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Jun 30, 17
Posted by Apex
Feature Friday - Fifth Dimension Gaming

30th of June 2017

Name: Fifth Dimension Gaming 
Games: Multi-Gaming Platform
Leader: Major_Steel

Fifth Dimension Gaming born in late 2012 hosts pretty much any game you can think of, if you play it these guys will urge you to keep playing. The 18+ community follows the motto "Fidelity-Integrity-Camaraderie-Excellence." Fifth Dimension Gaming both allows competitive gaming and casual so whatever you're into this clan is for you!


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Owner of Fifth Dimension Gaming, Major_Steel, was able to answer some of my interview questions about their community-

Q: How did you get started in gaming?

Major_Steel: It was way back at the beginning of recorded history. Kidding aside, it was a long time ago and started with a Board Game from Avalon Hill called Blitzkreig. I started playing in the early 1970's and I was hooked on gaming. This morphed into Play by Mail gaming in the 80's and early 90's in both tactical and strategic level games as well as role playing.

I played some arcade type games on the original consoles but became interested in PC gaming in the mid 90's to the present. At times it was hard to find like minded players, especially before consoles and computers. I was always looking for a place where anyone could game, anytime and without any drama or required dues.

I started playing Battlefield Vietnam with a small group of guys and found the right combination to find what I was looking for in gaming. We formed a clan named The North American Alliance - NAA. We became a competitive clan when Battlefield 2 was released. At our peak we had 2 dedicated servers running Battlefield 2 and 2142 as well as a myriad of other games.

As activity in these waned we re-branded and became The New Alliance - TNA. Our main game running on the servers at that time was Team Fortress. My activity dropped due to other obligations and so did activity in TNA as a whole. The remaining officers and members took TNA and morphed into All Hardware and a Clan named A Different Kind - ADK, which is still active. I took a break from leadership but still gamed on occasion.

Q: Can you give us some insight into Fifth Dimension Gaming’s history? How did this gaming project begin?

Major_Steel: I searched around, playing different games. I found World of Tanks which renewed my interest in gaming in a Clan. I found a group called LOL Tractors which was not responsive to its members. 3 of my clan mates, Nuneznort, SkipSlider and Elderbrock suggested we leave and start our own Clan. They created Fifth Dimension which was born on 9/13/2012 and started as a World of Tanks Clan. I launched the website 3 months later. Another leader important in our growth was notverygood. There really have been so many that have contributed to growing the Community through the years, most of which are still active, I can not name them all here but I thank them. We eventually decided to add another game, War Thunder. That was a huge success. That led us to open the Community up to all games and all gamers. We continue to grow and add games and members. We re-branded our graphics last year. We also added a motto we embody: Fidelity-Integrity-Camaraderie-Excellence.

Q: What are your current goals as a community?

Major_Steel: As always we strive to give our members what they want out of a gaming Community. Our leadership is stable, longstanding, not uptight and that is there to make sure members have a great place to game. We provide a laid back gaming atmosphere, no drama or dues. We support any game that members want to play and encourage them to bring these games to the Community if we do not offer them. We have several big MMOs that are most popular but we support any game, no matter how small. We provide the platforms, promotion and guidance if a member wants to "grow" a game within the Community that we don't offer. We intend to continue adding new games and members through this approach as well as accepting mergers of other groups.

Q: Is your community accepting new members? Any criteria a person needs to meet to be able to join?

Major_Steel: Our community is open to all gamers and all games. There are no criteria for joining except being 18 and older. We offer both competitive and casual play. No requirements for our casual players. There are criteria to join most of our competitive teams. Most members can find a spot can find a spot on these teams because we have so many levels of play.

Q: Any advice you'd like give to a newcomer looking to start a project such as yours?

Major_Steel: I would suggest they start with Enjin. Enjin's basic free plan option is a great place to start. The website made a big difference for us in growing the Community. As the group and your familiarity grows you can grow the website to advanced and hopefully to ultimate. It is also important to find a core group of like-minded people to methodically grow. Setting goals and having the patience to achieve them has helped. It has taken 5 years with this Community to get it to where it is with the help of 100's of others.

Q: Would you like to share any awesome design tips with newbie site designers?

Major_Steel: Enjin has provided a great foundation of pages and premade modules that make designing your website easy. I started out not knowing anything about web design. Enjin made it intuitively easy to get started and add functionality. Of course down the road some custom coding and graphics will help as well.

Q: And finally, what is your favorite feature when using Enjin? What's really helped your community grow?

Major_Steel: There are many favorites but flexibility in design, member application process, information sharing modules and product support are my favorites. The main help in growth is due to our dedicated officers and members in the Community all pulling in the same direction to fulfill our mission. Enthusiasm in the games, steady support/leadership and these set goals seem to be the key to success. Another large part of this growth is Enjin's Community of gamers and having exposure to these gamers.

If your love for gaming strives amongst others this community is for you! Check out Fifth Dimension Gaming home page for more information. 

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