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Dec 7, 11
Posted by Matt
Hedone closed beta key giveaway!


Thank you for continuing to choose Enjin as the platform for your gaming community. As thanks, I wanted to present to you a unique opportunity! I have been charged with assembling 1000 combat ready contestants for a virtual gaming show set in the Hedone TV show (a game developed by Acony Games).

The game is currently in closed beta and they're looking for additional testers.

Contestants on the HTV combat shows are celebrities around the world. Each has a loyal legion of fans cheering them on as they fight on live TV. Each seeks to stand apart from the rest and achieve mega-stardom.

In Hedone, being good isn't enough; you also need to look good doing it.

As contestants battle through a match, the global audience votes for their favorites and the most successful gain access to experimental technologies as the game progresses. Playing to the crowd and pulling off daring, showy moves is essential to get the fans to love you.

Battles take place in a variety of locations prepared by dedicated location scouts seeking new and exciting arenas for the next match. Oilrigs, shanty towns, industrial complexes and many others including purpose-built arenas have all hosted matches.




It's showtime!

Get your keys

Make sure you select the appropriate region or else you may not be able to access the testing servers in your area. There are 500 keys for North America and 500 for Europe.

North America | Europe

Once you get your keys, head over and register on the Hedone website to redeem them.

Playtest Windows

Currently Servers are open for matches at the following times (players can log in 24/7 to do character creation, use the shop, etc).

Europe (CET)

Wednesdays: 6pm - 2am

Fridays: 6pm - 2am

Saturdays: 6pm - 2am

Sundays: 6pm - 2am

North America (MST)

Wednesdays: 6pm - 2am

Fridays: 6pm - 2am

Saturdays: 6pm - 2am

Sundays: 6pm - 2am

Don't forget to keep up with Hedone via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube! Make sure you provide feedback during your adventures!