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13th of June 2014


Name: Elite Ops Gaming
Website: www.eliteopsgaming.com
Games: Call of Duty (Xbox 360)
Leader/Community owner: EOG Jorey

Elite Ops Gaming (EOG) is an long standing Call of Duty based Xbox 360 gaming network, looking to continually make it's mark on the Xbox FPS scene. Originating as a simple idea in 2010 by Jorey, EOG has come along way since it's humble beginnings, now holding strong as a formidable and rapidly growing online FPS team.

They're a laid back group, who just want to have as much fun as possible in the games they play. That's not to say they lack ambition, however. These guys are already making their tag known across the Xbox network, and have gained a large number of sponsors and partners which reflect their gaming skill and success. They're constantly looking for more players to join their online family, too. All they ask in return is for you to stay active, be respectful of your team mates, and to always wear the EOG clan tag with pride!


Slick logo and background, with a great custom implemented news ticker feature -


Professionally designed and structured ranking system and icons -


Great and convenient site map and partners footer section -


Cool 'slide out' social media module, with EOG branding -


Detailed and nicely structured EOG staff Bio's -


Custom, hand designed EOG loot. Chosen and implemented by Jorey himself -


Current clan leader and website designer, Jorey, was able to answer a few of my interview questions about his long standing and ambitious Xbox gaming network -

Q: How did you get started in gaming?

Jorey: Well I played on many old consoles as a kid. I didn't get really serious about gaming until I got my PlayStation 2 and I had that for years. Not too far after that, everyone soon started getting the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation platform seemed to be "dying out" so I decided to get an Xbox 360. My favorite games to play were sports games such as Madden and NCAA, The Need For Speed Series, The Guitar Hero/Rock Band games and of course Call of Duty! It wasn't until halfway through the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when I got Xbox LIVE and started playing online. I was always split screening with friends and neighbors before I had the chance to get online.

Q: Can you give us some insight into EOG's history? How did this gaming project begin?

Jorey: It all started on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It was the first time I got Xbox LIVE and MW2 was the very first game I ever played on Xbox LIVE. I always noticed everyone having matching "clan tags" and I became interested in what that all entailed and how clans were forming. I soon started playing games with this clan UEG (United Extreme Gaming). They offered me to join their clan and they had a website to register on. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever to have a clan website and rock that cool clan tag lol. They had a decent website and they had ranks in the clan as well and that got me motivated to try and climb the ranks in that clan. It wasn't long after I joined that clan that I started to dislike the way things were being run by the leaders. I was told I was NOT allowed to play games with my friends if my clan invited me to a game AND I was not allowed to invite my friends to play with us! One bogus rule after another and I decided to dropout of UEG. It was then I decided that I wanted to make my own clan and website and run it how I wanted to without those bizarre rules they had in their clan. So, I sat down at my computer and started brainstorming ideas for a clan name and I came up with Elite Ops Gaming (EOG). I had no experience whatsoever in website design so how did I get started you ask? Well, I literally typed into Google "How to make a free website" lol. I ended up going with webs.com and it was a nice easy website builder where all you did was add pictures and words in the boxes. After a year, I got tired of the generic, basic designer on webs and started researching looking for a better website builder/host. Out of all the ones I researched I liked Enjin.com the best and its been my home ever since. I started teaching myself web design and got better and better at it with practice. I NEVER stop improving (yes that's Lowe's slogan but I love it lol)! And now we have the Elite Ops Gaming website we have today.

Q: What are your current goals in a community?

Jorey: We here at Elite Ops Gaming strive to be the best we can be! I constantly improve our website by tweaking current things or adding new things. It's pretty safe to say week to week when you log on to our website there will be something new that wasn't there before. I want my members to be active on our website and forums. If you have the same old website and nothing new going on, people will stop checking back. We make it our goal to have one of the most active member websites in the gaming scene. "When your here, your family" (whoops, I think I just stole another quote! lol). Honestly most of my members will tell you they feel EOG is their family. Why is that? Because we are a mature clan that has each others backs whether it be something clan related or a real life problem. They know they can always find someone here in EOG to help them out. As far as in-game goes, we try to make a statement with each match played. We want people to know who EOG is when they see us in game. We are actually getting known in the Call of Duty world. We want our members to represent us as a well established, mature, skilled clan that is a force to be reckoned with where others will want to join.

