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Relics of Doom was founded for active players from around the world which play Champions Online
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Anthenademon   working on it but kind of busy with everyday life...
The King of Kings   of course u need to prmote me because i've seen others Profile they Are Bootcamp Private,Coropal,Sergent but i am not anything
The King of Kings   and hav u promote in Website too?
Anthenademon   on ur profiel click games and add champions online game...
The King of Kings   hi CMDR its me Huz i've created a account before but no one didnt even know im here.....lol but keep friedly to u....k and how could u put ur
charcter's name in the Details? i need a reply soon
Anthenademon   good chillin trying to get my champions online group back to its former glory lol being that i was gone members have left, so its time to rebuild ^^
Anthenademon   another day another dollar, at school and trying to fix this website ^^
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