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ѦϟϟαIй   whats ur halo name taz 101?
ѦϟϟαIй   ohk thats good :)
ѦϟϟαIй   ok who r u tell meh please
ѦϟϟαIй   Who r u can u please tell meh now!
ѦϟϟαIй   ok too good to know can u put ur WAR tag on while ur playing?
Taz_   I played halo forma 4

ѦϟϟαIй   ok :) nice then :)
ѦϟϟαIй   Hey
»WAR«Tëßߥ   tanx man... u will be missed :d
»WAR«Tëßߥ   Taz ur getting better wit shees :p
нуⅾяa.   you in war too ?
Taz_   yes am in WAR
£mbassador (Left)   hey.. Welcome :d
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