Enjin DNS Panel Launched!

Enjin is pleased to announce the new Enjin DNS panel! This update brings major improvements in controlling your website domain directly inside Enjin.

Accessing the DNS Panel
All websites on Advanced and Ultimate plans using full domains (www.yourwebsite.com) will be able to use Enjin DNS. Please visit your Dashboard > Website Settings > Domain / DNS records page to access the panel.

If your domain’s nameservers are currently set to ns1.enjin.com and ns2.enjin.com

The Enjin DNS panel has been enabled for you automatically. Because DNS caches can take up to 48 hours to update worldwide, the DNS panel may display a message at the top of the page. This warning will disappear within 48 hours if your domain is currently using the Enjin nameservers.

If you are using your domain registrar’s nameservers and DNS records

Switching to Enjin DNS is optional. If you would like to use the features of Enjin DNS and manage your domain on Enjin, please follow the instructions on the Domain / DNS page. All your existing DNS records will be copied from your registrar, and you can then change the nameservers to point to:


If you are experiencing any issues with your domain, please post a reply to this thread and we will do our best to assist you.

Why should I switch to using Enjin DNS?

Enjin DNS is a full featured domain control panel. You can add CNAME and A records for your own custom subdomains, MX records for mail, and advanced records like SRV for your voice or game servers.

  • Full featured domain control panel
  • Create Subdomains and redirect to any URL or page
  • Create MX Records
  • Create A / CNAME / TXT Records
  • Create SRV records
  • The fastest dedicated DNS network World-Wide
  • 5th generation network
  • All DNS changes propagated globally in an instant
  • DNS defense (Protected from DDOS / Attacks)
  • 99.9999% Uptime. Fully redundant with no single point of failure
  • Powered by the same DNS platform used by SEGA, Kickstarter, jQuery, BBB and 1000’s more!