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Today for everyone on the Enjin website I am here to give a completely honest review of Enjin.

To start I am going to talk about some of the things I enjoy about Enjin, but some criticisms if I have any
First off, it's free to start. You can make your website for free for a community of however many people you want, customize many aspects of it to your liking and choose between a decent selection of themes. My complaints are that the themes on the free version need an update to a more modern design. I don't want the website to look like a super old 90s website that hasn't been updated in decades as that is not appealing at the slightest. I do know that they give you a free Premium trial for a couple days with some of the premium features for you to try out on your website so you can come to a decision on whether you deem it is worth it for you to purchase a premium plan or stick with the free version. The decision is up to the user though.

Another thing that is great is that it's generally simple to customize as long as you know what is what. I did have a hard time figuring out what thing does what, where it goes, etc. since I did not really see too many helpful tutorials seeking for what I needed. However, once you learn how most of the feature work Enjin is generally very easy to work with. You have a ton of options when it comes to customizing the layout and format of your Website. As stated above though, the themes of the website are for premium plans. I don't really have any criticisms except I ask that it be a bit easier to navigate the admin panel. I know there is a help center, but possibly a walk-through of the website to learn the basic features to get started. If there is something like this please let me know as I am tired of teaching my friends who help me manage my website/community how to use it.

Another Pro of Enjin is the user-side experience. The website itself is very easy to use and navigate (disregarding the admin panel/customization part of it). My members of the website generally have little to no issues using the website as it is really simple (I mean it is a forum website so...).

I overall thing Enjin is a very nice website but to summarize here is what I like and would like to see happen.
First is the Themes. The free version needs an update of themes. As stated above, all of them seem very dated. The free themes should be more modern and have a better overall design. On top of that, since I had the premium trial, I would like to see some of the premium themes with something more unique than just better design than the free themes. Please do note that I am not trying to say that Enjin can't make good themes, as I think some of the premium plan themes are very nice in comparison to the free themes.
Second is the Admin Panel. Nothing about it looks bad as I think it has a very nice design and is simple. However, I would say it is rather complex and much more difficult to learn. Also, everything opens a new tab, rather than per say a box that's created with options instead of this new tab.
This is all I have to say about Enjin. I think it is a great starting option for those looking to make a forum website for their community for free or a reasonable price of the premium plans, depending on what the user needs. If I were to give an overall score it to Enjin it would be a 8/10. I think Enjin is great since It is much cheaper and simpler than a lot of forum websites I have seen (I have one in mind but I don't want to say it as that may lead to punishment for advertisement). I think that on the Owner-side of Enjin it could use a little bit of work, but overall I think Enjin is a GREAT option for any owner of a community to bring them together on a Forum website.

Thank you so much for reading my review and I hope it helped you! Leave any feedback in the replies
Posted Feb 14, 18 · OP
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your critics are acceptable but you have to think about the cost that enjin has in maintaining host of third parties, forums, images, various files and not only that, also having to update something that is constantly premium. Obviously there will be noticeable differences between payment and non-payment. In one of the forums (where I am admin) we have the Advanced plan and with it we can manage and have an excellent design. It is not expensive and on that very good technical support. for me everything is perfect (although it is clear that there are common problems) and it is always good to be helping both enjin and users to improve the platform and never be left with x problems or things like that. I think that they should not update the free themes ...
Posted Feb 18, 18
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