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UNIQUE   Aye. THX for the quick reply. WG will see me soonish,,,,,,,,,;)
pumpedupkid   awesome :d should i make a little anouncement abt this? and dude SF BL is soo waiting for you on WG ;)
UNIQUE   You can hint it by saying he is always watching.....but other than that, time is limited :-)
ATG786   hey pumpy
How are you? :)
Deadpoolv3   i am a bit confuzzled as to how i get into the blacklist here
darkraptor15   man i dont understand why people change their thoughts so rapidly :(
darkraptor15   thanx
darkraptor15   after that i will do the task set upon me :))
pumpedupkid   Yeah that's crucial for our crew's rank :)
darkraptor15   plz pray bro mine start from 11th may onwards
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pumpedupkid   I hope you succeed in your exams with good marks. Just stay cool and study hard ;-)
darkraptor15   hey how ru and how r ur examz going???? today i got my first ultra part from high stakes a t1 suspension 4-4-11
pumpedupkid   Congrats dude. I am still preparing for my exams.. They will start in june
ilmar20   hey, somebody hacks my account and erase it :( , i create a new one (ilmar9) but I dont have good parts, cars, anything, and dont know if you want me in your team please answer me
pumpedupkid   That is very sad dude :( no its not your fault, you are still in the team. but be careful this time, you don't want to loose another account. And add both of my accounts
- pumpedupkid
- str0ngf0rce
xristos   WELCOME mate and Merry Christmas
pumpedupkid   Thanks bro. Merry Christmas to you too.
BLACK0PERATI0N   hi bro ^.^ this time i think i did everything right hehe
made the video and posted my screen shot xD
hope i win +.+ by the way i hate Traffic Magnetic haha but its a good challenge to not use powerups and dodge the cars
Regards to all Crew
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pumpedupkid   yes i checked your Video and screenshot. Everything is done in correct order :-) but don't stop here. keep getting your best times. We have some best racers in our crew. You never know who comes up with a good time at the last moment.
Spaz1   You going to be racing tonight?
pumpedupkid   i will try if i could. i was studying, just got some time to check our website. too much work is still pending. so may be tomorrow :)
Spaz1   I understand Buddy :)
Limitless   I pasted your photos on Microsoft word and now I can't get it out of it!! Help!!!
pumpedupkid   lol. hehe. just email me those pictures by attaching the files into it. or you can send me through facebook.
Limitless   thanks Kid! it looks awesome! You even put my country's colours in my name!
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pumpedupkid   your welcome bud! Every SF Racer is representing his country with this crew :)
mdjan   the code for evora plz
pumpedupkid   I wish i could give you the code straight away MDJAN :( but it will be unfair to others who are working hard for this Exotic Competition. well Apart from this Exotic Madness, more events will come soon. Keep yourself updated though. I will see what i can do. Thanks
mdjan   oh i thought it was a free giveaway. very sorry for an unfair proposal from my side. take care
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