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Are you an artist? Want to share your magical creations with others? Join Artistic Creations - a friendly community owned and managed by @Light#8896

You don't have to be an Artist to join either! With an upcoming Minecraft server, if you're interested in building, you may want to be apart of this.

Here are some of the features you will find on our Discord:
- Weekly Updates!
- Art Showcase! We will post an image that has been posted in the week, it will be captioned and the artist of the picture will be tagged! The reward is also the special Featured role.
- Easter Gift that will be rewarded to anyone who logs on and participates in conversation on the day of Easter!
- Many more to come..

Important announcements and updates may be posted here, but you'll mainly find them all in the #updates channel on Discord.

If you are an Artist yourself, you will be awarded the role, as long as you have evidence to support your claims. Simply message one of the Leadership Team members.

Join now by using the link below (it's permanent):
Remember to read the Rules.

We hope to see you there!
- Management