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Apr 8, 16
Posted by Kris
Featured Friday - RSMV


8th of April 2016


Name: RSMV
Genre: Minecraft
Owner/Leader: Arizrain
RSMV is a friendly Minecraft server community hosting a range of different games and events, currently owned and maintained by long time Minecraft player and server owner, Arizrain. The goal of RSMV is to create a laid back and mature atmosphere for it's players, whilst maintaining and expanding on a variety of exciting games modes. Their most popular games include Faction Core, SkyBlock, Color Shuffle, and the original parkour inspired "X-Run" minigame, which have all proven incredibly popular with the community. The server is frequented by a range of popular Minecraft YouTubers, and has been growing in both player numbers and reputation consistently since it's creation. If you enjoy Minecraft and want to try out some exciting game modes within a friendly, growing community, head over to the RSMV website for more information!
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Long time server owner and Minecraft enthusiast, Arizrain, dropped by earlier this week to provide some insight into her popular Minecraft community project -

Q: How did you get started in gaming?

Arizrain:  As a Mom, I watched my kids play RuneScape, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts etc. I started playing myself and ended up in Minecraft, where I loved how its only limited by your imagination. :)

Q: Can you give us some insight into RSMV's history? How did this gaming project begin?

Arizrain A lot of my friends from RuneScape started playing Minecraft years ago, and wanted a server we could all play together on. So we got a small server, and as more people came to play we just kept making it bigger and bigger. Most of us made videos on the game of RuneScape, hence the name RSMV (RuneScape music videos) where we started our youtube channels. Our friends included SkythekidRS, House_Owner, Mithzan, AntVenom, Cavemanfilms, Vengelfe, Kkcomics.

Q: What are your current goals as a community?

Arizrain: We want to continue to develop a very fun server with unique, custom games such as our Xrun and a game environment that feels like home.

Q: Is your community accepting new members? Any criteria a person needs to meet to be able join?

Arizrain:  We love to welcome new members to the RSMV community! No criteria needed, the more the merrier!

Q: Any advice you'd like give to a newcomer looking to start a gaming community such as yours?

Arizrain:  If you are looking to start a public server, be patient. Expect to spend alot of time, and money on it. It won't happen overnight. Also surround yourself with talented people to help you.

Q: Would you like to share any awesome design tips with newbie site designers?

Arizrain: I personally can't design anything! The website design is done by our other owners Albatac, Xanrey with help from Isaac.

Q: And finally, what do you feel is the best feature of Enjin and why?

Arizrain: is amazing as it has so many features to choose from. The fact that you can pick and choose which one makes it so helpful in running your server. Buycraft is easy to setup and use, so purchases get right to the server for the players. My favorite thing is where we set it so, if a player joins the website, they will automatically get a free member rank on the server!

If you're a Minecraft player looking for a fun and friendly server with a range of custom game modes, look no further than RSMV!

If you feel your community has what it takes to be featured in one of our future posts, or you'd like to suggest a community, please send me a message and we'll take a look!

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