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Sep 27, 10
Posted by Maxim
Design your own FFXIV signature styles and share it!

If you are good with graphics and can design nice signatures, why not share them with the FFXIV community. Submit a design to us and if we approve it, we will develop it to work with our signature generator and put it up on this page with a credit to your name or linkshell.

How it works and what you need to submit

1. Create a background image, in PNG format, at least 470 pixels wide (max 580) and  at least 110 pixels height (max 170)
2. The background image should include an area for the avatar and physical level to be placed on. The avatar is 67x66 pixels in size. So make sure there is black area 67x66 in size on the background.
3. If you want to place the physical level over the avatar, then create a separate png image to hold that also. This will be layered over the background - keep this element small
4.Take note of the elements on the signature. Physical level, character name, race, class, guardian, server,optional linkshell name and 6 class ranks, which all need to fit nicely and have enough room to grow.
5. You do not need to provide the class ranks logos, we will add these in automatically and they are 25x25 in size. Make sure there is enough room for the class level to be included next to each rank. There are 6 in total.
6. Please also provide an example of how the signature will look like with dummy content.

If you have followed the above steps correctly and your signature is designed very well, then we will add it to our styles selection for everyone to use.

Send us an email to and attach the relevant images, name or linkshell to credit. GL!

To view current styles check the FFXIV signature generator