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Before I discuss RAIA, I have questions which will help you determine if RAIA should be your home in SWTOR:
  • Do you enjoy playing Operations, Warzones, Flashpoints, Uprisings, or Galactic Starfighter?
  • Do you enjoy completing weekly Planetary Conquest and Galactic Command objectives?
  • Do you enjoy supporting an active, helpful, organized, and established guild?
  • Do you enjoy learning from competent and communicative veteran players?
  • Do you enjoy teamworking with respectful and understanding players?
  • Do you enjoy communicating by voice via TS3 instead of typing?
  • Do you enjoy participating in weekly scheduled guild events?
  • Do you enjoy completing challenging content in guild teams?
  • Do you enjoy leading, helping, or teaching new players?
  • Do you enjoy livestreaming your adventures in SWTOR?

If you answered "Yes!" to most of these questions, I invite you to join similar players in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Please review our guild information, and if you have any questions, please contact me or fellow officers via Enjin.


Ignatiatus, Guild Leader of <The Republic Alliance> & <The Imperial Allegiance> (RAIA)


Guild Overview

Mission Statement:


  • 100+ players with 1000+ characters among Republic and Imperial guilds.
  • 6 weekend guild events of multiplayer content among Republic and Imperial guilds.
  • Both Republic and Imperial guilds typically earn Top 10 Guild Awards for Planetary Conquest.


Team Opportunities:
  • Team member opportunities for players to learn and adapt to progress in multiplayer content.
  • Team leader opportunities for players able to lead and communicate to progress in multiplayer content.
  • Team member schedules, openings, conditions, expectations, and policies are written at www.RAIA.enjin.com.

  • Members teamwork and prioritize guild members above others ("Guild Members First").
  • Team members learn and adapt to progress in multiplayer content ("Learn and Adapt to Progress").
  • Officers communicate, organize, participate, and individually help guild members ("Lead by Example").

  • Members-only website providing forums, schedules, guides, tools, news, and private messaging.
  • 50-user TeamSpeak 3 server with guild member permissions providing real-time voice communication.
  • 15 private StarParse raid groups providing real-time character performance (combat log parsing) analysis.

Guild Events Overview

Monthly Guild Events:
  • Mentor Workshops: Learn Tanking/DPSing/Healing knowledge from veteran guild members.
  • Commander & Battlemaster Hunts: Hunt named Commanders and Veteran Battlemasters on various planets.
  • World Boss Hunts: Hunt Dreadtooth, Lucky, Nightmare Pilgrim, Revanite Walker, and Ancient Threat.
  • Speeder Hunts: Complete the Aratech Coral, Aratech Ice, Aratech Fire, and Aratech Nightscythe missions.
  • Dizzy Datacron Hunts: Hunt Datacrons with an optional drinking game on various planets.
  • Guild Lottery & Raffle: 50/50 lottery and raffle to fund guild bank expenses and guild ship expansions.

  • Story Mode Operations Academy: Story Mode Operations on Saturdays (<RA>) and Sundays (<IA>).
  • Veteran Mode Operations Academy: Veteran Mode Operations on Saturdays (<RA>) and Sundays (<IA>).
  • Guild Operations Teams: Veteran Mode and Master Mode Operations team opportunities available.

  • Warzone Wednesdays: Unranked and Ranked Warzones on Wednesdays (<RAIA>).
  • Guild Warzones Teams: Unranked and Ranked Warzones team opportunities available.

  • Flashpoint Fridays: Veteran Mode and Master Mode Flashpoints on Fridays (<RAIA>).
  • Guild Flashpoints Teams: Veteran Mode and Master Mode Flashpoints team opportunities available.

  • Guild Uprisings Teams: Veteran Mode and Master Mode Uprisings team opportunities available.

  • Guild Starfighter Teams: Starfighter squadron opportunities available.

Guild Membership Conditions, Expectations, & Policies

Membership Conditions:
  • Recruits must register/apply on the guild website for guild membership.
  • Recruits and Members must respect all other Members, Recruits, and Guests.
  • Members must join on all characters to promote communication and participation.*
    *Officers may grant an exemption to Recruits upon a discussion of concerns.

Membership Expectations:
  • Members should participate in multiplayer content and multiplayer objectives on both factions.
  • Members should join the guild TeamSpeak 3 server for real-time communication and participation.
  • Members should visit the guild website for forum discussions, event/team schedules, guides, and news.

Invitation Policy:
  • Members may in-game guild invite ("/ginvite Name") Recruits.
  • Members must have member notes (Name/Combat Role) per character.
  • Recruits must register/apply on the guild website within 14 days of invitation.

Activity Policy:
  • Members shall not be removed due to inactivity or the inability to participate.
  • Members shall not be required to be active on all alternate characters in guild.
  • Recruits without guild applications shall be removed within 14 days of invitation.

How to Join RAIA:
  1. Register/apply at www.RAIA.enjin.com and answer all required questions.
  2. Interview with a guild officer in TeamSpeak 3 to approve your guild application.
  3. Pending guild applications may be canceled after one month from the submission date.

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