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grievers stay away. friends come and stay. hey!
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rpj012   sorry for my absense i took a break from inecraft for a while
rpj012   I'm back yes
rpj012   2 more
rpj012   ok 3 more days till I'm back one
rpj012   This thing needs a mobile site
rpj012   My dad got minecraft and he has no idea what it is so please cut him some slack his user name is sports12
rpj012   leaving for mine con!!!!
rpj012   I'm heading to minecon from michigan!seeyou all soon
rpj012   because of the series damage to spawn town there is going to be a rollback but i want my diamond tools if there gone back i had a diamond axe hoe and shovel and i finished my house and i just got a dog if there are any admins who would help please do
rpj012   ill make skins for free just tell me what you want to look like and ill make it

this is a link to my videos
rpj012 Photobucket album
rpj012   man uploading takes for ever
copy this and put it your address bar it is my thread
rpj012   if you want any of my skins go to characters left click copy then put .png at the end
rpj012   can some one tell me that every thing is working ok on here
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