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BurnedAss   ye i know im a bit inactive now cuz i got a new pc wich is a bit buggy, so often it wont load/ let me play tekkit and i cant use any TP so i dont like it to play tekkit then so i come on sometimes when ppl talk to me on skype. when my pc allows me to do tekkit i will come online.
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iUros   Thank you for fast answer...but i am really sad now...other frieds are chating on skype and playing minecraft without me :(
iUros   Can you tell me how much time i need to wait, before i get the answere i i will get unbann or not? :( :cry:
Nathant18   You will need to be patient, and an owner will check out your post.
Nathant18   It was nice to check in on the eclipsecraft server, surprisingly i am still mod! :o
But i forgot all the rules and commands :p
Back to square one :p
♚ $hąяЌɨ€ ♚   :/ join other eclipse servers
Pinkemu   i think server crahed this time
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Nathant18   I look at them but i cant accept them
Pinkemu   yeah but you can put a good word in
Pinkemu   hey server went down
Pinkemu   nathan it me pinkemu
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Nathant18   Hey Pink
nathanjustin   Do you mind vouching for my staff app? Thanks in advance!
Nathant18   Anybody fancy playing a few games of zombies with me and my two other friends on Black Ops 2 zombies?
Xbox Live only ;)
dylan369   how do i make a staff aplication
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Nathant18   Look at the forums, find where it says "Staff Applications" and use the correct format and fill it out.
devildragon22   Nathan there next crash is the end of all of eclipsecraft :( theve wiped the map again and are attemping 1 last time!
Nathant18   I dont think it will be the end of eclipsecraft, maybe just Tekkit.
All we can do is hope and offer our help :/
Nathant18   Been kicked from my faction and they stole my items. Starting completely fresh after the reset starting my own faction. Anybody wanna join me?
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Nathant18   Cant wait for the server reset to start fresh!
Now I will be able to clean out all my chests easier! :d
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garytate8   Hey nat :d
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Nathant18   Hey Gaz :d
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