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Nov 10, 17
Posted by Ben
Featured Friday- Hallowed Fantasy
Leone: I started gaming when my older brother let me play Pokémon Stadium with him on his Nintendo 64. I liked Stadium so much that I started watching the Pokémon anime to learn more about the series, and eventually my parents bought me a Game Boy and my older brother gave me his copy of Pokémon Red because I liked Pokémon so much. From then on, I was hooked with video games, especially Pokémon. Pokémon then became (and still remains) my favorite video game series of all-time.
I first heard of Pixelmon in 2013, around the release of Pokémon X and Y. I saw a bunch of YouTubers play it and it looked intriguing, so I decided to give it a shot and try it out myself. Once I got it, I tried out a couple of the top Pixelmon servers, but none of them interested me that much. I then looked to Minecraft Forums for a better server, one with actual competitive battles. I then found a nice server called Heavy Metal Pixelmon, which had all of the things I was looking for. After playing on Heavy Metal, I would end up attaining my first staff position on a Minecraft server (the Gym Leader positon), and would eventually fill the roles of Moderator, Gym Master, and Move Tutor, serving as all of those positions until the server was shut down 5-6 months after I had first joined.
A few months later my best friend from that server, who was then known as "Mapps_21" contacted me because he had also been out of the Pixelmon scene and wanted to get back into it. We then started looking for a new server together, trying almost every single Pixelmon server possible until we finally found one that was just like Heavy Metal, known as Silver Wings Pixelmon. In fact, it was so much like Heavy Metal that it had actually been created by former players of that server. Mapps and I then became Moderator and Gym Leader on Silver Wings, though it would shut down 1 week after we had joined. We then decided to make our own server, recruiting friends from both Silver Wings and Heavy Metal, combining the ideas of both servers and our own unique ideas to create a new server, then known as "Mergical Gaming".
History: Mergic Pixelmon would last us over a whole year, with the name ending when we changed it to "Mergical Gaming" in September of 2016. We would eventually undergo yet another change this year in 2017, when we merged out server with another community, then known as "The-Spartans Pixelmon" , to become one whole community, now known as "Hallowed Fantasy" in June of this year. With this change, came many other huge changes, including a whole new staff team, a whole new world, a revamp for our website (created by ATSlayer), and many other changes. After having 2 different name changes in the past, we now have full intent on keeping the name Hallowed Fantasy for as long as we remain a community.
Goals: Our main goal as a community is to be the true home of competitive Pixelmon, giving players a nice place to enjoy actual competitive battles, while also giving them helpful advice and a place to make new friends that have the same interests as them. We also have aspirations to host many big cross-server tournaments that could help other servers along the way, should we ever get big enough.
Leone: I would advise anyone looking into creating a competitive Pixelmon server/community to really look into the competitive aspects of Pokémon before getting started, and to really get a grasp on its different metagames. I would also recommend that they try new things that no one has ever done before.
Leone: I would personally like to see a custom Enjin bot for Discord that would allow us to get notifications of new threads on forums and things similar to that. I would also like to see an option to easily recovered deleted forum threads and forum categories because there have been a few times where I accidentally deleted some.
Leone: I plan to use Enjin Coin as our primary source of donations if possible, to prevent blackmailing with charge-backs which has happened a few times in my community. They would also be very nice rewards for big tournaments that I'm sure my community would enjoy.
Shoutouts:: I would like to give a huge shoutout to all of my wonderful staff team members, past and present, for helping me get our community to where it is today. Without them, it would be nothing. I would like to thank Interacted, Interactions, FluffyClefable, Calamitous_King, Gekkouqa, and JoonTheKuKu for making sure that I run this community for as long as possible, and encouraging me to keep going no matter how bad things get. I would also like to thank Random_Man29 for helping us fund the server in the beginning, and my many other donators for doing so now. Lastly, I would like to thank SmotPokin4200 for giving me a chance at the start of our server by allowing us to use his dedicated server while we were first getting started, Gekkouqa for desigining our epic graphics, and ATSlayer for designing our amazing website.
Closing Thoughts: I would like to let everyone who reads this know that Hallowed Fantasy has a very special holiday season line-up of events and giveaways lined up for the next 2 months, so I encourage you to check out our Discord's news channel and our website's home page whenever possible for details on all of the events and giveaways!
If you are interested in joining a competitive Pixelmon Minecraft community and would love to connect with fellow players that have the similar interests, Hallowed Fantasy is the community to join! Check out the their website for more info on their community!
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