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May 4, 18
Posted by Ben
Featured Friday - The Outcasted Network

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Gold: We started as a small gaming community for a game called Destiny 2, which is currently our largest community/clan. Like all clans it started out with me, I personally was tired of gaming communities that were so elitist, the leaders were always detached, distant, uncaring; they cared only about the member count and not about their community and the people in it who make the community possible; thus our original name: The Outcasted.

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Gold: We're actually pretty new in terms of communities which too me has been surprising. A lot of people really love the community we've all built together, it's a bit of a shock for me because I didn't expect people to enjoy something I've made and designed so much. As far as our history is concerned, it's really the reasoning behind why it was founded, as a community we've always had our sights set on the future and we move past anything bad or negative and keep looking forward. What's funny is, from the get-go I told myself "I'm never going to become one of those big gaming networks!", yet here we are.

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Gold: Oh man where to begin. There's a lot, it really depends on where you want your community to go, and how successful you want it to be, you get in what you put out. If you start out with misguided and intentions that aren't firm and just, people are going to catch wind of that, the first thing you must do is be genuine, show that you are human and because of that you are imperfect, because people see right through the superficial. The next biggest thing is trust, while I have invested hundreds of hours of my own time into the community (No regrets), the people I've placed trust into have also dedicated much of their time, to help me out with small things I have had to put on the backburner (Like heavily monitoring chat channels) so that I can focus on building the community and making it an even better place to be than it already is. Going into this community I had no intention to scale up this much, however when I am passionate about something, I don't stop, I just keep going until I get it right, exactly how I want it (Probably a little insane but haven't been checked out yet).
I always thought I'd be able to do it all myself, but you just can't, it's not possible. So placing your trust in the right people, and giving people who want to put in extra help or extra hours to make the community better, the tools to do that, or else they will get bored or move on to other communities who give them those opportunities. This segways into my next point, give people opportunities. It may seem superficial or cliché, but if people love something and put time into it, they need recognition for that. Reward people for doing different things; while one person may be active in the forums, one person may be active in game, another may be active in the Discord chat, so set up a lot of roles and tags so people can be recognized for doing those different things, so they can set goals for themselves and try to obtain them. Every community has the ability to offer the same things, and generally most of them do, find things to make yourself different and stand out above the others, and do it in your own way. Taking everything someone else has done and just copying that methodology over to your community isn't enough to keep people around and engaged.
Acknowledge the fact that you will be working with a lot of different people, set standards for your community for the kind of people that you want in it. For example, we're a PC community based in North America, we ask that our members our 18+. Set rules and enforce them for exactly what you want, if you let toxic people into your community and allow them to stay in it, then they will drive everyone away. Drama is something to avoid, and get rid of those who cause it. People will join your community just to benefit off of the structure that makes it a great place to be, without abiding by that structure themselves. Hold yourself to the same standards that you hold others to, and you won't have any issues when you enforce them on someone else. If someone doesn't want to fit that 'mold' you've set, they should look for a community that fits them better (Or start their own like I did).
Don't expect things to happen in a day, don't get discouraged if things aren't going how you expected them to, things will get better, someone will join your community who will help you make it better, or someone you didn't expect to step up, will rise to the occasion and help you. I'd like to take a second to recognize everyone who has made the community a wonderful place to be, it wouldn't have been, and wouldn't be possible without your dedication to something bigger than all of us. There were days where I wanted to give up, but at this point it has grown beyond me and my ambitions, when I needed to stay motivated it was the community who lifted me up when it was needed. Find reasons to keep going, set goals for yourself and the community, put in the time and effort to exceed your original expectations, and keep setting goals to keep moving towards the future.
- Good intentions
- Be genuine
- Trust
- Passion
- Moderation/Enforcement
- Guidelines/Rules
- Know what you want
- Know who you want
- Set goals, exceed goals, make new ones

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Gold: More Discord integration. You have quite a strong system as is, so I don't really have complaints, but you've focused quite a lot on Slack as a platform, which a lot of people are falling away from, it would only make sense to integrate it with your platform.

We used to have an automated system on our server which would allow people to link their Discord and Enjin accounts, however I have to do that manually, Enjin has a hard limit on the messaging API, not to mention a rate limit on the frequency of messages. I understand why this is the case (Spamming is bad, mmmkay), however it may be worth allowing specific communities to verify themselves to get reduced rate limiting for specific API applications. (In my case I'd be using it as a measure of security).
I'd also like to see more features in the shopping module and more in the way of automations. I'm not sure exactly what I would want to see, but I'm sure you've had plenty of suggestions over the years you might be able to look into adding. From an administrative standpoint, automation, and the efficiency of that automation is key.

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Gold: I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to it, I personally prefer PayPal because it's an easy to use platform everyone is familiar with. It really depends on whether or not the currency provides a benefit to the community.

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Gold: Oops, I kinda squeezed a shoutout above, hope that's alright. There's a lot of people to name to be honest, so let me try to remember all of the names of people who have helped out (In no particular order)
1. Astoranaut
2. Bacallexel (Developer)
3. Feengur (Developer)
4. Gilbertlol (Developer
5. Wolf/Warmachine
6. Nevinon
7. Zolfare
8. IchNiz
9. Nighatos
10. y0rick
11. Pflughaupt
12. Lemming
13. Crusnik
14. Patricio
15. Bluecewe
16. Everyone else in the community. The fact that I haven't mentioned anyone else here doesn't mean I don't recognize the individual contributions to the community, because the small things add up, as far as I'm concerned nothing I've done, or any one specific individual has done, amounts to everything we've all done for eachother, and accomplished together as a team!

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