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hippo9   Hey Death, are you still going to play D3 in US Server? I'll be uninstalling D3 so if you want, i'll give stuff i have in my characters. The items are not be that excellent but some pieces may be useful. You can also break those items down for materials. Kindly notify me if you want those items.
deathwings51   This is sudden :o Why are you leaving altogether ? Sorry man. US servers are too laggy for me and I was playing a while on Asian servers but then got bored and jaded :( Have stopped playing for a while.
hippo9   well, i just need space in my hdd for new game content. :) Lets see later what happens if MS or WB buys the franchise and turns it around. :) ok, thanks for the feedback bro
MrFrenzy   PoE!!!!!!!! (when you get a chance) :)
Josh "HealJunkieGG" Day   This is just to inform all that as of January 5th, 2012, our website will no longer be http://www.TGSquad.enjin.com.
Instead it will be [link] and very soon after: http://www.TeamPrimvictas.com.
Please spread this announcement around all the members, thank you.
Josh "HealJunkieGG" Day   Hey, Nico and i are in skype right now if you can/want to play a few rounds with us?
Josh "HealJunkieGG" Day   All good man was just letting ya know because i saw ya online =D
deathwings51   i can get away with a little browsing at work :d not with skype and gaming sadly...lol...will catch you guys later tonight
Josh "HealJunkieGG" Day   gotchya, l8r man
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