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Hey all,

Wasn't sure whether to post this here so I apologise if I posted it in the wrong place, but anyway...

I've been roleplaying on star wars the old republic for years now, but I've recently been finding Roleplay in that game boring, so I've decided to try out WoW roleplay, I've played the game on and off but never roleplayed in it, I have a Worgen druid as my main character and recently made a Dranei, I have wanted to roleplay either but don't know much about lore of the game or how to RP them properly, if anyone can help or give me some advice on a guild perhaps to join then that would be fantastic.

Hope to hear from anyone, have a good day.
Posted Oct 22, 17 · OP
I know this post looks pretty old but I stumbled across it so I will throw in my limited knowledge. In Warcraft as long as you are on one of the main RP servers like wrymrest accord or Moonguard there will be plenty of RP guilds happy to have you. As for your Draenei specifically they have gotten more attention in the lore lately but their day to day lives and society isn't as clearly spelled out as some of the other races from my experience atleast. Their connection to the Naaru and Holy light does create some fun opportunities though. I would suggest you go Moonguard despite its troll reputation because it seems to be the unofficial Alliance RP server and I have seen a couple Draenei focused RP guilds recruiting that would have alot of the answers I lack with that race. As for the Worgen there is no shortage of Gilnean themed RP guilds and I'm sure you would with a little patients getting past the trolls find a very welcoming and active RP community on Moonguard for all your Alliance needs🙂.

(side note I am just getting back into WoW with my partner and some co-workers so if you are looking for friends on Moonguard Alliance or Horde Wrymrest let me know and we can game. My partner is new to WoW lore and is trying to learn and I was a SWTOR RPer myself back in the earlier days pre-Hutt cartel.)
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Posted Sep 20, 18
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