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Gree007   happy birthday!
timboy67678   happy birthay
Emily_Blue   Hey Austin, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. See you in-game soon. :)
AustinSpiers   Thanks! :)
Kingduffy   WOW! ur a girl? i never knew that???
AustinSpiers   Wow lol not a girl man...Dont know how that picture is my profile pic???
TheUncappedGamer   have a good christmas mate cya ingame soon.
Ozzybear (TheSmart)   Merry christmas! - Ozzy
Pesky_llama_mama   Hey AustinSpiers! I saw you have a birthday coming up soon. Hope you have a good one. :)
AustinSpiers   Thanks :)
Revolution_Psyco   hi pez keeps puting me in jail for fun and muteing me for fun can you ban himk or remove his rank
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