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I build stuff because I enjoy it, not because I am good at it.
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Grimmie XII   Just noticed a pretty major exploit with the reputation system... not sure if telling everyone what it is would be the best idea, or if telling any admin would result in them using it themselves...
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Kube   PM me it?
Arlen   I found one also. I accidentally did it once.
Grimmie XII   I see that yeah, in the PowerPuffMen = OWNED thread. Don't just say it out loud though, one of the forums admins needs to take care of it.
It's likely the exact same exploit that we're referring to, as well.
Legitosity   Grimmmaayyyeeee ^___^
Kube   Lul <3
Grimmie XII   That's it! Enough of the crap, time for sleep! lol
Please try and sort your stuff out by morning people...
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Arlen   <3
Grimmie XII   I wonder if I still get to build stuff for the 1.3 map...
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Arlen   I Hope So!
Apple_tree   GET ON PLEASE CUZ I WANT U IN MY FAC? GET ON ASAP! PLLLOX... ask alla or Son or me to add u when u r on <3
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Grimmie XII   Okay!
Grimmie XII   Left my faction and gave all their stuff back, but I can't join yours.
Grimmie XII   Nevermind I got in :)
Arlen   Grim grim grim, a grimmie grim grim.
Grimmie XII   Yes, friend? lol
Kube   I will miss you Grimmie if we shut down D:
Kube   You promised me a suprise. :/
Kube   Ahh sometime in the future maybe?
Epic project for PMC
Kube   Could we do it now?
Kube   Can we do it in a few days?
Apple_tree   So I am traveling so I can't play with u! I am psyched to see the new map when I come home! If your wondering how I am writing this it's cuz I am magical! Jk... I am on my iPad... SO NOT AS FUN A MAGICA!
Grimmie XII   I won't be able to work on it!! D: And I don't even know for how long! :(
Grimmie XII   Stupid ideas... I'm just full of 'em.
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Arlen   For the ruins idea, I think a cool pacman Easter egg would be cool. SOmething like Egyptian artwork, have pacman Eating the blob thingies. XD
Arlen   Grimmie I'm working on a spawn for my events world and I need some tips :)

Here is what I have done so far: [link] (Ignore the buildings in the background, they are events I was working on)

Please tips!!
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Grimmie XII   Oh, and for the bases of the 4 little platforms, make some kind of ring maybe that could look like propellers? Or something to look up into inside the "cylinders." Example (I made this for you): [link]
Grimmie XII   I'm awful with advice/tips, I know, but this is likely the best I can do.
Arlen   THX!! :3
Arlen   What is it like in Canad?
Grimmie XII   Windy right now, where I am.
Kube   Snow?
Grimmie XII   No snow, lol. It's not that awful here, bert.
Kube   My suprise....
Arlen   ASDF
Grimmie XII   ...GHJKL - (Good song) [link]
Arlen   :3
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