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Dec 8, 17
Posted by Ben
Featured Friday- Rowling's Realm

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Bradley: I wanted to create something I had never seen before, something new and inspiring. I’ve played on many Harry Potter servers before, and there has always been something that I didn’t like. So, I decided I would do my best to improve on what other Harry Potter servers are doing, but at the same time start anew. Therefore, I contacted Charles, the other founder, and together we formed the idea of a Harry Potter experience set in the Fantastic Beasts time period with access to a multitude of schools. We also wanted to create a community that is welcoming, and refreshing. I think Rowling’s Realm has, so far, accomplished this dream. All of our players are friendly and willing to chat.

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Bradley: Community started off small, as all do. It was just Charles, Katie, and me. Though we’ve always had huge dreams; after all, we are the first Harry Potter server to feature more than one school. Together, we want to create something awe-inspiring for everyone to enjoy.

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Bradley: Starting anything is tough, but starting a community is an extremely rewarding experience. However, it requires perseverance, people aren’t willing to stay with you when you’re not putting the work into making them content. Though if you put the work in, you can achieve anything. Simply follow your dreams, and don’t let anybody’s harsh words or doubtfulness stop you from achieving what you want to achieve.

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Bradley: To be absolutely honest, Enjin is already fantastic. Just by visiting different sites, you can see how much creativity Enjin allows. The only improvement I could possibly think of is to allow for more customization, though I couldn’t possibly give a more specific answer than that.

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Bradley: I don’t know how much this will be able to benefit our community. I’m open to the idea and will definitely be looking further into it, though for now we are happy with the way we manage our store. I do, however, think this will have many great uses for other sites using the Enjin platform.

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Bradley: I would love to give a massive shoutout to the amazing staff, and Head Staff, that have built this server from the ground up, and, of course, to the community that have supported us all the way. Thank you to everyone that has helped us along in this amazing adventure over the last year. So much has happened in such a short time, and I’m grateful to all of you that have shared this experience with me.

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