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Payout is 25% on all purchases. You get paid for every transaction. Get cash sent to your paypal account on demand.
Enjin has a great reputation in leading the gaming, clan and guild hosting market. Our service is easy to use, highly customizable and feature rich. Our paying clients love Enjin and are eager to recommend us.
Frequently asked questions
What is the Enjin affiliate program?
The Enjin Affiliate program is an opportunity for you to cash in on your traffic or referrals while promoting our great service. When you send someone to Enjin using your special URL link, the user is instantly tagged with your affiliate ID. If that user purchases a monthly subscription, layout, or header on Enjin, you will get paid 25% commission based off of the gross generated payment.

For example, if that user becomes a monthly subscriber you get paid every month for the life of the user's account. On the ultimate plan that's $7.48 per month in your pocket!
How much do I get paid?
Your percentage is 25%! You get paid for each monthly subscription, voice servers, layout, or header that is purchased by the referred website owner and for any Group Pay contributions made by members of their community.
How will I get paid?
We offer payout via PayPal. You can change your payment address and information within your affiliate panel.
What is a valid user purchase?
You get paid 25% when a new referred user purchases an Advanced or Ultimate plan, Enjin layout, or Enjin header. Custom invoices are not included.
Is there a minimum required to get paid?
Yes, our minimum payout is $50. Once you hit $50 in commissions you can click the "Pay me" button and you'll receive your payment within 30 days. We also require you to have 2 unique referred user purchases.
Do I have to use your banners?
No, you are free to create any type of link or promotion you see fit to maximize your sales.
I referred a user but it didn't track the payments?
The user must sign up for a website by clicking on your special link and purchase either a monthly plan or theme in the future. The affiliate program only works for brand new users who have not created an Enjin website before. You can still refer users who have joined a community, because they could create a site or make purchases in the future.
How do I track my referrals?
Once you're approved you'll be given a URL to your affiliate panel where you can see in real time; how many users are referred, how many purchased, how much credit you have and the ability to Pay out. The affiliate panel will also generate your unique Links, give you access to banners, and the option to designate the Paypal account we pay into.
How do I get approved?
If you're keen on helping promote Enjin through your large or small website then we'd love to hear from you. Applications are approved on a case by case basis and can take up to 1 week for a response.
Can international users take part?
Absolutely yes! You just need to have a valid email address and a valid Paypal account.