Hello, all Enjin / Minecraft Users, this is my first post in a long time and I wanted to give/advertise a Minecraft client, (Not hacked) which works for both Windows and MAC OS. The client is called, BatMod
This client offers lots of allowed server mods in all servers like the hive. The client I am advertising is called BatMod. This client auto-updates itself when a new update comes out with more mods or bug fixes etc. This client makes your FPS much better. (Not guaranteed)

NOTE all these mods are allowed on servers and won't get you banned, they are also toggleable meaning you can turn them on or off to your preference. You open the mod list by pressing "Right Alt" or pausing the game and going on "BatMod Options."

You can download the client installer herehttps://batmod.com/download/
The official Twitter is: https://twitter.com/batmodmc
The Discord for updates is: https://discord.gg/WDxe5Fx

Better Skin Customization (Screenshot Below)
OptiFine 1.8.8 H8 Ultra(Better FPS Mod)
ShadersMod 2.4.12 (Make Minecraft look realistic)
MemoryFix(Fixes where you get lag spikes after you play for a long period of time)
Auto Sprint(Sprint without holding down control)
Transparent Chat(Changes chat background to transparent)
On-Screen Potions(Show your current potion effects on your screen)
Ping on Tab(On Tab show your ping and others ping instead of bars)
Hypixel Auto GG, (Says GG at the end of a game)
Ping Indicator(Show the players ping underneath their name)
Show Own Name(Show your own name in F5 and Inventory)
3D Hat Layer(Make skin layers 3D)
Fancy Buttons(Make Minecraft buttons look better)
Background Blur(When you pause the game/ open your inventory/chest etc it blurs the outside)
Imgur Screenshot, (Upload a Minecraft screenshot straight to Imgur and get a link in chat.)
Hide BossBar Health, (Hide Health on top of the screen with messages like on Mineplex)
Hide Scoreboard Numbers, (On the scoreboard this will remove the numbers at the side of them)
Spotify Support, (Shows what song you're playing in the game)
Disconnect Completer, (Asks if you are sure you want to disconnect or not)
Transparent Background, (Makes pause screen and your inventory or chest to a transparent back)
Account Switcher, (Switch account from the multiplayer menu screen)

Video made from a BatMod user.