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I will offer advice when wanted. Also, you can hire me as a mercenary if I am available. Towns are the best place to find me.
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Sir Moonlington   Hey Kunz
hunterk11   I have been banned by Kaj for "advertising i cannot access the forums to create an appeal so ill put it here:
Kaj banned me
She told me i needed to change my signature as it was a banner for another server, i asked her how to and she told me to figure it out. When i went into my setting i deleted the site signature, assuming it was fixed i left it that way, it didn't fix it and she banned me. She refused to help me fix the problem and punished me for not figuring it out in 30mins
shadowlightning6   That's how things are on NC
hunterk11   dude, add a skyblock arena or make a few and have timed competitions! u can use command blocks to /clear the /give the appropriate items followed by /tp
Just Spink   Are you a clock?
theKunz   Look at the time on it
rhymebow   hey Kunz! I dunno if you found all the good stuff yet, so, if you haven't

[link] will be up in 2 days, new vent-- [link]
theKunz   I was there for the conversation right from the beginning. You don't know how happy I was when I found out StopSpazzing was still in the original server when everyone else got shut out
theKunz   I've going around to everyone I can find from EC and posting some basic yet crucial information
FullySickBro   Would u like to by my mob spawner?
theKunz   they do, in fact, work
FullySickBro   Wow really I just made mine huge and dark :(
FullySickBro   That sucks now imma make myself an xp farm :)
FullySickBro   are u on?
theKunz   sadly no. Gotta do my homework
FullySickBro   oh okay
FullySickBro   u can help me with the arena now :p
theKunz   Island survival with 20 ppl = loads of fun
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peppercornscat   me too!
theKunz   Can't wait until the main server comes back on!
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