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the nice thing about trying to find songs for gaybar rp event playlist is i've been discovering a lot of fuckn songs honestly it's great
Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind "OVER MY HEAD"
Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind Support independent Music and go to www.xoebean.com Come see what the buzz is about
singer is intersex for playlist context
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(nsfw for like one second-long frame of a donger) person on the starforge-rp discord linked it and it's pretty good
Searching for the Last Lesbian Bars in America
Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-BROADLY San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, and New Orleans are four of the biggest gay party meccas in America, yet the cities' lesbian bars keep shutting down. Why are lesbian bars dying while gay male club
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i did a nice soup thing today because i have the plague idk if it helped but it tasted nice

this small tin of coconut milk
dark soy because i ran out of light soy
leftover chicken bits
chilli powder
sesame oil because i felt like it was more thematic than olive oil
600ml chicken stock
sesame seeds as garnish or because you just like seeds floating in your food

how do i insert a blank line before an indent
cut up garlic and ginger bits and sort of fry/heat it in the pan with the oil i guess

throw chicken at it at some point

throw the stock on it at some point

decide after an arbitrarily length of time to add the coconut milk

3 drops dark soy, i don't remember if that came before the coconut milk

mirin because it seemed like a good idea at the time

keep on heating that for a while go you

add the chilli powder/paprika/pepper

chuck some fucking seeds on it (or not)

eat it you fucker
Similar to what I've done before. To wit:

Get a cup of white/yellow/brown (preference) to going.

Open two cans of chicken noodle soup, dump in a cooking pot.
Open a can of cream of chicken soup, dump in the same cooking pot.
Add left over chicken bits.
Add other seasonings/garnishes to taste.

By the time the soup has come to a boil (then reduced to simmer) the rice should be done.

Spoon out rice into a bowl. Dip a cup of the mixed chicken soups from the cooking pot and pour over the rice in the bowl.

Eat and enjoy. Takes about... 20-30 minutes.
white/brown/yellow wot tho

also sounds neat but i feel weird about the tinned chicken noodle lol (maybe I've only ever had the cheap-ass kind idk)
That was meant to be read as white rice / brown rice / yellow rice. Makes for a VERY filling, lasting meal.
I too have the plague.
You must be where I got it from.
all according to keikaku
December 2018
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Shared publicly - Dec 30, 18

did dossier for evilface pureblood, gonna slowly work on the whole 'what does this antagonist person do' so like hmu maybe
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Shared publicly - Dec 29, 18

made evil pureblood lady if folk wanna do stuff with traditionalist imperial antagonist type

still learning the purebloods but im about as far as 'eats bloodsoup' and 'still mad af about red reaper' so i think im good2go
I love playing my Purebloods.
they have their own neat lil design quirks without just bein g'we slapped another colour on a human', idk why they aren't played more
I used to RP a Pureblood Darth when I started RPing. She went non-traditionalist (and somewhat heretical) due to bad early life experiences, though I don't remember drawing from a ton of Pureblood lore beyond the fact that Purebloods being possibly on the verge of dying out and the females potentially being more valued for their ability to repopulate as a result (was going for a "strong independent woman" type of thing and ended up diverging from PB lore anyway as a result).

RP can always use more traditionalist Sith, though, and yours looks neat.
rp can always use more of all of the purebloods
Yus! My main Pureblood, Atrisha, is ICly dead... Otherwise I'd probably be playing her more. ;)
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Shared publicly - Dec 17, 18

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【東方Vocal】・-・・ --- ・・・- ・(Love)「ShibayanRecords」
I completely adore the title cleverness and not to mention the track. Merry Christmas!
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Title: Boba's Festive Life Day Party
Date: Friday 21st December 5pm EST 10pm GMT (until late)
Where: Gizzo's Pizzeria (South of The Bridge), Command Deck (For mass snowball fight)
Find New Providence on the flagship directory or /who Providence and whisper someone with a silver key for an invite.

Time to jingle your bells and deck someone's halls! New Providence is playing host, once more, to one of Boba's legendary parties. Live music, dancing, presents, drinking, festive pizza and snowball fights! (Whatever snow is)

Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring an enemy bring anyone you like, just, don't tell the Empire or they'll shut it down.

((PS: Still need Volunteers, if you're interested hit me up for the discord group, anything from greeters to assisting others roles))

Image by Maria Clapsis
Also, we got a Disguise Terminal: Wookiee so if you wanna come as a wookiee celebrant just head to the officer deck to click the disguiser on your character.

Just uh, pls no wookiee noises spam.
We'll also have one up for the Hutt so yanno, neutral Rp possibilities.

Relevant guildsite here
also i copypasted boba's thing i just added a picture to it
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u wake up and reach for yuor alarm clock but that fuckign thing is there, what do you do
If it's that early and I'm still tired? Grab thing, pull it into cuddles position, go back to sleep.
I call Florida Man
valid somehow
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Shared publicly - Dec 12, 18

ossus spoilrz omg

  • malora best sparklespawn oc
  • nobody likes malora's sparklespawn oc's
  • vore is canon
  • one of those rougher english accents appeared i am pleased
  • krovos name-drop yes good
  • pinkyboi appears
  • d e c o s
also im a sap and blubbed at like one bit of lightsidejaesa dialogue
MUCH liking the Ossus deco's!
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Shared publicly - Dec 6, 18

the nice thing about new providence is they have a hutt disguiser deco so i can rp my hutt oc
Forum - New Providence


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Shared publicly - Dec 4, 18

i am totally going to draw upon 'lief day illegal confirmed' for an event tbh
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Immediate Notice and Compliance Demanded.

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Shared publicly - Dec 1, 18

oboy someone uploads entirety of beasts of burden now i can go punch my feels in the feels
Beasts of Burden - Stray


Post with 35 votes and 1217 views. Shared by BurdenedBeast. Beasts of Burden - Stray

November 2018
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Shared publicly - Nov 19, 18

european rping with murrican timezone problems: having a character say they're 'hard as fuck' and forgetting that without the context of british slang everyone is going to assume that one meaning that isnt about 'im tough as shit fite me'
Good ol' cross-pond slang differences.
Dick jokes are funny, that's why. :d
i guess but some unrelated person in /g was literally "ugh i hate it when they tmi about their dongers" lol
:p "Literally not about dongers but you do you"
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this is all in one take how
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - きみのみかた , KYARY PAMYU PAMYU - Kimino Mikata
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ / きみのみかた  KYARY PAMYU PAMYU / Kimino Mikata  中田ヤスタカ プロデュース Produced by Yasutaka Nakata Director:田向潤(CONNECTION) Stylist:飯嶋久美子(IUGO) Makeup and Hair Designer:スズキミナコ Hair/Makeup:スズキミナコ / カワムラノゾミ Camera:越後祐太(STURGEON) Light:尾池将成 Set Design:ENZO(Rm
something something Asian person better than u at thing