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EGC Cyrus XI
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DAG VIPER   What is the awards and tags, that have like Genocide and etc?
DAG VIPER   Hope everything is going ok,saw you post where you was going to be at the hospital
EGC Mavrick   Good job on the site. It looks awesome(:
DAG HOMEE   Hey what's up ? Toad wanted me to let you know that genocide meeting are thursday and sunday at 830 pm central. Please add it to the calendar when you can thanks.
wudave   as u will allready hear or may allready know..i resign from egc as council or any other rank ...sorry to have it go down this way but mule pissed me off ..gl in the future with egc,u can delete me if u want
EGC Meister   Happy birthday bro
MERC BATTLETOAD   happy upcoming birthday
iCON Lady   let me know what you think
Gotye - Bronte - official film clip (HD)
For details on Gotye's upcoming tour dates go here http://ww...
iCON Lady   shared this video...
Miles Davis The Cat Is An Xbox Fanboy
Miles learned how to open my Xbox and love on the disc tray....
MERC BATTLETOAD   lol cats are evil, evil i tell ya
MERC BATTLETOAD   hope everything is good with you man get well
iCON Lady   hey hey hey!
MERC BATTLETOAD   cyrus the vyrus man hope all is well
dazfx nj   I'm in the process of getting a list together for GN active and everything once I get it I give it to u
dazfx nj   Hey bud is there any way to get a list up in the members area or anywhere on the site which list who's in what clan?
EGC Cyrus XI   Brothers in Arms: Furious 4
Shooter - Set in World War II, Brothers in Arms Furious 4 is a brutal first person shoot...

Also on: PS3: 2/14
Previews | Trailer | Videos
MERC BATTLETOAD   cant wait for the new resident evil...if you get it before me dont spiol it for me
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