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Mar 9, 18
Posted by Ben
Featured Friday - Kingdoms City
Bolly: It was 2013 and I was 14 on my way home from school excited to get on the computer to play some games. A friend of mine rang me and said, ‘Let’s make a Minecraft Server!.. But you have to pay’. I agreed and asked my Mum if I could pay for some web hosting and a server. She said “definitely not!” But a few hours passed.. I had done it anyway.
Five years later here I am today running the largest family-friendly Modded Minecraft community. However, we also do run a range of other game servers.
E.g. ARK, 7D2D, Dark and Light and Ylands. We look to expand this list soon.
Throughout the years motivating myself has been a tricky task juggling between school and the community. However, I found that finding new and exciting ways to connect with the community was an important aspect to keeping myself motivation.
Not to mention our whole staff team who motivated me by being extremely helpful at keeping our community family-friendly and making sure everyone has a great time.
Bolly: KingdomsCity has always focused on Modded Minecraft. But the past year we have begun to diversify our gameservers and accommodate our requests and needs for the community.
Goals for our community are to have a welcoming, all-inclusive community, as well as striving to provide a family-friendly safe environment to play games with one another. Our final goal is to always be open to suggestions and feedback focusing on the interests of the community.
Bolly: If you are looking to start a community you must believe in your community and make sure to keep an open dialogue with them. Consistency and organization is important, as is developing a solid procedure for dealing with issues.
You should also make sure you have a professional looking website which is where first impressions are made. If you are looking to have a website made, I would highly suggest checking out He is an awesome guy and easy to work with!
Bolly: If enjin were to add a new feature, it would have to be one that allows an advanced player lookup feature, utilizing a revamped Enjin ontime plugin and webpoints. Below is a rough example of the kind of idea in-mind.
This would be a feature that would make Enjin stand out and help a lot of communities like my own. You could also add additional features such as vote count, vote streaks, block breaks etc. Plus down the line introducing EnjinCoin.
Bolly: When we first heard about Enjin Coin we were skeptical about buying some, but after reading the roadmap and looking further into what it had to offer, we bought a small amount towards the start of December.
Currently we are waiting on the release of the Minecraft plugin to see how we can implement it into our community. We would love to see Enjin work first hand with communities on ways to implement it with alternative servertypes, such as Modded Minecraft.
Bolly: We would love to give a special shout out to our KingdomsCity community! You are all awesome! Not forgetting our entire Staff Team who have worked extremely hard throughout the past five years volunteering to help make KingdomsCity what it is today.
Last but not least I would like to thank the Enjin Team and the entire Enjin community for reading this! Feel free to visit our community, all are welcome.
If you are interested in joining a and would love to connect with fellows that have similar interests, is the community to join! Check out the their website for more info on their community!
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