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Jun 29, 18
Posted by Ben
Featured Friday- I-Network
Bloxxerman: This project began when the former server I played on, LegendaryCraft, shut down. Since then I've been running this server as a sort of revival. But after I started it all, the main thing that kept me going was the feeling of it. Every single day a player comes on my server and interacts with the community, finds friends, and talks with other people on the server. It makes me feel like I've achieved my goal, creating a place where kids can come play without any worry of being bullied or harassed. It just warms my heart, and this feeling kept me going over the years.
Bloxxerman: Our community has been up since December 2012, when I started the first Minecraft server on the network, Survival. I-Survival was designed to be a safe haven for all gamers who follow the rules. We had an active player base of 50-60 players daily on that one server. Then, we expanded into a network. Although we expanded it, the community didn't change, which made me very happy. To explain about my community, I tend to keep it unique and traditional. I want a player who hasn't played in a while to be able to come back and find their house and things still there. In all these years, I have never reset the map to the server due to that simple idea. However, there's much room for players to build, just like there is much room for communities to expand. Anyways, in 2015 my colleague and close friend Ostr joined the server. He was given a staff position, and he earned his way up to the Manager position in our community. In present times, we are currently working on expanding our community and implementing new things for users to enjoy, and we are still keeping our community safe and traditional.
Bloxxerman: One tip I could offer everyone is to never give up. If your community isn't doing well, keep spreading it. If you still don't get any players, ask yourself why and change what you're doing, look at it from a different perspective. At first, it wasn't easy. Every single day, I would spread the server on Minecraft Server List websites, and I actually am still doing it to this very day. It takes hard work and dedication to make your community succeed. Success does not come to you easily unless you work hard to achieve it. My community is built on the hard work of me and many of my colleague's work. Another tip is to not do it alone, although you can, it will be harder if you don't have any friends there to help you. Also, make sure not to punish the player for something that's out of their control. This generally means that if there's a glitch on your server, don't let the player get a disadvantage from it, make sure you and your team is always on top of it. Players and all people get upset if something that is broken isn't fixed, and players would leave if you keep things not working. Therefore, always make sure to have weekly or even daily updates regarding your community's issues and new additions. One design tip is to always make yourself unique. Just because one popular community has a certain design doesn't mean yours has to be exactly like that. Go with what suits you, and make sure you stick with it. The one thing I'll leave you with is to always be kind and interactive with your community. Leaders who do not set an example aren't leaders, and if you want to be one, you must lead your community by being respectful and open to new ideas and change.
Bloxxerman: I think Enjin should consider implementing a (for Minecraft communities) that has a ranking system for the number of players who joined the site. Or, where you can like vote on the site to vote for the server to go up on the list.
Bloxxerman: Possibly, but I'm not too used to using cryptocurrencies at this time but it does sound quite interesting and amazing how they implemented this.
Bloxxerman: I'd like to closely thank my colleague and great friend Ostr for his dedicated work on the server in these last couple of years, he has shown constant dedication and professionalism, and he is a great manager, moderator, and friend. Many others have also been doing a great job to make the community better. I'd also like to give a quick shout out to BasedJoe and Jdude908! Also, thank you to all of the staff members over the years who have helped make the community a good safe haven for many users.
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