I had to make a fake apology to get unbanned and THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, A BIG SERVER SHOULD BE MORE ORGANISED NOT PERM BANNING SOMEONE WITH NO VERBAL WARNS STR8 AWAY. Ok? Ffs thank word I quite mcorigins because it’s just a giant cluttermess.

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pce out <3 thanks for the fun 3 years everyone

maybe ill make a longer post later
well that's gonna change
You're welcome :)
June 2018

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coming soon™
IT IS HAPPENING OMG YAS no i dont know what is happening
rip that mco client
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so close
hsppy bday
This is a pure masterpiece
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today i celebrate my 16th year of existence
1 day before my birthday.. damn lol
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new banner thx ImChaos
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no cheaters allowed here!
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promoted to staff manager, thank you all <3

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1 year as staff as of today c;
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today i celebrate my 15th year of existence