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Jedired1   Yo, how you doing ?
JayJay0196   Happy Birthday Meat~! :d
MeatFeastMan   Thanks.
ƦoͻқMıƞɛя100 ツ   I see you have changed your website, that means you saw the big pizza I left you when Bigfreebuild's site was being hosted by Balth...
MeatFeastMan   Ya..I did.
88uɹoʇʞopヅ   Hey mr.broham I havnt talked to you in a while... Hows everything goin
MeatFeastMan   Very well, Thanks.
--ε>GlidingSparks<3--   You eat... MEAT??!!?!??! Woah.
MeatFeastMan   Oh..I really do.
Sarawrs   Heya Meat ;)
MeatFeastMan   Heyo Sara.
Jaden024   Hiya babe :p
thesonofnotch   can i join? i dont want staff i rather earn it. I just miss the community.
MeatFeastMan   Ya. It's open to everyone.
thesonofnotch   YOU never told me you made a new obf! Its me thesonofnotch!
039921   Heres the other logo... its the big one.
039921   nevermind. this didnt work.
039921   I made a couple of new logos... This is the small one
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Scabbesr   Okay, thank you for never getting back to me.
ƦoͻқMıƞɛя100 ツ   Some shit head named Jaden is operator and kicks me for no reason.
ƦoͻқMıƞɛя100 ツ   I banned him/her, this is a bug, operators can kick operators.
ƦoͻқMıƞɛя100 ツ   and him/her said "well meats a lazy ass bitch"
Edgar_Harford   Could you promote me on the server?
MeatFeastMan   Oh...Sorry, Ya.
Balthizar01   [link]
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