Heimdall Fantasy Roleplay

Welcome to Heimdall! We’re a newly emerging roleplay server but with an experienced staff. We intend to have a dynamic world, changing as players build or destroy cities and powers shift, nothing stays the same for too long and there will be plenty of events to make the world feel alive. You may even create your own kingdom, although you should expect to face some resistance from other competitors.
Roleplay takes place on Heimdall, a far-away island. There will only be one city initially, as we wish to encourage players to create their own cities, farms and hamlets as time goes on.

We offer a fun and enjoyable time, explore the map and experience the lore.
Brewery, Airships, Boats, Custom food and a lot more!
Dedicated chat types. (RP channel, Emote Channel, LOOC, OOC, etc.)
A serious environment.
Ability to play as a werewolf or other creatures, see forums.
And more!
This server is intended as a serious roleplaying server, we want to avoid any mechanical gaming and we will crack down on metagaming, powergaming and other disruptive behavior. We intend for the server to be a P2L (Play to Lose) server, meaning that roleplay will not depend on stats and dice rolling, just pure roleplay. You may roll if both parties wish to do so.
Click here to read up on our rules, races and our wiki.

Make sure to read up on our lore and rules before you post an application. When making a character it is important to note that while this is a fantasy roleplay, it is not just ‘your’ fantasy, roleplay according to our lore. You must also use a good skin.
The lore will always be under development, but in this first stage of the server there will be a lot of sudden changes. You may yourself contribute to the lore by posting on our forums, if we find your idea to be good we will incorporate it into the lore.

When applying for your first character it can not be a noble, member of royalty, “from a very rich, noted, and established family” or anything like that, see the rules about starting titles. Roleplay is not about gaining power, it is about developing your character, and what better way to do that than to work your way up from the bottom?

Wiki & Lore (Currently WIP):
Whitelist Form:
Information (Rules, server-content, races, etc.)