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Trident   Well trying The War Z I will let u all know what I think
HB Lester   Hey we've got a pretty good description of the beinging of the legendary TrinityCraft, but I think it'd be awesome to hear your own description of it. Would you mind telling us here?
Trident   If I get time I will do it. Its been a while so I forgot a lot but Ill see what i can do.

Gimme rankzors your forums are confuzzle
fr1d4yth313th   *Wild Friday passes through and can't become a member*

Your server hates me q-q
Trident   Ill get ya
chantalope   I watched the UHC video and you have the weirdest laugh i have ever heard
Trident   Yeah I actually get that alot. I dont hear it as any different to myself but I do like to be unique ;) ty for watching, playing, and modding for us Chant you have been a HUGE help and a GREAT member of PgDwn
Trident   Well I am going to be live streaming how I and zoom do in PageDowns first UHC (Ultimate HardCore) u can find mine at [link]
CuddlyCat   Are you a supar-admin nao? ^w^ :d C:
Condor_Connor   trident, accept my friend request.
Blooddragon25   Hello friend!!!
lordg101   all i sayz iz nomz
- Lordg101
Felix   What's up my nig? xxx
Trident   nm lil nig how u been broda
Coop   I see you are sexy sexy featured member.

I approve of this.
Trident   me 2
Ollie7117   HOLA TRIDENT
MorganC1   Yo dog, do you in fact look like that? XD
sadleric   He is just that Hindu-handsome.
I'm just letting everyone know I'm still alive
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