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oDBo BSTER   Happy Birthday!
deepdishpizza99   Happy Birthday! *Gives Cookie*
wannsa   Happy Birthday Danno!
wannsa   =s I had a cake I made just for you....
wannsa   But, I ate it. It was good though! =P
Equinis   I fixed the mountain and claimed it properly for ya :p
RealityRiot   Thank you so much, That's so kind of you! :)
ethancreeper   hi you on at this time of night?
RealityRiot   Yes.
ethancreeper   lol
ethancreeper   sry the fourm
ethancreeper   pick up the email i sent you!!!!!
ethancreeper   your on again!!
alexinho3   I can't join your server Write: BAD LOGIN
JungdaPanda   Hello :d
RealityRiot   Hi, I like your Picture :d
JungdaPanda   Thanks!
I like yours too :p
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