Q: Is your community accepting new members? Any criteria a person needs to meet to be able join?

Jorey: Yes, we are absolutely accepting new members! We are looking for dedicated, mature, friendly, casual AND competitive gamers who will be active on our website along with on Xbox. We have a lot to offer our members such as Prize Giveaways, Game Nights, Squads, Awards, Ranks and so much more! We do have a few restrictions for joining EOG. You must be 15 yrs old or older to join and you must have a current K/D (Kill/Death) of a 1.00. Other than that we don't have very strict rules within the clan. Now, don't get me wrong we do have rules and they are expected to be followed but there aren't any harsh rules on there. Just the basic ones such as wearing the clan tag at all times, adding info in your bio etc...If you would like to join EOG, please fill out an application on our website. I look forward to reading your apps!

Q: Any advice you'd like give to a newcomer looking to start a gaming community such as yours?

Jorey: First, come up with a clan name. Don't pick a childish name like "The Killers" or "The Ass Kickers" or anything immature, provocative or absurd. You wanna pick a name that will stick and people will remember. And not a name that is already taken! Like seriously, how many Fear clans are there in the gaming world? Pick something unique and original! I have had my same clan name since I started my clan and its been going for 4 years now. After you land a name make sure you get a website. You won't be taken seriously if you don't have a website. Plus organizing your clan makes it easier having a website. Next you need to find people with the same intentions as you to start a clan with and build a core. Once your core is built, you can expand and the possibilities are limitless!

Q: Would you like to share any awesome design tips with newbie site designers

Jorey: As far as tips go I would have to say just explore everything Enjin has to offer! There are so many modules and so many different ways to use certain modules such as the HTML module for example. Look how far I got, I had no experience whatsoever designing websites and I taught myself and now I have the privilege of being featured in this Blog on Enjin for my hard work. You can do it too! I would say one of the most important things on your sites home page is your clans/guilds logo at the top of your website or your header featuring your clans logo or name. I browse clan websites all the time and if I see a poorly done header or logo at the top I immediately think that website is poorly designed and I don't even explore the rest of the site.

Q: And finally, if you could request one feature/module to be added to Enjin, what would it be?

Jorey: Well a lot of my ideas have already been implemented into Enjin with the last few wave of updates. I really like how Enjin keeps upgrading for the better and you guys do a great job with everything. As far as what I would like to be added to Enjin is the option to see the email of the users who registered on my site. I've had members forget their login info and they ask me what their email is and I tell them I can't see it lol.

If you're looking for a professional, structured, and ambitious CoD gaming team, look no further than Elite Ops Gaming!

Original blog post: http://www.enjin.com/blog/m/32021/article/2363363

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That's Cool :d
Posted Jun 13, 14
Well done Guys at Elite Ops, knew it would get Featured :thumb:
Posted Jun 13, 14
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Thank you so much Enjin for featuring us!! I'm glad you like our website. It's an honor to be featured. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote about us Kris! I'd say you were pretty spot on with what we represent and your definitely a great writer :)

And thank you qwerty and Sub-Zero for the support!

Kris told me if I had any other features or things I wanted in the article to just comment on here to let people know more. Well I think he covered most of the highlights of my site but a few pages I have updated in the last few days are my about us page (www.eliteopsgaming.com/aboutus) and Premium Membership page (www.eliteopsgaming.com/premium). I invite you all to check them out!

Also, if you guys wanna show your support you could give us a like on Facebook (www.facebook.com/eliteopsgaming) and Sub on YouTube (www.youtube.com/eliteopsgaming)! We have a lot of content and post frequently on social media so I'm sure you guys will enjoy our videos and posts :)
Posted Jun 13, 14
EOG is awesome :d goodjob everyone.
Posted Jun 14, 14
Congrats, and hey, where's my mention for designing much of this for ya hombre? :p
Posted Jun 18, 14
Just Started
Thanks Praetorian! And lol, yes guys I worked with Praetorian to get a good bit of graphics done for my site. We had a few skype convos where he made the graphics how I wanted them and we created them together with both our ideas and his Photoshop skills since mine are limited lol.

Praetorian worked on those kick ass Rank Images and the Cool Pop-out EOG Social Media Slider! :thumb:

I am thinking of getting some new Award Tags and Trophy tags made....would you be interested in doing them Praetorian? :p
Posted Jun 19, 14
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