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abudextrous   yo join my new server heres the site
and my new name is tylerone1
tysc0412   can anyone be my freind on my wall?
Diggzzy   hello, as you might be aware, i have not been on. i don't intend to come back on either. and for those who still play minecraft on tdmc....if its still online.... i have not played because i was banned by torin, for his own reasons.
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Jayden_m1   o :(
scorch1183   I miss you PvP brother ;D
scorch1183   did you retire from TDMC?
creeperking132   diggzzy plz accept my friend request
Skittles08   Diggzzy can u please look at my ban appeal torin needs an admin to look at it and decide so could u plzz look at it a.s.a.p. cause i really want to go on torins server!
aleeex000   hi :)
Tivezlo   Hi can u check my Admin Application?
Diggzzy   ill see about it :)
dwarfkoala   hey i have sent every staff member the same thing so plz check my moderator app I have been on TDMC since the old old version and i love helping people out
Jayden_m1   Congrats SuperAdmin
Diggzzy   thankyou :)
Torin   [link]
dwarfkoala   hello diggzzy did i get banned cause it wont let me play it just says Logging In...
dwarfkoala   and it says i cant get on because it took too long for me to log in is this because of update 1.2?
Diggzzy   no, if u get banned it will go to log in and say "Banned From The Server", and make sure your minecraft is fully up to date and that you also have connectivity to the server. so the connectivity will show in your server list btw. other wise it's your internet.
Lord Scoffer   Hello
Can you promote the user jamick to Elite please? If you go to torin's wall, you will see that he approved. Thanks :d
Diggzzy   done :)
Lord Scoffer   Thanks mate
Lord Scoffer   I will be on the server on friday as I am not allowed on my PC on days other than friday and saturday.
Jayden_m1   Diggzzy i have remembered part of the username of the person who gave me the diamonds. Tommy something
Jayden_m1   wait thats him below kailegi123 is tommy623
mattnba235   Hey diggzzy Hunter and I built something for u, *wink*
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R4ND0M   Diggzzy's hill! :DD
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