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9th of December 2016


Name: ToRN
Website: www.19thbattalion.com
Games: Multi Gaming.
Leader ToRN
The 19th Battalion is a Oceanic Multi Gaming Community, founded in 2009 with a vision to create a tight knit community of like minded individuals who enjoy gaming together. After nearly 7 years 19th Battalion is still going strong. If you're looking for a fair, fun and friendly community to join, The 19th Battalion most likely the one you're looking for.


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Owner of The 19th Battalion, ToRN, was able to answer some of my interview questions about their community-

Q: How did you get started in gaming?

ToRN: Im 31 years old, so my gaming started way back in 1990 when I got my Nintendo Entertainment System. What soon followed was a love affair with gaming that has burned bright since that day. I transitioned into PC Gaming when I got a 386, followed by a 486 and eventually my first Pentium II! Those days were some of the best of my life. I’ll never forget the Serial Cable days with my uncle, playing Doom/Duke Nukem/Heretic/Hexen/Blood/Command and Conquer/Warcraft and eventually leading into Quake. Days spent using the Dial Up modem to connect with school friends after school to have a blast on Duke Nukem.

I vividly remember my uncle using the Duke Nukem map editor to recreate his entire suburb! It was a project that spanned months and I’ll never forget the feeling of running around the local landmarks while blowing each other up!

Q: Can you give us some insight into The 19th Battalion’s history? How did this gaming project begin?

ToRN: The 19th Battalion was created in 2009 by my best friend and I. Originally we started off as a Battlefield Clan which soon progressed into an online community. I was always at the forefront of clans and guilds having spent a great number of years in my youth playing Counter-Strike competitively and then going onto lead a successful raiding guild in World of Warcraft for 6 years.

Running a clan was second nature. What was challenging was creating an actual gaming community that always put its members first. I spent a great deal of time in clans and guilds that sported officers that got drunk on the power of abusing its members. I decided The 19th Battalion would be a place that even the Founder would be subject to the communities rules. Even the newest member has a valid say.

Since launch we have dabbled in countless online games and one thing still rings true today. Games may come and go but our members stay. The core group at The 19th Battalion have created an unbreakable bond with each other. We are more than just online gaming friends. We are a family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Q: What are your current goals as a community?

ToRN: Management is always on the lookout for high potential online games. We keep a vigilant eye on upcoming releases and gaming websites to seek the next potential ‘official game’ played by The 19th Battalion. While the community play all manner of games at any given times, we have games we play on an official level. This means those titles are governed by a rule set and rank hierarchy. When we decide to tag a game as an official game, we create rules for the particular game as well as go on a recruiting drive to bolster our core numbers.

Over the past years our core members have come from such experiences. So our current goal is to simply be on the lookout for new games that can warrant an official title status by The 19th Battalion so we can recruit to bolster our ranks. As mentioned above, through these experiences our family grows. Interest in these news games generally dies out after a while depending on the title, many people usually leave and are not seen from again. However we have the rare valiant few who stick around and become a member of the family.

Q: Is your community accepting new members? Any criteria a person needs to meet to be able join?

ToRN: The 19th Battalion is always accepting new members. We generally only accept people from the Oceania region, however we are open to all members that play during our peak time. Generally 7:00PM – 10:00PM AEST. When signing up via our recruitment page new members need to answer all questions truthfully and in depth as well as accepting the behavioural rules put forward by management. We are always seeking quality over quantity so applications are screened thoroughly. Applicants who do not take the time to properly fill out the form or answer all questions in depth are not the calibre of person we are looking for at The 19th Battalion.

When a game is played on an official level, new applicants can choose to mark that game via the recruitment form. Likewise, they can choose to just join the community for the current moment in the hope of seeking out new online friends to game with.

Q: Any advice you'd like give to a newcomer looking to start a project such as yours?

ToRN: Respect and Faith is key. You need to have the respect of your fellow members and they need to have faith in your ability to lead the community. I have lived by one simple moral while dedicating myself to The 19th Battalion – “To lead is to serve, nothing more”. This couldn’t be closer to the truth. By showing your community the respect they are due you will be rewarded with their faith in your ability to lead.

Furthermore, have fun with it! We run social competitions, such as trivia and poker nights. Tabletop gaming nights and community meet ups. Show your members you are invested in them and your respect and hard work will be rewarded. Run online raffles with great prizes and offer branded community merchandise! There’s nothing like attending PAX in matching community T-Shirts and making an impact!

Lastly, when it comes to finally lead in game, ensure your rules are fair and every member is catered for, show no favouritism and don’t dismiss any criticisms, you can only learn from them. It’s not your place to simply say “No” as a leader, if you must say “No”, say “No, but…”

Q: Would you like to share any awesome design tips with newbie site designers?

ToRN: Research… Research… Research… To be honest, I’ve come a long way in my design abilities since I first signed up with Enjin. The staff at Enjin have created a truly amazing platform that gives community owners the absolute freedom to include whatever they can dream up on their websites. However, when you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for help. The current community layout wouldn’t be what it is today without the hard work of my friend, ATSLAYER! His work is truly amazing and I can’t thank him enough for all the help he has offered me. Anybody looking for their community to really stand out among the pack should seek out his aid! ATSLAYER.com

Q: And finally, what is your favourite feature when using Enjin? What's really helped your community grow?

ToRN: My absolute favourite feature has to be the Event System. Over the past few years, management has used it religiously to schedule events, community meetings and social gatherings. It makes tracking attendance, assigning roles and user management so easy! Thanks Enjin for such a great feature!

In terms of what has helped out community grow, well to be honest, there is no short answer here. The best I can do is simply say The Enjin experience as a whole has helped the community grow, the fantastic site modules and excellent support received along the way from friendly Enjin staff.

In the grand scheme of things, the people I have to thank most for making the community grow are our core members who take the time to sign onto the website and TeamSpeak 3 each and every day to share a laugh, gaming news and a few rounds in whatever online game it may be. You guys and gals are the reason The 19th Battalion has been around this long and together we can keep it running forever! Thank you all for your continued support and faith in me.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my Wife, Mel, for her support in all things in my life. Especially my passion for The 19th Battalion.

If you're looking for a multi gaming community that is fair, fun, friendly and long lasting, The 19th Battalion is the community to join!

Original blog post: https://www.enjin.com/blog/post/id/4054527-featured-friday-19th-battalion

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Hello Chris,

Cheers for the honors! It feels great getting the opportunity to be this week's Featured Friday on Enjin!

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Congrats Torn - You guys deserve this for sure!
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Nice slideshow header !
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